November 12 2014


November 12, 2014

As we enter into this fortnight Mars is conjoined Pluto and squared off to Uranus. Mars is the lower octave of Pluto and is the major activator for Plutonic events and with Uranus in Mars sign of Aries, everything is possible. All kind of eruptions, unexpected happenings and chaotic events are set to take place on the build-up to the exact square in mid-December. Venus and the Sun are travelling with Saturn in Scorpio (the sign ruled by Pluto) and are keeping things intense and deeply emotional. Saturn rules authority figures, the military, banking, government and the corporate world. Things will begin to lighten up by the 17th when Venus enters Sagittarius and the New Moon on the 22nd marks the Suns entry into Sagittarius as well. The Sun and Venus are now moving out of orb with each other, having travelled this last month in the underworld together. The New Moon/Sun combination and Venus are square to Neptune in Pisces who throws a bit of a shroud over events this coming month. Our intentions or plans may get derailed by unexpected events or deceptive measures. Mercury, due to its retrograde last month, is still in Scorpio and yet to meet with Saturn. There are things not yet clear that will be rectified by the time the Full Moon comes around in early December. It feels like a time of repaying old debts, karmic dues if you like that once complete will free the individual to start afresh with new enthusiasm.

NEW MOON 0 Sagittarius 07 November 22, 2014 8:33 p.m.

ARIES Venus moves into your house of travel and foreign interests and is followed by the Sun on the New Moon. This is a fresh start for you and there could be a strong impulse to travel or to deal with those legal matters that have been pending. With Neptune in the most obscure part of your chart deep and unconscious concerns could have you inadvertently getting in your own way this month. Relationships could prove especially difficult and you may want to keep them at a distance. As much as possible tell the truth, although the temptation to bend it will be strong. Mercury and Saturn are clearing up your shared financial interests.

TAURUS You are in for a lightening of mood around intimacy and the sharing of resources. There are still a few commitment issues to be discussed and the delegation of responsibility, but all in all the ambience is much lighter. The deceptive angle or cloaking effect is coming from the area of community, groups and friends. Perhaps you have been neglecting these a little with all the emphasis that has been placed on your primary relationship in the recent past. Be sensitive to issues that arise here and in particular where you share finances or business details. There has been a major shift in your consciousness as beliefs have been expanded.

GEMINI Relationship is the theme for you with the New Moon cycle. With all the excitement in this area of your chart you may find some sideways movement coming from your career sector this coming month. Colleagues may seem a little difficult or there could be the feeling of deception in the air, or of some covert activity. There are discussions yet to be had in the workplace or around work topics. You could have some intense discussions with higher ups or authority figures in this area of your life. Perhaps there are old financial issues coming to a head now and this is bringing up the need for change.

CANCER You may receive a foreign job offer or travel could be good for your health at this time, or you may want to take a journey with spiritual intentions or for those same healing purposes. As you allow your mind to expand beyond the normal boundaries and into the void of creation, you may experience some deeper truths revealed within yourself. There has been deep and profound transformation within your one-on-one relationships and this is catalysing and reshaping your goals. Don’t worry if things are not yet crystal clear for as you undergo this next round of purification more surplus baggage will be released to lighten your load.

LEO This is a great time for romance for the Leo natives. A splendid time for all creative activities although you may feel a little challenged on the intimacy front or be a little more sensitive to sexual advances than in the past. Beware also the wolf in sheep’s clothing when it comes to sexual advances. Use your instincts, intuition and discernment when it comes to choosing a partner. There are family issues to discuss, perhaps concerning or involving a parent. The main thrust of transformative energy however is occurring in the area of work and health. Bringing your higher ideals into alignment with your everyday activities is the challenge.

VIRGO As the New Moon energy funnels into your home arena, you may be looking to expand, move, renovate or visit distant family. With Saturn and Mercury in your house of communication and siblings, there are bound to be some emotionally deep discussions going on or you could be storm boarding study or teaching opportunities. Neptune is throwing a compassionate heart involvement on the table which could act as a little deterrent to the forward momentum. Transformation for you is directly linked to romance and your creative potential and at times may feel particularly whacky or extremely chaotic. The more you go with this, the easier things will be.

LIBRA With the unpredictable nature of relationships, you may find yourself needing to adjust to new situations often. There will be a lot of movement or short distance travel this month, along with a great deal of communication. Sharing ideas will be for the benefit of material acquisition, although this is no longer the main focus. It’s simply that the final details and practicalities are ironed out. Family or early childhood issues are bringing the transformative edge to your life and this reflects in your one-on-one relationships. With your inquisitive mind pushing you forward, you could very well renew your love affair with learning.

SCORPIO Stepping forward with your new persona or brand will go to its next level over the coming weeks. Acquisitions may look like airline tickets or your motivation may well be directed towards travel, study or religious activities. You now have a more open minded approach to money and this can be directly linked back to your creative potential, children in your life or romance. As you transform through your communicative endeavours your work responds with unpredictable growth patterns. There is the need to re-adjust yourself to changing conditions regularly, although you are way more experimental in this area of your life now and the results show.

SAGITTARIUS As the Planets move into your birth sign you are significantly motivated towards things that make you happy and expand your personality and your appearance. There is a deep love of self, this month and you may wish to take a journey that helps you to connect honestly with your own shadow figures. You have the ability to delve deeply into the workings of your own mind now with discipline and purpose. As your values and beliefs re-align with this new picture you have of yourself you are able to let go of those which no longer work for you. There is the need to hold family with deep compassionate understanding.

CAPRICORN As we shift into this next moon cycle you may find yourself turning more within and attuning your mind to those things of a more spiritual nature. There is an extremely deep and profound transformation taking place now and this stretches back to the very roots of your existence and where you feel comfortable in the world. It could be that as the external continues in its unpredictable manner you find your solace in the depths of your own self. The dissolving of ideas and long held beliefs is no easy journey and to those on the outside, it may look like nothing much is happening at all.

AQUARIUS There is no doubt that you’ll be surrounded by lots of friends over the coming weeks and be an integral part of your own community. Your finances may be concerning you a little, as you look towards marketing yourself in a new way with the view to sharing your skills and talents. This transformation journey runs deeply for you also and is very much an internal job, as your ideas are radically altered through unpredictable conversations and the introduction of new technology and concepts. There is communication with a parent that runs deep and emotional and will effect the future trends in your life or the plans you’ve laid for yourself.

PISCES With a view to your vocation opening now, you may want to use your intuitive potential for your own benefit. Be careful to not delude yourself when it comes to how far you can go. Foreign concerns play a large role in your success. There is still some plans to be discussed with regard to study or travel and you are looking at what type of community or group of people would support you best. Your fluctuating finances create some tension for you as you look to a more secure foundation or environment in which to do business. As the catalyst comes to release more old friendships and to no longer frequent old haunts you find yourself surrounded by unexpected abundance.

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