November 26 2014


November 26, 2014

Jersey Boys
It is unusual for Clint Eastwood to make this kind of movie; however, after watching the musical, you will understand his attraction to the project. Clint Eastwood adapts for the screen a successful Broadway Show, which tells the real life story of the rise to fame of a 1960s Pop Group. Mob connections got Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons started in the clubs of New Jersey. Over 30 years later, at the conclusion of their long and troubled career, the group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Clint Eastwood’s movie version of this musical is stunning. His sets and costumes and production numbers are all outstanding, plus, he incorporates into his movie musical some theatrical effects which usually don’t work all that well in the cinema. What can I say about the famous songs? They are all terrific, but, if you can remember them, then, they make you realize how old we have all become.

I saw this movie recently in Jakarta in 4DX, and, all of the silly mechanical special effects taking place in the cinema auditorium kind of distracted me from the plot. Seeing it again on DVD makes me grasp what a fun movie it really is. However, to be perfectly honest, it is the terrific 3D special effects which turns this rather run-of-the-mill Ancient Greek Epic into something more entertaining. After completing his 12 Labors, to appease the Gods, Hercules finds himself fighting in a somewhat messy Greek Civil War. Dwayne Johnson flexes his muscles to good effect, but, for those of you interested in such things, he does keep himself pretty much covered up throughout the entire movie. His body is just not as great as it used to be!

A group of young adults are holidaying in an isolated cabin, where they are to experience a close encounter with alien extraterrestrials. This movie uses all of the current conspiracy theories about missing time and alien abduction. It presents them in an extremely disturbing scenario, which could possibly present a horrifying explanation for the rather enduring and popular mystery. The Vicious Brothers make a mesmerizing Sci-Fi horror-movie, which will keep you enthralled right up to its terrifying and very alarming conclusion.

Desert Dancer
At the turn of the 21st Century, dance as an artistic form is prohibited in Iran. In 2009, a young man, educated in dance at a private school, enrolls at the Tehran University. There, he forms an underground dance group, and, after much rehearsal, they give a performance for friends and supporters out in the desert, where, hopefully, no one will see them. Unfortunately, the morality police are to hear about the performance, and, much persecution is to follow. Director Richard Raymond bases his movie on an inspiring real life story. His film contains many contemporary dance scenes, which are truly sublime.

Set in the near future, nearly all of the world’s population has been wiped out by climate change. Robots now perform most daily functions. However, when these robots gain consciousness, and, start altering their behavior, an insurance investigator has to discover who or what is behind these changes. Director Gabe Ibanez shoots his movie in icy tones of blue and yellow, which gives it an eerie and alienating atmosphere. Antonio Banderas stars.

Let’s Be Cops*
Two men go to a costume party dressed as cops. On the way home they are mistaken for the real thing. They have such a good time that they decide to keep on pretending. Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr. have lots of fun.

War Story
An unknown photo-journalist, in an unknown seaport, helps an unknown girl who is fleeing from an unknown war in an unknown middle-eastern country. This incredibly boring and vague movie doesn’t really tell you much at all.

Into The Storm*
A group of documentary movie-makers try to film inside the eye of a huge tornado. Stupid idiots. No wonder they are all sucked up into the vortex.

Young Ones
In the future, America is suffering from a severe drought. The son-in-law of a rancher goes to desperate lengths to divert water from a drilling company.
Jimmy’s Hall
The many activities which take place in a newly renovated local village hall become a metaphor for the political turbulences in Ireland during the 1930s.

The Brittany Murphy Story
If you have ever wondered what happened to Brittany Murphy, then you can find out all in this dreary bio-pic about the perky B Grade American actress.

After a one-night-stand a man and woman are caught in a terrible traffic jam.

Wish I Was Here
A failing Jewish actor undergoes guilt when he can’t provide for his family.

Son of God
The Passion of Jesus Christ, as seen from the viewpoint of the Apostle John.

White Rabbit
Bullied by co-students, a teenager takes a gun to school and starts shooting.

In a futuristic city an undercover cop tries to find the killers of her parents.

Fort Bliss
After Afghanistan, a soldier attempts to revive her relationship with her son.

What if …..
A twee romantic-comedy in which unnecessary animation plays a key part.

Another Me
An English high-school student is tormented by the ghost of her dead sister.

The Babadook
An abysmal Australian horror-movie about a boy suffering from nightmares.

Saving Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, seen from the viewpoint of his bodyguard.

* Also available on Blu Ray.
# Also available in 3D.


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