Local News – May 29 2003

Deception Increases in Denpasar

Deception and embezzlement are increasing in Denpasar. On Sunday (18/5), Nyoman Sriani, 57, reported to the police that she was deceived by “S” who pretended to purchase goods in her shop. “S” bought 1.5 tons of rice and jewelry and said she would pay in installments. Sriani reported that “S” has not paid her. According to Denpasar City Police, in one week there were 13 cases of deception reported by citizens. The cases range from payment with blank cheque, no payment for purchasing, selling property of others, etc. (BP May 19)

Dead Baby Found

A baby was found dead in a gutter on Gunung Agung Street, Denpasar, on Wednesday (14/5). I Nyoman Rumasa found the baby covered in a white plastic bag along with her placenta when he was on his way to work. He reported his finding to Kuta Police and the baby was then brought to Sanglah Hospital. It was presumed that the 2.5 kg baby died three days earlier. So far, no one has claimed the dead baby. (Denpost May 15)

Bali Bombing Trial

Australian media are paying special attention to the Bali bombing trial. On the days before the trial, Australian TV presented coverage and interviews on the Bali bombing. (BP May 13)

Arrested for Using Fake Money

An Englishman, Kevin Torlinc, 30, was detained by Kuta Police on Monday (12/5) for using fake Pounds while shopping in Kuta. According to Chief of Kuta Police, M. Anwar, the false money was detected when a shop owner changed Kevin’s money at a money changer in Kuta. Upon finding the money was counterfeit he chased Kevin. Kevin ran away and went up to a hotel roof in Jalan Pantai Kuta where he was caught. Kuta Police found more counterfeit money on Kevin. “Kevin was brought to the hospital because of being injured when he was on the roof,” Head of Kuta Police said. (Denpos May 13)

Settlement in Denpasar Uncontrolled

The flow of people coming into Bali has not been slowed. “It is difficult to differentiate between those who have good intentions with those with bad intentions. Moreover, the owners of rental houses are not cooperative with the government,” said party activist Drs. Mohamad Hadi on Sunday (11/5). The growth of settlement in Denpasar is not controlled. People are not concerned about the city plan when building houses. Moreover, the sanitation situation in Denpasar is becoming a major concern. (BP May 12)

Turtle Shell Souvenirs

After being successful in reducing the number of turtles used for ceremonies in Bali, now the focus is on souvenirs made of turtle shells. A recent investigation that took one year (2001-2002) found eight art shops in Kuta, Pasar Kumbasari and Jalan Gajah Mada sold souvenirs made of turtle shells. In a recent raid 1,859 souvenirs were seized. It was equal to Rp 22,704,000. The souvenirs were imported from Yogyakarta, but it was indicated that the raw material was from Bali, one of the turtle trade centers. (BP May 9)