March 28, 2018

Wow is the word that comes to mind. The places we go and the things we do. I feel that we have exciting news to share with you right now and hope you agree. Without further hype we are pleased to announce that Rotary Club Bali Canggu has just finalized a partnership with 2 exciting programs that will impact our community in a clear and visible way.

The two groups we are referring to is the newly created Pantai Berawa Surf Lifesaving Club and the already successful and incredible Canggu Beach Clean Up Community.

The Pantai Berawa Surf Lifesaving Club has as its mission to create a safe PATROLLED Beach on Pantai Berawa that will be staffed and run by qualified Indonesian Lifeguards that are trained and certified paid Lifesavers. This beach which we consider from LV8 Hotel until the Temple Parking Lot will be under the jurisdiction of Badung Balawista but also supported by the watchful and caring eyes of 2 internationally trained and experienced Lifeguards with years of time on the beach under their whistles. We already have a small shed for storage and have a plan to have all the equipment and accessories needed to do this properly. This beach has blossomed into a great place for locals and expats alike and is in need of the protection from trained professionals that we want to provide. This can only be done with your support.

The dream to have a safe patrolled beach is only the beginning. The next beautiful goal we are making a reality is the creation of a NIPPERS Program on Sunday Mornings. This is an Australian model Beach Program that is for children from age 6-12 years old. This is a chance for kids to get together and have FUN while at the same time being taught the skills and information to be safe at the beach. This is hugely successful in Australia and is basically in the DNA of the the kids and now we want to bring it here. We are blessed to have a committed person who successfully ran this in Australia and is eager to get it started here. The program will be run in 2 time segments from 7am-9am and then 9.15-11.15 and we will have 2 age groups which is 6-8 years old and 9-12 years old. This is for boys and girls, locals and expats. The locals are free and the expats are asked to pay rp 50,000 donation the proceeds of which will pay for the Lifeguards that patrol the beach everyday. We have to restrict the numbers to 50 kids per session so sign up is essential. We have to be strict on our ages and numbers to insure this is an enjoyable and SAFE experience for all kids. The program will run from Mid April until October and is sure to be a success. We do need your support to make this happen. We will need volunteers to get this off the ground and running smoothly. We will need at least 6 parents for each session to assist us. You do not have to have any qualifications except a smile and a love for the beach. Liking kids is also a bonus. This is a great chance to give to your community and also create a fun activity for your family.

Please consider volunteering and send me an email at or feel free to call me at 081933079922. The time is now to get involved so send that email or make that phone call now please.

The next great partnership that just seems to make great sense is that we have also teamed up with the incredible people from the Canggu Beach Clean-Up Community. If you love the beach like we do and you want to spend time there as much as we do then for sure you want it to be clean and safe. We have another dream to put these 2 organization’s together to support each other. What better education for our kids then to teach them to be safe and also care about the environment. In addition to the wonderful beach clean ups that the Canggu Beach Clean Up Community does, we at Rotary want to work together to get a tractor and Beach Rake to clean the beach. We also in the future want to raise money from the community and the local businesses to pay for workers to operate the equipment and take care of the trash. This is another very feasable dream that can easily happen but only with your support.

Again please email or feel free to call me at 081933079922 to get involved and make a difference.

Last but not least remember that this is also the home of Project Protect Helmet Man which educates kids on why to wear motorcycle helmets and how to. So far we have given away over 10,500 helmets and continue to do more and more until every child on a motorbikes is wearing a helmet. We just had a great giveaway up in Ubud last week and had a great time.

So to say it one last time, GET INVOLVED. Its fun and rewarding and we need your help. Thank you for reading this and I hope it causes you to write that email or make that call.

It is 100% true and proven time and time again that the only important lasting change that is made in the world is by an individual. Be that person that stands up and gets involved. I promise you will not regret it.


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