March 14, 2018

Angel in High Heels (15 and 21 March)

The fabulous Red Carpet Champagne bar is hosting a night for the ladies in high heels. The deal is great! It is a 10% discount for every inch of your heel every Wednesday. Ladies, all you need to do is find a pair of your highest heels and pop them on. Be careful though, the pavements are not well known for being smooth and even in that area. All ladies have the chance to win some amazing prizes with the wheel of fortune. If you are planning a ladies night out then the Red Carpet Champagne bar comes highly recommended on a Wednesday. The website is worth checking out as there are different activities each evening including a Sunday night music quiz night. Since its inception in 2009, the Red Carpet Champagne bar has gone from strength to strength and boasts the largest Champagne collection in Asia. The customer service is great too.

When      : 8 pm – 3 pm

Where    : Red Carpet Champagne Bar, Jl Kayu Aya No 42, Seminyak

Contact   : 9342794


BaliSpirit Yoga Festival (2 – 8 April)

It is not just yoga that has made this one of Bali’s biggest and best festivals but a multitude of activities lined up including performances, workshops, a live concert, self development, spirituality, traditional dances and plenty of yoga and meditation, of course. It is one of the world’s most prominent yoga festivals celebrating the global community, world music and well-being held in Bali. The BaliSpirit Festival encompasses the core mantra of Balinese Hinduism, Tri Hita Karana which means to live in harmony with spiritual, social and natural environments. Over 7,000 people from all corners of the world descend upon Bali to enjoy a yoga experience with dance, healing and world music. Some of the highlights include interactive workshops and seminars, a community market and healing centre, a children’s activity zone, yoga classes and vibrant night time programmes of Bhakti music concerts, dancing and DJs right in the heart of Ubud, Bali’s cultural capital for those new to Bali. You will have to visit the website to find out more as there is simply too much information and exciting events planned to list here! From 7 am the days are action packed and non-stop making the festival a must visit.

Cost        : USD 595 (adults) USD 250 (children)

Contact   :


Ben UFO (21 March)


Ben UFO also known as Ben Thompson is returning to Bali for a second time to the stage at Potato Head, Bali. UK-based DJ and co-founder of the Hessle Audio Label, Ben UFO has made a name for himself as a DJ with his eclectic mixes entrenched in British rave culture, pulling from the sounds of house, techno and world sounds. Resident DJ Stuart Mclellan will also be part of the line up of entertainment for a night of great sounds and talent mixed in with a guaranteed crowd who appreciate this genre of music ready to dance and party late into the night.

When      : 8 pm – 2 am

Where    : Potato Head, Jl Petitenget No 51b, Seminyak

Contact   : 4737979


Concha Y Tora Wine Dinner (23 March)

Wine tasting dinners haven’t come up for a while so this is a real treat. Concha Y Toro hail from Santiago, Chile and you can enjoy an exquisite wine pairing evening. Dinner consists of a six-course carefully prepared menu by award-winning Executive Chef, Agung Gede with wine picked by Chief Sommelier, Harold Wiesmann. The dinner will be hosted by Jose Thomas Cancino, South East Asia Regional Manager respresenting Concha Y Toro. The cost reflects the quality, the service and the ambience. This will be a real treat for those who enjoy top quality wine together with top quality food.

When      :   7 pm – 11 pm

Cost        : IDR 1,800,000

Where    : Kayuputi Restaurant, The St.Regis Bali Resort, Nusa Dua Lot 6

Contact   : 732743


Miguel Campbell (18 March)

I think Nyepi should last longer or spread further afield to other places that could do with a day of silence away from the noises of the 21st century that never seem to stop except for during Bali’s day of silence. To welcome you back from this pleasant interlude to daily life, Mrs Sippy have organised an event throughout the day to get you back into the swing of things. Miguel Campbell has been a large part of the house music scene since the early 1990s as both a DJ and then by producing his own music as part of the underground duo HCB. In 2006, Miguel Campbell founded his own label Outcross Records which has become a home for his music. As part of his mission to spread his unique brand of funk around the world, Miguel Campbell will be stationed at Mrs Sippy where you can enjoy the entertainment and Bali’s largest saltwater swimming pool. It is worth booking ahead for a day bed and continue to enjoy a day of leisure with some great sounds.

When      : 12 noon – 9 pm

Where    : Mrs Sippy, Jl Taman Ganesha, Gang Gagak No 8, Seminyak

Contact   : 3351079


Oktoberfest (18 March)

The original Oktoberfest is the world’s largest Volksfest or folk festival held annually in Munich, Germany over 16 to 18 days running into October with more than 6 million people from around the world attending with plenty of top quality beers flowing nicely. This Oktoberfest is on a miniature scale but a great opportunity to taste different beers with a buy one get one free offer or as much as you can drink of free flow beer. Ocean 27 has a great view, delicious food and with plenty of beer flowing there will be lots of drinking going on along with banter and good times.

When      : 6 pm – 9 pm

Where    : Ocean’s 27, Discovery Mall, Jl Kartika Plaza, Kuta

Contact   : 765027


W Hotel (31 March)

The W hotel is impressive, nestled by the shores of the Indian Ocean with stunning views and the perfect place to chill out. The resort’s Woo bar is a great place to hang out and you are invited to celebrate their seventh year as ‘The Beat goes on’. A night of mixed beats with an international team of entertainment with Italian-Belgium, Aeroplane and W Hong Kong’s DJ and violinist, Olivia Dawn. DJ Nanda and resident DJ Wilson will be part of the line up for the evening. The party starts early and continues into the small hours of the morning. It is guaranteed to be a fabulous night of entertainment at one of Bali’s top bars, well worth a visit.

When      : 8 pm – 4 am

Where    : Woo Bar, W Hotel, Jl Petitengit, Seminyak

Contact   : 3000106



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