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I’ve had some requests in recent months from readers asking about social media and digital marketing tips. There is a huge amount of information available online about a wide range of marketing topics. But where to start? The sheer number of sites and experts who are out in the digital space can be confusing to sort through. So in the next few columns, I will focus on popular and highly rated marketing blogs and podcasts that can help if you’re setting up a business or non-profit, or just want to improve your marketing strategies in the digital age.

To start, here is a list of podcasts that can help you promote and build your business and your brand. Many of these podcasts offer great free marketing advice and real-world examples of successful campaigns (and not so successful ones). The individuals and companies who maintain these podcasts often also offer professional services, such as training, coaching and IT services, such as website design. You can choose to sign up for their professional services or just use the content they provide for free.


Online Marketing Made Easy

Host Amy Porterfield left a successful but busy marketing and promotions job to set up her own online marketing consulting business.  Amy’s website states that she ‘teaches business owners, educators and entrepreneurs the profitable action steps for building a highly engaged email list, creating online training courses and using online marketing strategies to sell with ease. Forbes named her one of the Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers. Amy’s also written a Dummies Guide to Facebook and her site has been featured on Business Insider, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Mashable and others. Amy offers three curated collections of blog posts to get started on her site: How To Build a Lucrative Email List, Lessons for Creating Blockbuster Courses and How to Master Webinars, Funnels & FacebookAds. While Amy offers a host of free advice through her blog and podcasts, she also offers paid training course as well as one-on-one instruction.


Marketing School

Hosts Eric Sui and Neil Patel produce a short, daily podcast that is just ten minutes long, but packed with solid, useful marketing tips. The duo, both industry experts who have worked for start-ups and large corporations, run Single Grain, a search-marketing consulting firm and also produce a marketing blog.


Marketing Over Coffee

Hosts John Wall and Christopher Penn literally discuss marketing over coffee with guests, recording this short, weekly podcast in their local coffee shop! The hosts strive to keep the podcast light and informal, while also providing solid content. They interview leading social media experts discussing both traditional and new marketing. Popular episodes have included interviews with Seth Godin (The Big Red Fez), David Meerman Scott (New Rules of Marketing and PR) and Ann Handley (Chief Content Officer for MarketingProfs and the author of Everybody Writes).


Social Media Marketing Podcast

Produced by the Social Media Examiner, this weekly podcast, hosted by Michael Stelzner, features interviews and tips from leading social media marketing pros. Listeners can ‘discover how successful businesses employ social media, learn new strategies and tactics, and gain actionable tips to improve social media marketing.’ This podcast has consistently been in the Top Ten Marketing Podcasts for the past five years.


Social Media Marketing Talk

Another podcast from the Social Media Examiner, this weekly podcast is the longest running talk show about social media marketing. Each week, the podcast hosts talk with marketing experts about the best way to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest for marketing.


Call to Action

A new Call to Action podcast is released weekly and features interviews with people who have had great online marketing success stories and disasters, so you can use their lessons to adapt your own marketing plans with first-hand advice about what works and what doesn’t. UnBounce, the company that offers this podcast, also sells web and landing pages services.


Social Pros Podcast

Hosts Jay Baer (Convince and Convert) and Adam Brown (SalesForce) interview top social media people from leading companies on this weekly podcast. They ‘focus on real people doing real work in social media,’ according to their website. Listen as Jay and Adam reveal real-life content marketing and social media case studies from companies like Ford, Dell, IBM and others. The podcast also offers a weekly feature on measuring and using social media statistics. Social Pros won a Best Podcast Award in 2015.


Content Pros Podcast

Hosts Randy Frisch (Uberflip) and Tyler Lessard (Vidyard) interview top content marketers from leading companies to learn how they handle strategy, operations, measurement and other marketing issues. Their podcasts have included topics like: Six Content Marketing Pros Share What’s Wrong with Content Marketing Today; How the Abacus Agency Leverages Facebook for Content Distribution; How Sendoso is Making Snail Mail Cool Again; or, How AT&T Blogged Their Way to $47 Million.


The Business of Story Podcast

This podcast, hosted by marketing consultant, Park Howell, focuses on how businesses and non-profits can tell better stories to ‘increase sales, create more impact and build more valuable companies.’ In his professional work, Howell uses a ten-step model he calls The Story Cycle, to improve a company’s ability to tell its story and share its message. Howell worked in the advertising industry for 30 years and ran his own advertising agency for 20 years. His weekly podcast features interviews with some of the best content creators working today: ‘advertising creative, authors, screenwriters, marketers and brand raconteurs’ who will ‘show you how to make your story marketing stand out.’

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, these popular podcasts should give you a good start if you’re a newcomer to social media marketing or an established company wanting to tell a better story and improve your brand in the digital space. You can listen while you’re walking the dog on the beach, working out, cooking dinner, driving in the car or just relaxing. Just please don’t listen while you’re on a scooter navigating busy streets in Ubud or Kuta!





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