Are you tired of drawing on eyeliner and eyebrows every time you wish to go out looking your best? For many ladies the simple solution is cosmetic tattoo, which is becoming increasingly popular these days.

Your eyebrows are the frames for your eyes. While some of you are lucky to have perfect eyebrows, many of us are not. Thinning eyebrows is often caused by over plucking, aging, nutrient deficiency or hypothyroidism. Your eyebrows could have bald patches or look skimpy. Instead of always having to pencil in the corrections, which does wear off or sweat off in this heat, wouldn’t it be great to not worry about looking your best all the time?

There are two processes for the eyebrows: One is simple tattoo and the other is called micro-blading for those who have very few eyebrow hairs or bald patches. The tiny blade is very effective at giving a 3D effect as it scars and looks very real but it takes ages and is more painful. It gives a natural look like drawing on the fine lines to imitate the natural hairs.

Sound scary? For a professional artist with good equipment the procedure is easy with minimal discomfort. To start with the artist will scrutinize your eyebrows to determine a good shape, with several shapes to choose from. Then the artist will draw on the shape for your approval. This may take some time to get it right. Choosing the colour best for you is next.

There are a variety of colours from light brown to black. There is a special pigment, which is thicker (designed for cosmetic tattooing) in the same shades of makeup or tattoo ink, which is longer lasting but only comes in basic colours. The next step is numbing cream will be applied to first one side and covered with plastic wrap to prevent drying out.

Only one eyebrow first. It takes about 30 minutes for the numbing to take effect. After the cream is removed more cream will probably be applied to your other eyebrow. The numbing is effective for about thirty minutes so the artist needs to work quickly. Then the tattoo gun is turned on with a quiet buzzing sound and the drawing begins line by line. Because the eyebrows are directly over a bone there may be a little pain.

All very bearable, we’re not talking about screaming pain. Depending on how thick you want your eyebrows the process may take up to half an hour or longer for micro blading. After this it’s repeated on the other side. The skin will likely feel a little tender for a few days and a thin scab will form which will last about a week. Your eyebrows will look darker for the first week until the scab falls off then you’ll have a natural frame for your eyes on your face. Don’t wash your face until the next day. You may need a touch-up a month later, which is complimentary.

Eyeliner is popular with Asian women and older women who feel the need to emphasize their eyes. You can have the upper and lower lines applied. Your choice. There’s also a choice of colour from striking black to shades of brown or soft blue or green, whichever you prefer. You may prefer to have a thin line or a thicker one. With a tail at the end or not. Discuss all of this with your artist before they begin so they are clear on what your preferences are.

First one eye will have numbing cream applied with a layer of plastic covering over it. This is your time to relax and definitely keep your eyes shut because the cream stings a little if you get any inside. Half an hour later the cream is removed and more cream is applied to the second eye. The eyeliner doesn’t take very long to do.

While it may seem scary to have a buzzing tool working so close to your eye it’s relatively pain-free and quick. It’s more of a tingling sensation. The eyeliner will look much darker when it’s finished but the next day after washing your face it will be a bit lighter. Your eyes may feel a little tender for a day or possibly a bit swollen for a day. This passes quickly.

For many clients will need to have a retouch of colour about a month later. This is usually no charge. The colour will eventually fade over time and need to be refreshed. This depends on how much time you spend in the sun. It could be a year or a few years.

Some women may like to have their lips coloured with pigment ink. I found having this done tinglier than the eyes and takes much longer. While the lips looked great afterwards the colour faded quite quickly.

I love getting up in the morning and not having to put on any makeup thanks to Tato, who has been a professional tattoo artist for over twenty years working in Indonesia, England and Brunei. With so much competition in Bali and an  over-abundance of tattoo shops virtually everywhere he decided to take up another venue of cosmetic tattoo.

Tato is very calm and patient instilling confidence in his skill. He works methodically giving a professional look to your eyes and face. He usually is willing to come to your house and perform this delicate work that will make you look permanently beautiful.

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