October 25, 2017

Ryoshi is the first choice when it comes to basic Japanese cuisine. Think Japanese and you almost certainly think of Sushi and Sashimi, even though there are many other dishes in this unique cuisine, The critical factor with both of these dishes is that the fish must be FRESH, and the dish prepared ‘to order’ not hours, or even days, before and refrigerated. With the constant turnover of seafood required by this group [5 Ryoshi restaurants, Ubud, Sanur, Kuta, Tuban and their HQ in Seminyak, plus the Sakanaya and Ramen Boy outlets] the product here is always fresh. At Ryoshi the offerings are of unbelievable value, my favourite is the Pisang combo [pictured], 12 pieces of sushi [the maki roll is cut into three which makes 14 in my book].  It always tastes best fresh! At Ryoshi you can sit and watch it being made. It arrives accompanied by a small dish, a lump of wasabi [often referred to as Japanese horseradish but tasting more like a hot mustard] on its side, and a little pile of gari [sweet thinly sliced young ginger] on the edge of the sushi board. Tip some soy [always on the table in a small jug] and edge some of the wasabi in, to your taste! Place a complete sushi in the soy/wasabi mix so it can soak into the rice base, then with chopsticks, or even fingers if you must, eat and savour the exquisite taste. Follow with a small slice of the gari, and a sip of whatever you are drinking. My kind of lunch! Ryoshi has a number of different combination boards of sushi and sashimi [raw fish] or a combo of both. Other raw fish specials include their Tataki which is a Japanese salad of raw fish, a Tuna Carpaccio or Aji Tataki, a type of mackerel tartar. Chirashi Sushi is a bowl of various raw fish draped over sushi rice.
Suahi 301


Warung Little Bird is easy to miss. On Jln. Danau Tamblingan, close to Maybank at Sanur’s northern end, it looks like a typical small local warung. Big difference is that it always seems to be full of westerners. Their coffees are a feature [hot, cold, frozen, flavoured or with syrups added] very good and are definitely the cheapest price to be found in this area. Local cuisine is all the go, nasi goreng, mie goreng/kuah, gado-gado and sayur hijau. Meat dishes include the Javanese opor ayam, Sumatra’s rendang, Bali’s ayam and babi kecap. What ever you order also get a small IndoChinese omelette fuyung hay on the side, only Rp 20,000. You may have to wait for a table.


Komugi Bakery operates a small café at the front of the Papaya Supermarket, Jln. Patih Jelantik, Kuta. A 2nd is soon to open at the new Renon Mall. For some unknown reason restaurants and cafes in supermarkets rarely work, but this one is an exception to that rule. Only product from the bakery is on sale [eat in or take away], the seating is small and very basic, yet the place is always busy, and usually full. With almost everything for sale under Rp.20,000it is perfect for that quick 5 minute lunch or any time snack. They feature Japanese breads and combinations that are most unusual. Perhaps the strangest is the Japanese Hamburger, a ham salad in a hamburger bun, a ham-burger! Another is their Sausage Croissant; a long sausage is split at each end and inserted in a croissant before baking, the result is squid-like tentacles protruding from both ends of the croissant, but very tasty, and often sold out! Flat and folded breads can contain many mixes; Bacon & Cheese, Bacon Corn & Mayonnaise, Sausage and Bacon. A slice of toast is topped with either Beef or Bacon and an egg. Japanese Obha topped with tuna or Takesumi, a Black bun stuffed with pork, onion and nori seaweed. There are even ‘dessert’ options; Choco Turtles, Durian Pan, Banana & Cream Cheese and a Croissant stuffed in a plastic cup with chocolate sauce. Whilst there often a few Japanese amongst the customers most are locals, including many expats, who have discovered the cheapest eat in town! I just bought a small [big enough for one] Jalapeno Pizza to take home and heat up…@ $1.50 it must be the cheapest pizza in the world!


Melbourne Cup Day. Kentucky may have their Derby and Aintree their Grand National but there is only one Melbourne Cup! It truly is the race that stops a nation. Many pictures have been taken of main Australian city streets, totally deserted on this day at mid afternoon, as everyone is either at a Melbourne Cup party or clustered in front of a shop window that is showing the race on TV. The 1st Tuesday of November is the day, this year that is November 7. The following places in Bali, with Australian connections, have special events for that day.


Cocoon, Jln. Double Six at Blue Ocean Beach, Legian is always the ‘first cab off the rank’ when it comes to organizing special events. As usual their Melbourne Cup Day is almost fully booked, there are just a few tables left [Tel: 731.266].  , and at Cocoon you can enjoy a day’s fun, food, drink and maybe even pick the winner. Canapes are served from 9.30 a.m., lunch from 11.00 a.m. The all inclusive cost, with free flow beverages [between 11.00 and 2.00], is Rp.900,000 Net. The lunch is at Cocoon’s highest standard, prizes for the Best Dressed Lady & Gent and sweepstakes.


Happy Chappy, Jln. Braban in Kerobokan, celebrates Melbourne Cup Day with an 8 course degustation [with matched wines]. Champagne is served on arrival and there is entertainment after the race, till 6.00 p.m. The inclusive cost is Rp.1,200,000 p.p. [net]. Prior reservation is essential. [Tel: 474.1960]


Barb’s Sport Bar is found at Jln. Danau Tamblingan, Sanur. It is sandwiched between the Aussie Porch Café and the Balinese Pregina and also has a few Aussie ties. Melbourne Cup day here is a big all day celebration, crazy hats, sweepstakes and Aussie favourites, pies and rissoles top the bill. This original little  sports bar in Sanur is always busy but on this day it is packed with regulars.


The Melting Pot, Jln. Hanoman, Padang Tegal, is Ubud’s viewing spot for the race. No entry charge but great Texan cuisine and Tex-Mex dishes are always available. Many large screens at Bali’s biggest sports bar.


Gerry Williams

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