Not Only Sushi!

Sushi Hana began many years ago as just a small sushi bar, in the early days of Sunset Road. Unlike many other restaurants that have opened on this busy roadway and failed, Sushi Hana prospered. So much that it has moved from its initial small space into a much larger one a bit further along Sunset Road. It is now a very impressive Japanese restaurant offering all the standards plus many innovative menu items.

The new Sushi Hanna consists of many small rooms as well as an indoor garden courtyard, very impressive! Appetisers include Cawaw Mushi, Agedashi Tofu, Edamame and Baked Salmon with snow crab, wakame and eel sauce and Crisp Salmon Skin, also with eel sauce.

Special dishes, always available include a Salmon Mentai Don, a rice bowl topped with baked salmon and that tasty mentai sauce [spicy mayo], Baked Scallop [8 scallops with snow crab, tobiko, wakame and sauce, and the great Kawaii Maki [pictured] a combination of crab stick, salmon, tamago, and oboro served with torched creamy eel sauce on top, Flamed Mentai Roll [crunchy chicken katsu, wakame, cream cheese and spicy sauce].

Sashimi, of course, is also available; Salmon, Tuna, Salmon Belly or a mixed platter. The Maki Rolls incude Kappa, Avocado, Tamago, Smoked Salmon, Tuna, Prawn Tempura and Kani. The Volcano Rolls are very popular, jelly fish and kani, tempura flakes and a bit of spice as is the Futomaki Roll; wakame, kani, ebi, inari, oboro, tamago and cucumber. The Sakura Roll has baked salmon and snow crab with tamago and cucumber.

Kamameshi dishes are unique to Sushi Hanna. The literal translation is one of ‘Kettle rice’ as it is cooked in a ‘kami’ or kettle. The original is just baked rice marinated in spicy snow crab, with salmon, unagi, grilled chicken and hanakatsi [a crumbed batter].

Being a Japanese restaurant there are many seafood and vegetarian options. One of the best is their Baked Scallops, 8 scallops, each topped with snow crab, tobiiko, wakame, mayo and eel sauce. Even the Gyoza at Sushi Hanna, that steamed then pan-fried dumpling, is stuffed with seafood rather than the usual meat filling, or there is Cheese Baked Crab and Salmon Mentai Don [half baked salmon with mentai sauce on rice].

Teriyaki Tofu is silken tofu [the soft silken Japanese version of tofu] with a mayonnaise and teriyaki sauce. Enoki Mushrooms are wrapped with pan-fried marinated salmon and nori, also serve with a teriyaki sauce. For a bit of fusion they also serve Calamari Rings, lightly crumbed and crunchy.

Head of the soup list is a traditional Miso as well as a Salmon Miso which is with Shiitaki mushrooms and Shirataki noodles. The great Sukiyaki [beef hotpot] is also listed here under soups, and they offer both chicken and seafood versions as well.

Other mains include Chicken [or Salmon] Teriyaki, and Obonomiyaki, which is often referred to as a Japanese pancake or even pizza due to its round shape, in fact it is more like an omelette. Then there is the Yofu Hamburg, or Japanese hamburger of minced beef stuffed with a cheese filling and served with cajun fries.

Butter rice is prepared in the teppan and can be topped with either chicken or salmon. Other seafood dishes include Salmon Head and Grilled Squid and pan-fried Salmon, both with the hot and spicy peri-peri sauce.

Dinner sets are available; Kamameshi, Donmono and Kare, as are Bento Boxes [teriyaki, katsu, salmon or karaage]. Interesting desserts include the Wobbly Pancake and Chewy Waffle or Honey Toast. Parfaits can be many different flavours as too can the Kakigori [shaved ice]; chocolate, strawberry, matcha, honey dew and bubble gum.

A very interesting Japanese restaurant with an extensive and innovative menu, good value.



Restaurant                     : Sushi Hanna.

Address                          : Sunset Road, Kuta.

Telephone                      : 849.6501.

Open                                : 11.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m., daily.

Non-smoking Area       : Inside in air-con.

Smoking Area                : Garden Courtyard.

Parking                            : Large area at front.

Price                                 : Rp. 300,000 for two [+ drinks].

Credit Cards                   : All major cards.

Food                                 : Japanese.

Wine                                : Limited.

Service                             : Smiling.

Atmosphere                    : Relaxed.

Overall                             :   Innovative.


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