Mirror Mirror on The Wall

When you look in the mirror, is it a face that you know? Do you wonder what happened to the person when you were thirty something? You may feel like you’re still thirty something but looking in the mirror do you recognize that face?


If you’re over forty it’s likely that some lines have appeared around your eyes, frown lines on your forehead and between your eyes and around your mouth. Oh god I’ve got wrinkles! How did that happen? Well my dear all those years of not taking the best care of your body like not eating good food, not exercising, going in the sun without sun protection, smoking, drinking, stress and not enough sleep have caught up with you. Your collagen levels have decreased making your skin sag and look tired.


What can you do to change things?

Depending on how much damage has already occurred to your face, your age and how brave you are will determine what remedies you can try to improve things.


Minimal control

Facial treatments – natural and laser.

Natural facial treatments will soften your skin and plump it up but the results are only temporary.

Laser – there’s a wide array of available laser treatments, which do help. These generally damage the collagen forcing it to repair itself, which will rejuvenate the skin. However, usually a few treatments are required for maximum results and only last for a year. Plus laser treatments are expensive.


Minimal invasive control

Botox- is a well- known aid to eliminate wrinkles, mostly on the forehead, around the eyes and mouth. It paralyzes the nerves to prevent excess movement of the muscles. However, a person over fifty shouldn’t have more than 50 units injected or the opposite effect could result. Botox is a simple procedure of injecting the serum into the muscle. Its minimal pain and the full effects take three days lasting up to six months.

Filler – is injected into deep wrinkles around the mouth, laugh lines, smoker’s upper lip and cheeks. A local anesthetic is applied to the skin to numb it before the injections. This is mildly painful. It adds plumpness to the deep lines in the face and will last up to a year. Filler is moderately expensive depending on how much is needed.

V-Shape is a new treatment in Bali that enhances the V shape of the face on the lower face. It makes the face look thin with a balanced face line. It’s injected into the fatty tissue to dissolve the fat, which tightens up the muscles. This can be used on various places on the face and neck. The effects will take effect in a week and continue for six months, with new fat not returning. The treatment may be repeated two more times for permanent lasting results. It can be used on the body also. After V Shape is injected into the skin, the adipocyte cell wall will be destroyed by deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring molecule that helps the body in digestion and absorption of fat. The destruction of the adipocyte walls will cause an inflammatory cascade (destruction of fat cells) and decrease the size of the adipocytes themselves. This inflammatory cascade also makes the fibroblasts migrate and stimulate the production of more collagen. After going through the inflammatory cascade process, the skin will become firmer without excess fat.


Maximum control – surgery

If you’re serious about making a permanent improvement surgery is the only option. You can have a mini facelift, eye lift or full facelift. All of the surgeries are performed with a local anesthetic and sedative called “twilight”. General anesthetic is much more expensive with adverse side effects. Twilight is perfectly safe, keeping you in a dreamy state during the surgery without pain.

An eye lift can be done on the upper or lower eyes or both. This is for people who have drooping eyelids or sagging skin under the eyes. Recovery time is approximately two weeks with minimal bruising and swelling. Many people develop heavy eyelids which makes your eyes look small. This can be caused by excess skin or fatty tissue. The results are excellent.

A mini facelift can be done on the neck, double chin, jaw-line and cheek area. The skin is pulled back behind the ears and the double chin is cut into and reduced. Healing time takes two to four weeks with some bruising and swelling. You’ll go home wearing a bandage around your head and must return daily to have the bandages changed for the first few days.

A full facelift will involve more bruising and swelling particularly around the eyes. Also the healing time will be longer, 2 to 4 weeks depending on your age. The younger you are when you have a facelift, the more effective and longer lasting it will be. Dr. Surya creates a natural look, which will last up to 10 years for people 40-50 years and those older the effects will last 4-5 years. Then a second procedure will be required. He told me that the oldest person he gave a facelift to was 90 years old. She had undergone chemotherapy, which had destroyed her appearance. She wanted to look good for her funeral, which her family agreed she did.

Dr. Surya at Sara Klinik in Seminyak is a cosmetic surgeon who had 8 years training in Germany and Holland and is a reputable doctor with over twenty years’ experience. I have a few friends who have had surgery with him. Everybody is happy with the results. Dr. Surya assured me that seniors can get the same prices on treatments as locals, which is much cheaper than western countries. He can also provide you with Botox and fillers.

If you’d like to gaze into your mirror and look more youthful, then go see Dr. Surya for a consultation. He’s very friendly with a gentle caring manner.

SaRa Aesthetic And Laser Clinic Address: Sara Residence, Jl. Nakula No.9, Legian Phone: (0361) 847 5665 www.saraklinik.com


By Shari Hartman

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