Local News – June 12 2003

World Peace Music Awards and Concert

The first annual World Peace Music Awards ceremony and concert will be held at Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK) in south Bali on Saturday evening June 14, 2003. An international guest and performer list includes many international performers who through their art have promoted world peace. Besides 5,500 free tickets, the 3 hour show will be broadcast live worldwide. (Agencies June 5)

New Visa Policy Delayed
The government announced a delay until September for implementation of the new visa on arrival policy. The new policy will force tourists to pay US$45 for a visa on arrival among other changes. (JP June 3)

Rp. 160 Million Embezzlement
Allegedly embezzling Rp. 160 million and falsifying the bookkeeping, Ida Ayu Putu Surya Dewi Firgayanti, 30, was reported to Denpasar Police by Robert Mepworth, 40, owner of a craft company in Kerobokan, on Tuesday (27/5). Firgayanti is treasurer in Mepworth’s company. He discovered the embezzlement when he checked the money in the deposit box, whose amount is different from the bookkeeping. Firgayanti was trusted to keep the key of deposit box. She allegedly took Rp 99,826,250 and more than US$ 8,000 from the box. As a result, the company suffered from Rp 160 million. She is now at large and the police are seeking her. (Denpos May 28)

Mangrove Forest Suffers
Around 10 hectares of mangrove forest in the Suwung coast, South Denpasar is getting dry and dying. People can see the dry stalks and roots. An environment observer, Dr. Made Mangku, who visited the location on Monday (26/5) said that he was concerned with the forest condition. The sediments from the reclamation of Serangan Island caused the death of the mangrove forest. Plastic garbage also covered the roots of the mangrove trees. (Denpos, May 27)

Giant Turtle Stranded
A villager who fished in Wates Beach, Pesinggahan Village, border of Klungkung-Karangasem, East Bali, found a stranded turtle (Dermochelys coriaceae) on Saturday night (24/5). The turtle was secured by Sanitation and Environment Agency Klungkung. Local villagers watched the turtle and gave offerings to it. The 400 kilogram turtle is 1.96 meters long. It was released back to the sea at night. (BP May 26)

Existence of NGOs Questioned
The existence of non governmental organizations in Bangli Regency has been watched as their contribution to the development to the Regency has not been effective. According to Head of Nation Union and People Protection Agency, Made Madia, on Thursday (22/5), there are many NGOs but they do not really exist as they do not have secretariats and other documents. (Nusa May 23)

Sanglah Waits for International Wing
Sanglah Hospital is still waiting for the construction of an international wing. The government promised to build an international wing in the hospital on January. According to General Director of Sanglah Hospital dr. IGN Lanang M. Rudiartha the master plan of the construction is still waiting for the decision of the central government, he said on Thursday (22/5). (BP May 23)

Families of Bali Bombing Victims Visit Sanglah
Families of Bali bombing victims from Australia visited Sanglah Hospital on Wednesday (21/5). Two reporters and a social worker also came along. They were received by Head of Trauma Center Sanglah Hospital dr. Kuning Armadjaja, Sp. B. They wanted to thank the hospital for taking care of the victims. They also took a look at the rooms where the victims were looked after. (BP May 22)