Local News – June 26 2003

NGO Coalition Demands Governor Fluent in English

NGOs, including the coalition Krama Tresna Bali gave to the Bali Representative Council their criteria for Bali Governor candidates. They listed general and special requirements for the governor candidates. The requirements include speaking Indonesian very well and speaking English fluently. “How can a governor be involved in the international world if he cannot speak English?” said Made Mangku a representative for the coalition. (Nusa June 11)

Reducing Laying Off is Urged

The government is seeking to reduce mass laying off in Bali as the result of the tourist slump. After Kuningan, the Man Power Agency of Badung will invite tourism associations to appeal to the hotels not to lay off their employees. The laying off is an alleged tactic of the hotels to replace old employees with low-paid, new employees. The tactic also includes unpaid leave or sending the employees home. Chairman of House E Commission of Badung Legislative Council, Nyoman Laka, on Tuesday (10/6) said that hotels should not misuse this situation. (Nusa June 11)

Rp. 400 Million Gone in House Theft

Henry Setiawan, 29, who lives in Jalan Jaya Giri, Renon, suffered a Rp. 400 million loss when his property was taken by his maid, Siti, 19. According to Henry, he left the house with his family in the morning without locking his bedroom while his maid, Siti, was alone at home. Siti took jewelry, a camera, a video camera, Rolex watch, 4 passports and Rp 800,000 cash. When arriving home Henry found his house empty and Siti was gone. He reported the theft to the Police. (Denpost June 9)

Rp. 5 Trillion Demanded by Bali Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs in Bali demanded the government establish a Rp. 5 trillion fund to restore the Bali economy, particularly the tourism industry. Bali has contributed Rp. 80 trillion to the government. The Rp. 5 trillion fund is to promote Bali and renovate hotels. The Association of Hotel and Restaurant Indonesia recorded that average hotel occupancy up to June is less than 25 percent. (Nusa June 9)

Bullets Found in Kuta

Apriyanto, 18, a student in Kerobokan, found 45 active 38 caliber bullets. He found the bullets in a river along Jalan Raya Kuta when he was fishing with his friends on Saturday (7/6). Officers from the Central Security Service took the bullets and are investigating. (Nusa June 9)

Ground Zero Area Problems

The resettlement of ground zero in Kuta has not been clear. The people are worried that the area will be neglected. Parum Samigita made this comment in a meetingon Saturday (7/6) in Kuta. The discussion with 50 participants discussed the location, funds and the model of the resettlement. A small team will be established to unite the vision and mission for the ground zero resettlement. (BP June 9)