November 26 2014


November 26, 2014

Leading into this fortnight, Mercury is conjoined Saturn in Scorpio and heads on into Sagittarius on the 28th and will finally join the Sun again on the Full Moon in early December. Mars changes signs this fortnight as well and heads into Aquarius, also around the Full Moon. Remember our New Moon was squared to Neptune and as we move towards Full, Venus, Sun and Mercury in turn, will trine Uranus and square to Chiron. What this could possibly mean, is that as we are impulsed to strike out on our own creative path others may be hurt or feel neglected in the process. Energy will be fast moving and unpredictable and with Mars in Aquarius (the sign ruled by Uranus) pushing things along to an inventive new level, chaos may become the norm. As Uranus and Pluto pull in ever tighter towards the square, the pressure increases and the old guard holds firm and the rebellious new, flamboyantly expresses its enthusiasm for change and independence. Those who have felt victimised will be standing up for themselves and the selfish will be facing retribution for their greedy ways. This Uranus Aries generation seems to be inspiring a move towards self-interested people. In order to balance out any selfish tendencies, remember to consider how your actions affect those around you and indeed the Planet herself. It’s a very fine line that we walk now as we claim our sense of personal freedom and the difference between self-awareness and selfishness lays on either side of that line.

FULL MOON 14 Gemini 18 December 6, 2014 8:28 p.m.

ARIES Mars your planetary ruler moves into Aquarius and the house of friends, groups, community, technology and new ideas. Get ready for some inventive new measures taking shape within your local community. Meanwhile Mercury enters the area of travel and foreign interests and this will be all highlighted on the Full Moon. The Pisces theme runs deep and adds some confusion to those travel or wedding arrangements. Old wounds may rise to the surface as you make your plans to travel and pains that you thought healed, return. There will be a lot of energy and movement, yet remember to tread carefully as beneath all the bravado, lay the sensitive heart.

TAURUS Mercury now joins the other planets in your 8th house and brings some old friends back into the picture. Perhaps you are remembering some of those things you had placed on the simmer when everything went deep and personal for a moment. As you allow ideas to filter through, you are ready to vision a new future for yourself and those closest to you. It feels as though you’ve been pulled back into the group or communal role. A lot of communication about endings and new beginnings is on the horizon. Mars enters your career sector and your status is more bound up with helping others, than pursuing your own goals and interests.

GEMINI Mercury your ruler moves into Sagittarius and your relationship sector. One-on-one communications are occurring around your vocational aspirations. You may be aware of the dichotomy between your relationship needs and those of where you wish to do service in the World and follow your passion or heart’s desire. Mars enters the travel arena and higher minded affairs now ensue. The next Full Moon brings a focus to your own brand and personal expression. Relationship however is heavily weighted and the potential for old issues or pain is unavoidable, unless you reach towards a higher octave expression of empathy and forgiveness. You may wish to focus it through the group dynamic.

CANCER Mercury moves into your work sector and brings foreign concerns to the table, whether they are travel plans or work related issues. Some of you may be involved in the planning stages or attending a wedding. By early December you will be ready to retreat a little and integrate new ideas or study material from the recent past. Perhaps you could aim towards some quiet time to get in touch with your own emotional pain or simply to regenerate yourself as it is possible that you are giving a great deal of yourself through your work. It could be time to refocus your aims and goals and this may bring a career change for you.

LEO The current Sagittarius theme, which now includes Mercury plays out in your romance sector and is challenging the deepest part of your chart; the 8th house and issues of joint resources, death, birth and sex. Old pains run deep and they could be around the issue of pregnancy or the children in your life. Mars entering the relationship house could mean that the focus on one-on-one relating is shifting your ideas and supporting you to grow and expand your vision. By early December you may be ready to bring this to the group or your friends for more discussion. Your work is grounding you, although at times it may hold you back.

VIRGO Mercury enters your home area and brings some fresh ideas, although these may challenge someone close to you or bring up old and painful memories. Mars has just moved into your work and health sector and brings renewed vigour and a focus on your vital energy and passions. There could be issues of privacy and personal space where you can go through your own transformation, inspiring you to move or to expand your vision of home. Be mindful of over-extending yourself within your partnerships, work or romance. You are experiencing deeply powerful creative surges now that enhance your own evolutionary cycle. Move with this current of change.

LIBRA This is a time of communication for you, bringing higher ideas to the mundane and adding practical details to the far reaching and it is going to emotionally affect your health and the work that you do in the world. Healing is made possible through the machinations of the mind, so allow those thoughts to be bold. Mars enters your house of romance and children and relationships remain as unpredictable as ever. As you strive to create a solid foundation, things keep on metamorphosing into the next stage of development. Let the stress be the fuel that motivates you to keep going and to adapt yourself to these ongoing changes.

SCORPIO As Mercury enters your 2nd house of acquisitions, you are thinking of ways to make money and this could be to impress a romantic interest or for the welfare of children in your life. By early December discussions could lean towards doing something financially with another person. Mars fresh in the home sector brings confrontations, friends and passion to the foundations of your chart. Your work is still going through its ups and downs although the common factor is your need to take care of yourself in relationship to your health or any issue here. There is a lot of power to be harnessed in the written and spoken word.

SAGITTARIUS With Mercury out of the 12th and into the 1st, the topic becomes all about you, your brand, label, thoughts and opinions. As the focus is very much on your own personal self, you may find that others are feeling a little neglected, particularly around the home front. Early childhood memories may arise and yet let them not deter you from moving forward with your plans or marketing of them. This relationship between your identity and money is very bound up during this transitional period, both in your life and within the collective psyche. Let a new identity be birthed if this is your calling now, but remember, it takes time.

CAPRICORN Mercury enters a very introverted part of your chart and your thoughts are more centred on otherworldly topics. Meanwhile the deep personal transformation continues and your very foundations are being remodelled and may at times feel shaky. Healing with your siblings continues and yet they may challenge you emotionally. You will need to have understanding from the heart rather than the mind now and allow your intuition to guide you into the next phase of your journey. Mars enters the house of money and you may find yourself spending a little more than usual in the process of helping other people and with the softening of heart, giving more away.

AQUARIUS Mars moves into your sign and ignites the next 2 year cycle when it comes to your passions. This is the time to promote yourself, your brand or label and to network through media your gifts, talents, skills or personal beliefs. Mercury in the community and friendship house brings meetings to the forefront of your experience. Healing for you is coming through your values and includes your personal or material possessions as well. If you feel you are losing out or have become a victim to the general consensus, this then could be the perfect time to re-invent yourself or promote a new model based on the evolving trends and away from tradition.

PISCES As Mercury transits your vocation / career sector a series of new ideas enter via inspiration. Your are in the process of healing your identity flaws and this gives you the opportunity to either follow your heart or to continue to carry the old burdens of low self-confidence. Mars enters your 12th house and brings you the potential to share those deep and hard to grasp unconscious thoughts with others. As you evolve into this next phase you see how much your personal values have changed and why you require a new group of friends or possibly community within which to live. Finding a sense of home will be important to you early December.

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