Have you ever been at all curious about what Rotary does or what a Rotary meeting might be like? Would it be a bunch of boring people sitting around a table and mumbling about dull stuff? Well, that would be dead wrong and here’s a promise. A Rotary meeting at Rotary Club Bali Seminyak is anything but boring or dull. To give you a bit of insight about what really goes on in Rotary read some excerpts from our July 4 Club Bulletin….

What a fantastically great meeting our brand new President Erika had for us. Pres Erika shared lots of club and project information, with promises of more to come!

But you’ve got to know what happened before the meeting. Pres Erika really wasn’t sure just how much of the meeting set-up would be her responsibility….so she was at the Trans Hotel practically at the crack of dawn. Getting ready for a meeting involves so much DOING…hanging and displaying all those club flags brought by visiting Rotarians from throughout the world, putting out flyers, setting up club plaques and reward certificates, distributing general club information, all the technical computer stuff properly connected, and more!

Lo and behold…thanks to IPP Alex, GM at the Trans, and his fabulous staff, all set-up was DONE, ready and waiting for Pres Erika…even the complimentary sparkling wine was chilled and in place to be poured for club members and guests.


Special thanks go to IPP Alex and his team of angels   for a 100% smoothing-of-the-way for Erika’s very first meeting.

On first entering our beautifully prepared meeting room, some of us find the room chilly. What’s amazing is how quickly the room warms up once we’re all comfortably settled. Yes, we are all contributing hot air…so keep talking and warm up that room.

Standing on long time club tradition, Pres Erika opened the meeting with Rtn Manfred reading the Four Way Test…always a good reminder of ‘What We Think, Say and Do’. And Manfred also served as our Sergeant of Arms…well done Manfred!

Three of our members were welcomed back after long absences. It was so good to see Peter Lindinger, who spoke to us with love and reverence about the passing of his dear wife, Patrice. Always the good Rotarian, Peter L brought an exchange flag from Rotary Club Navarro.

Peter Erni is also back and going strong, recovering from a life threatening accident. With him was his ever caring partner, Puspita Dewi.

Returning from foot surgery was Sally…using a cane but full of her usual high energy.

Big on transparency, Pres Erika reported the club’s bank balance as of June 30. The balance is IDR 545,267,020. About 60% of this amount is committed to ongoing project activities and club operations (like our Rotary dues!) but we’ll soon know what might be used for new projects.

GROAN! With Mt. Agung acting up, Pres Erika visited the Bali Crisis Centers to learn how they would support local communities and visiting guests to Bali…if the volcano gets serious. Like most NGO’s the centers are seeking contributions. Pres Erika will refer them to Anita, Service Project Chair. Yet another possible new project for the club!

To further add to our President’s duties, Erika attended the Grant Management Seminar in Kudos, Java, July 6 and 7. Rotary is all about service…responding to problems faced by our local Balinese communities. Erika’s attendance at this meeting makes it possible for our club to participate in new Global and District Grants this year…adding to the seven already in progress.

Held on June 30, Tineke represented out club at the combined handovers by many Rotary, Rotaract and Interact clubs in District 3420. This is where ‘old’ club presidents and boards pass the baton to new presidents and boards. Entertainment was non-stop and it was one huge (just a little wild) party.

Generous club members who donated to The Rotary Foundation, made it possible to fund two District Grant projects. The focus of one project was scholarships for poverty level children and accomplished through NGO YKIP. Marilyn led the project along with the tremendous support and commitment from Anita and John T.

The second project was health focused, teaching children how to grow and eat healthy food. This project is led by Florian with help from committee members Mario and volunteer Ida…the only woman on this committee. Wonder why the shopping always falls to a woman? Maybe because women do it better?

Future meetings will showcase our club’s current and potential projects. IMPORTANT: New procedures are now being written by the Projects Service Committee that will make it easy for all members to propose projects.

Our July RCBS meetings and events calendar is posted. On July 18 we’ll be visiting Puspadi Bali where we’ll see how prosthetics are fitted and made, then easily transported to the disabled recipients with the bus our club bought for Puspadi Bali.

Sergeant of Arms Manfred invited Guest Speaker Julia to draw the winning raffle number and Mario won. The raffle prize was a stunning sarong. PP Marie Francoise draped the sarong around Mario’s waist, over his shoulders and on top of his head…all very attractive. Mario is such a good sport with a super sense of humor. Would someone please invite Mario to a Balinese ceremony so he can wear his new sarong?


And a final word from our President




Marilyn Carson

Rotary Club Bali Seminyak

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