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Can you imagine diffusing essential oils without fire or some form of heat? Now thanks to modern science there’s a new method that doesn’t use any water with oil floating on top or steam. No more worrying about knocking a ceramic burner over or the water evaporating and burning the oil.

The Diffusica system is a room temperature ceramic diffuser. It’s made of highly porous silicon carbide, a very advanced and tough ceramic used in the chemical and transportation industries as a catalytic converter or for air purification purposes. The pores are so small that they’re not visible to the naked eye, giving a smooth surface resembling a volcanic stone but it can absorb half its weight in water. After absorbing the liquid, it redistributes it in its porous structure allowing for a continuous, enhanced evaporation.

Five centimeters in diameter and one centimeter thick, this disc is light weight and small enough to be used indoors or outdoors. Despite being ceramic, the disc is very durable. Even dropping it on a hard floor won’t break it. If you should happen to chip it a little, using some sand paper you can smooth the surface. The disc will also last forever. Changing the choice of oil is easy by using heat, such as on top of a toaster or even in the oven to burn away any residue or resin on the disc. This will give you a clean fresh surface to apply a different essential oil fragrance for an alternative purpose.

A choice of containers for the Diffusica allows you to “turn off” the aromatherapy session. By simply closing the lid the process halts. Later when you wish to resume the action open the lid and the action starts again without needing to add more oil to the disc making it very economical to use the precious essential oils. Some models allow more control through a regulator system. You only need 2 to 4 drops to activate the aromatherapy. You can use any essential oil, however some oils contain less resin and diffuse more effectively. Generally this will continue working for 4 to 6 hours.

Combining the worldwide recognized experience of Mary Muryn and the understanding of the physical requirements for a successful room temperature diffusion, a range of functional fragrances, has been specifically designed to maximize the performance of the system, decreasing oil consumption and sticky residues.

This range of functional fragrances, including the insect repellant function, brings another type of comfort into people’s lives with two strengths available: mild, which has a more pleasant fragrance for indoor use or for children and the elderly and strong grade is more aggressive and repels mosquitoes more effectively, especially outdoors. After a great deal of experimentation with the oil blends, Mary and Angelo have created a very effective oil blend that really does work in keeping the bothersome mosquitos away. Both are completely natural without DEET. This allows you to spend comfortable time without the use of toxic sprays or lotions. Remember that anything that you put on your skin enters your bloodstream.

Other blends include: Sleep Like a Baby helps people with insomnia. Mystical Sex is an effective aphrodisiac for couples. Weight Loss stimulates the metabolic system to aid in losing weight.


Essential oils have widely varying room temperature evaporation behavior. Some EO components are as volatile as alcohol or water, some are closer to a resin and hardly evaporate at all. The disc can absorb all EOs but some will have a hard time evaporating back, eventually clogging the pores. Volatile EOs are therefore preferred, although regeneration by heating allows changing the use of any oil.


Diffusica has designed a range of containers for the ceramic disc to accommodate various uses and display environments.

The Glass Bell

The glass bell designs are ideal for indoor or outdoor use: Living room, office, bedside, terrace. The glass bell – brass base container can be used without risk of breakage under a table, typically when using it with the insect repellant. With its look of an apothecary’s instrument, it’s ideal for an office or bedside diffuser. In both cases diffusion can be interrupted by putting the bell on and can be resumed at any time by opening the diffuser.

The Aluminum Box

The aluminum box is not only more affordable than the other containers but is also ideal for those who want to have their diffuser with them any time, thanks to its light weight and anti-wobbling stands.

Brass Regulator

The most exclusive diffuser is the brass Regulator box, manufactured by Javanese master founders. It also allows to regulate the scent outflow.

Evaporation is very intense just after oil addition, but progressively fades out. Thanks to the sliding gating system, it is possible to throttle down fragrance emission just after an oil addition. An hour or so later, the regulator lid can be rotated to maximum opening, which is equivalent to completely opening the box. Heavy, it is very stable for desktop use, but can still be easily transported.

When I first saw the Diffusica display at Radiance Bali I was fascinated, especially after Mary told me what they could be used for. It’s hard to imagine life in Bali without mosquitos. I’m lucky in not having very appetizing blood for the little vampires. Sitting next to friends watching TV who complain of being bitten, while I’m left alone.

I decided to test out the Diffusica and see if it really does work. First in my TV lounge I asked a couple of mosquito magnet friends to watch a movie and added 4 drops of strong mosquito repellant oil on the disc. Amazing, nobody was bothered during the movie.

After putting the disc on the toaster for a few minutes to eliminate the oil I took it to my bedroom night table and added Sleep Like a Baby oil. It helped me to relax and fall asleep and enjoy a peaceful sleep.

You can get your own Diffusica at Bali Radiance Essential Oils, next to Bali Buda in Canggu.

By Shari

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