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I have often felt that there is a plan or blueprint for our souls that is a mystery to most of us. We may get clues to what this divine plan is and follow these almost blindly, never knowing with absolute surety that we are heading in the right direction — the way which will truly foster our personal empowerment and spiritual evolution. I have been lucky enough to get a lot of guidance from my higher self or helping spirits, but many people haven’t cultivated a relationship with their higher self or have no idea how to connect with their own Spirit guides.

We usually get a manual when we buy a new car, DVD player, computer, etc., but there isn’t a manual for our life, at least there wasn’t until I met Joseph Callender, an English Soul Plan practitioner who currently living in Melbourne. Soul plan has its roots in the ancient Hebrew gematria. In the second half of the last century a new set of interpretations under the tile of: ‘Numerology of Moses’ were channeled by the visionary Frank Alper, author of Discovering Atlantis.

Joseph explained that people who get Soul Plans are often stuck in their lives and they want some confirmation about which direction to go or they want to find out why they are stuck. Often people want to know what their life purpose is, and feel a strong urge to seek out information about this. Many times people have a vague idea of their life purpose, but can’t fully see it, so the Soul Plan can remind them of things they have forgotten and what they might need to know in order to go forward in their lives.

“Our soul plan can help us learn about the energies that we are holding or have, as well as what energies we are trying to master. We can discover what effects all these energies have on our own lives and others. The result of a Soul Plan is to essentially assist people from moving out of victimhood into becoming students. When you get initiated with a soul plan it’s like activating an awakening within your soul,” said Joseph.

He mentioned that some systems believe that the soul is a fractal energy that goes over 50 dimensions and is all pervading. In other traditions, the Soul is also believed to be the deities that people experience.  There are multiple levels of Soul, that one can experience.  The soul has a Soul, called the “Oversoul” and others say that the oversoul has an oversoul.  Joseph mentioned he has met clients, whose oversouls have simultaneously incarnated, as separate beings for maximum Spiritual evolution. The oversoul creates the experiences for this particular incarnation, and the energies that it gifts you contain the vibrations of your soul and your experiences in this life.

For my own reading, I was surprised by how comprehensive and accurate my Soul Plan was, as it was constructed solely from my birth name. According to Joseph, as a Spirit, I would have chosen my parents and my birth name.There are 22 energies in this system which are illustrated with an upper triangle and a downward triangle that resemble the Star of David. The downward triangle represents your first 35 years and symbolizes your worldly aspects: worldly challenges, worldly talents and worldly goals. The upper triangle represents the next 35 years your life and the associated Spiritual aspects: Spiritual goals, Spiritual talents and Spiritual challenges. In the center of the illustration is a silhouette of a human with ‘Soul Destiny’ and a pair of numbers with two associated symbols. Each aspect of my plan had number pairs with symbols which all carry an energy and a frequency. When these are deciphered, it is akin to unlocking an aspect of your soul.

My Soul Plan confirmed that I was already living my soul destiny as a Spiritual teacher and healer. It also showed me my Spiritual challenges and what I needed to work on to evolve. At the end of my plan was a list of specific Bach flower remedies that could help me with my Spiritual challenge which is taming my anger.

My Soul reading concluded with a beautiful healing in which I was guided into a deeply relaxed state. During this time Joseph tunes into the heart which is the gateway to the soul, and he asked Great Spirit to present my soul blueprint. Then he removed several blockages in my field from other lifetimes, actually pinpointing a blockage in my left ear which I had never told him about that went back many lifetimes. Joseph concluded the session with reading a special Soul message just for me which was programmed into my subconscious. Throughout the session I felt like I was floating high above my physical body. It was a very similar feeling to being in a deep state of hypnosis. For me, the experience of receiving my Soul Plan was very enlightening and empowering. I believe that getting clarity about my Spiritual and worldly talents, as well as my Spiritual challenges, will greatly assist me as I move forward in my life. As we come to a deeper understanding about our soul destiny, we are able to fully live our truth which is the key to our happiness.

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Michele has lived on Bali since 2002. She incorporates the indigenous practices of Bali and other cultures into her Shamanic practice, and also utilizes a variety of healing modalities such as Reiki, Energy Psychology, Hypnotherapy, Transformational Coaching and her own healing modality called ETRCC, ‘Emotional Therapy for Reiki Chakra Clearing’. She offers private healing sessions and retreats on and off Bali. Michele dedicates her life to offering tools for empowerment and healing for all those who are ready and willing to transform their lives.

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