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 Remote working has many different monikers: location independent work, remote work, virtual work, remote teams, virtual teams, offshore teams, digital nomad, distributed organizations, office optional. In the end, they all imply the same thing:  more and more people are working outside an office, from home or even on the road.

One of the fastest growing trends in today’s business world is that people are increasingly less likely to be tied to a commute to a centralized office in order to work. New and existing technology tools – such as Slack, Trello, Google Hangouts, Asana, DropBox and many others, are making it possible for people to work outside the office. But where can remote workers turn for advice, strategies, tips and tricks, shared experience and personal stories from other remote workers? How do they get the ‘real scoop’ on what it takes to be a digital nomad? Luckily, one of the best new resources for remote workers is podcasts that focus on remote, virtual or nomadic work.

Here is a list of podcasts that help advise or inspire people who are thinking about working remotely, or who already do so and are searching for a sense of community and shared experience.


1)  Collaboration Superpowers

This podcast is produced weekly by a consulting business of the same name (their website is http://www.collaborationsuperpowers.com) that helps people work together remotely. The company offers both online and in-person workshops on how to successfully work as part of a remote team, or how to set up and manage remote teams. Lisette Sutherland, Collaboration Superpower’s Director, interviews remote working experts each week on the podcast to find out how they deal with the challenges of working with remote teams, as well as the rewards and benefits. Sample episodes have included such topics as: Productivity for Remote Workers, Organizing Your Distributed Team and What Happens When Someone Leaves Your Remote Team. She is also releasing a book, called Stories of Remote Teams Doing Great Things, featuring strategies, advice and stories for and about remote teams and remote management. Sutherland’s stated goal in both establishing Collaboration Superpowers and producing a podcast is “to get the best people working together regardless of location.”


2)  21st Century Work Life

Hosted by Pilar Orti, this weekly podcast is about ‘remote working, virtual teams and flexible working.’ The podcast features guests who discuss ‘different ways of making a living, of using technology at work and of managing [remote] teams.’  Sample episodes have included: Career Progression in Remote Work, Are Virtual Teams Dysfunctional, Making Virtual Meetings Comfortable and Security in Remote Teams. In addition to hosting the podcast, Pilar Orti also blogs about remote work at Virtual, Not Distant. Orti’s company, Virtual Not Distant,  (https://www.virtualnotdistant.com) is a coaching business offering training, coaching and team-building services for companies setting up or switching over to remote teams.


3)  Remote Works

Hosted by Jonathan Sharp, this podcast is released every second week and focuses on the ‘culture, experience and community surrounding remote work.’ Sharp previously worked with the Union Pacific Railroad before becoming a work-from-home freelance web designer. In 2009, he built an enterprise-consulting organization that helps companies, managers and teams that are working remotely to be successful. Sharp’s personal philosophy is that remote teams ‘are a valuable tool not just for organizations but also local communities and families. Local communities benefit from flexible schedules, reduced traffic and strengthened local relationships. Families are strengthened by flexibilities in schedules and a greater balance between work and personal life.’ Sample episodes include: Health & Fitness When    Working Remote, Strategies for Finding Remote Work and Virtual Reality is on the Horizon for Remote Work. Sharp also blogs about remote working on his company website, www.cultivatenow.com.


4)  The Remote Podcast

Host Victor Kung is a digital nomad and online entrepreneur. He hosts this weekly podcast aimed at anyone thinking about becoming, or transitioning to being, a digital nomad. The podcast offers ‘personal stories of digital nomads from all over the world’ that explores how and why these people balance work and life (and travel) as remote workers. Kung has a blog about the location independent life at his website, www.theremotelifestyle.com. Kung also offers a free email course, through his website, on how to become a digital nomad.


5)  Being Freelance

Host Steve Folland talks to guest freelancers about the freelance life.  Folland is a former radio presenter who switched from full-time work to freelancing in order to be his own boss and spend more time with his family. He started the Being Freelance podcast in January 2015 and has since interviewed dozens of freelancers about how and where   they work. Folland has spoken with bloggers, writers, video producers, coaches, musicians, illustrators, data designers, photographers, art directors and many others. Folland also blogs at his website, www.beingfreelance.com.


6) Going Remote

Host Charles Du is a former NASA engineer turned digital nomad.  He was selected from over 50,000 applicants to participate in Remote Year, a network of 75 working professionals who are travelling and working remotely for a year around the world. Du travelled to over 12 countries as part of the group. Du hosts an irregular podcast interviewing other digital nomads about their lifestyles, tools and working remotely. He also blogs at his site, https://nomadcharles.com/blog.


7)  Life Nomading

Host Ian Hoyt discusses what he calls the ‘many different aspects of taking the unconventional path in your life, whether it be travel, working remotely, adventuring, starting your own business or following your passion.’ Hoyt is a    blogger, private pilot, traveler, life nomad and creative marketer who has ‘devoted his life to exploring different lifestyles and adventures.’ Sample episodes include: Remote Working and The Startup Lifestyle. Hoyt maintains a creative agency called Wilbur and, in 2014, set up a company called Life Nomading (http://www.lifenomading.com) that offers Life Nomad adventure trips to Iceland and Ecuador. He also blogs about Life Nomading on the website.

Enjoy these podcasts and get inspired to become a digital nomad, learn how to work more effectively and strategically while you roam or simply find a community of like-minded people so you don’t feel lonely working on the road.


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