May 23, 2018

Time To Go Cash Free? #justtappit

With the bass beat thumping and dance floor jumping, you fumble through the crowd and your pockets as you head toward the bar for your next beer, only to find your wallet’s gone walkabout along with your cash! What should you do? Just tappit of course!

A relative newcomer to the Bali scene, cashless experience experts, tappit bring a wealth of expertise to the island with their radio frequency identification (RFID) technology that allows customers and venues to enjoy a cash, stress and worry free event. A simple and streamlined system, as customers arrive at a party, game or event they merely make their way to a tappit cashier booth to load up a wrist band or card with a monetary amount of their choosing, facilitating cash free purchases of F&B and more throughout the evening. No more worries about where to hide your wallet or missing out on the party as you wait at the bar for change!

Debuting in Bali at Bestival in 2017, more than 8000 partygoers went cashless for the entire festival. No strangers to major events such as these, tappit has delivered the cashless experience to various international venues and events the likes of the Dubai Rugby 7s, Creamfields Hong Kong, Old Boys Rugby 10’s in J-Burg and the Bury Football Club in the UK, with whom they recently secured a three year contract!

Hot off the success of last month’s Rumours Party with Guy Gerber at Ulu Cliffhouse, this cash free movement is also making headway into the local island party scene with three major events in May alone! Earlier this month saw tappit facilitate cash free fun at the recent Cinco de Mayo Reggaeton party at Motel Mexicola, they returned to Ulu Cliffhouse on May 19th for the much anticipated evening with DJ giant Carl Cox, then they plan to take it surf side to Kommune Resort at Keramis Beach from May 27th with Kelly Slater and the World Surf League Corona Bali Pro!

Talk about versatility! tappit’s technology can be adapted to virtually any event, club, sporting pro or party to save on time, tedium and human resources, allowing guests and venue operators to keep a close track of their finances throughout an event. No need for customers to carry all of their cash with them while they hit the dance floor, or for venues to face the constant headache of filling change floats for their bars. Resorts and clubs can also streamline booking confirmations, tickets, admission passes, room key cards, bar tabs and bills with one item only – the tappit wristband or card.

Eco friendly, time saving, worry and wait free, Bali businesses now have even more of a reason to ensure their customers’ experience is an enjoyable one and join the cash free revolution. Simplify the situation with tappit! For more information about tappit check out their website: or contact Maria Miranda: or +62 878 625 44 695


Cockroach Or Cane Toad? Origin Is On Again!

QUEEEENSLANDERRR!! Ok, Ok…. despite unveiling my allegiance to the Sunshine State and uncovering an upbringing as a ‘Cane Toad’, truth be told, I am getting a touch of Origin Fever with one of the year’s most watched football series about to commence again in June! And I can watch it all here in Bali, live, on screen, ….. at Finns! Excited much???

Whether you hail from the West Coast or Australia’s deep dark South, where the mere mention of Rugby League can be met with a casual shrug, there is no denying that the annual NRL State of Origin series is an exciting one. Oh come on all you AFL diehards…….. we know you watch it too!

Regular season fixtures aside, this yearly, three match, footy

grudge fest attracts some of the biggest crowds of any football competition.

The series has become somewhat of an institution since the 80’s with this high profile battle between NSW and QLD for football supremacy developing into one of the country’s most prestigious sporting events. Stadiums are a sell out long before the first fan forces their way through the turnstile and televisions across the country are tuned to this on field battle, making Origin the most watched football in Australia.

Being a Bali resident, there’s little to no chance of me ever getting a guernsey to attend a live Origin game, but that doesn’t mean I can’t show my colours and support for my home side from afar and that’s just what I’ll be doing come June 6th at Finns Rec Club!

Committed to covering all of the Origin games in 2018, Finns is first choice for footy fans with over thirty television screens to ensure everyone can see the action. Set up your support crew outside at Bistro C to see the on field battle unfold on the big screen, or pull up a pew at the Sports Bar and be close to cold beer on tap in air conditioned comfort.

The Sports Bar will be once again a blur of maroon and blue with supporters showing their state allegiance by the colour of their clothes, hair and occasionally their faces! Whether you have no affiliation or affection for New South Wales or Queensland whatsoever, or any clue as to what a cane toad or a cockroach has to do with football, (don’t worry, it’s an East Coast thing..) the State of Origin is up there with the best games of footy you’re likely to watch.

Join the crowd at The Sports Bar @ Finns Rec Club from 5pm, Wednesday June 6th for fun, a fair amount of good natured heckling and the first game of origin football for 2018 live from the MCG in Melbourne. Get there early to be sure of a bar stool and bring your enthusiasm for a great night out. The second game is scheduled for June 24th with the decider on July 11th.

Will it be another Queensland whitewash? Or will the New South Welshmen make a comeback? The best way to find out is to watch it with us at Finns! Check out the ‘What’s On’ segment on the their website to find out more about the 2018 State of Origin schedule:


Finns VIP – Doing it in Style

Bali may well be synonymous with beach clubs, boasting some world class spots from which to choose, but discerning travellers are now trending toward a more exclusive ocean front experience – something Finns VIP Beach Club certainly promises to deliver.

Located along Canggu’s stunning Berawa Beach, Finns Beach Club is already a popular fixture on the party scene and a must do destination for sun and surf lovers; its iconic bamboo structure a welcoming oasis from the heat. However, despite top billing in the Bali beach club stakes, Finns is aiming even higher!

Gazetted for a grand opening this July, Finns VIP Beach Club will add an even more refined facet to fun in the sun. Looking for something a little more sleek and elite to suit your tastes? Step into the foyer of Finns VIP for a five star, hotel style experience where Finns VIP guests can enjoy exclusive facilities and ocean front views. Employing the existing structure of the original and opulent Semara Beach House residence, the ground floor will feature the Ocean Spa area boasting the best views from any pedicure chair bar none! Cool down with a complimentary chilled towel and let your host assist you through personalised check in and acquaint you with the faciities as they guide you to one of a number of VIP areas.

Choose chill time at the pool deck and gazebo area and take a dip in the pool when things start to heat up or head across to the Sandbar or Dining Terrace for a variety of vinos, signature cocktails and a bird’s eye view of the beach directly infront.

Finns VIP offers you an opportunity to enjoy a luxe beachfront experience at a level above your average Bali beach club. Guests are guaranteed first class facilities and complimentary VIP services including locker facilities, free flow water, morning tea & coffee, afternoon snacks and exclusive access to spacious, private change rooms complete with showers and every amenity to make that effortless transformation from beach wear to evening bar attire.

The expansive, lush lawn will be transformed every afternoon from 4pm for a Grazing on the Green experience. Enjoy a picnic basket full of grazing goodies, washed down with a chilled vino as you take in the action on the beach from your blanket on the lawn!

As the sun starts to dip over the Indian ocean, make your way upstairs to the Rooftop Vodka Bar where you can enjoy Cocktails & Canapes at Sunset from 5pm daily. The Vodka Bar is also the perfect choice for pre dinner drinks, private parties or intimate evenings, with unbeatable views down toward the Bukit and back to Canggu.

Those looking for an even more elite area to kick back, relax and even stay the night, can opt for The Presidential Suite. Oozing exclusivity and encompassing the entire upper floor of the original estate building, this two bedroom suite is the pinnacle in private entertaining. A secluded retreat from other VIP areas, it affords guests absolute privacy, spacious and luxurious appointments and uninterrupted views of the beach club and beyond, complete with rooftop jacuzzi.

With construction under way and on schedule, Finns is set to open the doors of their much anticipated VIP Beach Club from July 2018. In the meantime, get ready to pack your bags for your Bali holiday and stay tuned for further updates, this is a must include on all Bali bucket list’s as Finns is certainly set to raise the bar on Bali beach club chic.