Intuitive Herbology is an interesting concept in skin care for the face using all natural products from Bali that have been created to nourish the delicate skin on the face using food for the skin. Located in the developing area of Perenan is a new shop, this rustic looking wooden building is the newly opened home to Muka.

Entering the small shop is a large counter displaying their products. Here you can play with the tester products, even giving yourself a do-it-yourself facial. This is all complimentary to try out the yummy smelling products. Just add a little water to the product to activate it. The Muka Concept is for the staff to teach you how to use the products to give yourself a facial at home and use for daily skin care. Or you can indulge in a 90 -120 minute professional facial with Putu on a comfortable wooden lounge. There is also a display of some black and white clothing designed by the owner and a large wall with shelves displaying a large assortment of brown glass bottles.

I was treated to a relaxing facial using all of the natural products. First my face was cleansed with a macadamia daily cleanser paste that when water is added forms a milky cleanser. After this was removed she turned on the steamer to add moisture throughout the facial. I had a choice of a facial scrub – chocolate, coffee or sea-salt to exfoliate the skin. I chose the chocolate because the smell made me feel warm and loved. Then came the extraction process. I’m lucky and have very few commodos over my nose area, but for an acne prone person it could take up at an hour to completely remove all the white and black heads imbedded in your skin.

Following this she gave me maybe the longest facial massage I’ve ever had the pleasure. But Putu surprised me when she donned surgical gloves and inserted her fingers into my mouth and massaged the muscles around the mouth and cheeks. This I had never experienced before. But it made sense to thoroughly massage these muscles. After this she applied a turmeric mask to heal and calm the capillaries and any inflammation helping the skin to build a healthy tan. For a person with oily skin a mud mask, rich in minerals, would be applied to detoxify and purify the skin and balance the oil production.

While allowing the mask to dry, Putu massaged my hands and arms. After removing the mask she applied seaweed serum for hydration and providing a layer to protect the pores from the ever present dust on the roads these days. The serum also soothes the capillaries and tightens the pores and stimulates collagen production. The final touch was a light sun screen made from cacao and coconut oil to protect my skin on my journey home.

When looking in the mirror after the facial my face looked very different. The skin glowed with health and all lines were smoothed away.

With products like chocolate, turmeric, honey, coffee, ginger, macadamia, seaweed and coconut oil to name a few. The dedicated team at Muka have been working for five years developing these amazing products. They use only organic natural plants from Bali. Because all of the products are natural they have a short shelf-life of up to six months.


Let’s talk about the products

  • The chocolate scrub contains cold pressed coconut oil, raw cacao, beeswax, cinnamon and cacao powder
  • Coffee scrub contains nutmeg, cloves, ginger and coffee
  • The macadamia paste is the gentlest way to repair theskin and reduce water loss.
  • Turmeric mask heals and calms the skin while soothing capillaries and inflammation
  • Mud mask detoxifies and purifies, excellent for oily skin
  • Seaweed serum with aloe vera added is for daily use to provide hydration and promotes collagen production. You can apply it several times a day to create a layer to protect pores from dust and pollution.
  • Nutmeg flower oil infused with vitamin E in a sesame oil base works as energy stimulation and enhances the facial beauty by curing fungal problems, treats blackheads or acne. Great anti-aging tool.
  • Sunscreen creates a gentle UV protection by providing a protection wall using cacao and coconut oil.
  • Honey body cream enhanced with honey to dissolve fat cells and ginger essential oil to increase blood circulation while promoting oxygenation of the tissues
  • Flower butter cream in infused with geranium oil to help balance the secretion of sebum and clears sluggish and oily skin. This cream has antiseptic properties which is an effective aid for burns, wounds, ulcers and other skin problems. Great for massage or after a bath.

A fantastic daily routine of using the products is to use the macadamia cleanser both morning and night to thoroughly cleanse the face. Followed by the seaweed serum, which can be used anytime during the day to refresh your skin. Then add the sunscreen before you go out into the tropical sun. At night before bedtime cleanse with macadamia cleanser, then seaweed serum followed by nutmeg flower oil as a nighttime rejuvenator.

Head down Jl. Pantai Pererenan towards the beach and check out Muka and their amazing products. I’ve been using the products for the past two weeks and have noticed a considerable improvement in my face which is glowing with health.


Muka Jl. Pantai Pererenan No. 125 (opposite Padi Padi Café) +6287819333308.

Instagram @muka¬concepts


You can find Muka at Green School Farmers Market on Fridays.

Old Mans on Saturdays and on Sunday at Samadbali.


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