Press Release

SPiCE It Up on the 18th Floor MyRedEnvelope’s SPiCE; Celebration of Women 2020 is clear that women should be seen and heard, and what better way for that to happen than by celebrating Women while sipping a spicy cocktail?

Hoping that SPiCE will be a call to action to women in Indonesia, we’d love to see women to be

provocative. Be amazing. Be loud. Be brilliant, bold and beautiful. Leading up to SPiCE 2020, We are hosting pre-events every month called Spice It Up since July. The 4th SPiCE it Up takes place at the beautiful 18th Floor Rooftop Bar of Trans Resort, Thursday 21st November 2019 at 18.00 – End. Perfect place for a sunset.

SPiCE It Up is the opportunity to bring a much broader group of people with passion about Women, into attending SPiCE 2020; Celebration of Women. SPiCE It Up puts the cellar into our celebration. Collaborating with The Trans Resort Bali as our business member, we are doing fundraising by giving 10% of what is spent during the event to the charity.

In addition to that, The Trans Resort Bali are giving out a voucher for cocktails and canapes for the members of MyRedEnvelope. Simply sign up for Free on to become a Founding Members. If you still want to support local charities before and after this event, you can use your privilege as our member and visit MyRedEnvelope’s business member.

We want everyone to know that it is International Women’s Day, and that means party. We want everyone to know that it is 2020, and the future has already begun. We want everyone to know that if you don’t add SPiCE to your life, then you are not getting the full flavour . Spend your Thursday night with a great cocktail while having a spicy conversation about women’s issues within the crowd that’s passionate in creating social impact.

SPiCE Up your life!

MyRedEnvelope is a charity that helps people find businesses that want to give back to the community. This is the unique way to show how we care about the community and other issues by supporting charities. With MyRedEnvelope, we offer you the opportunity to make a difference by choosing businesses that support local charities. This is a completely new concept, created as an alternative to many international booking websites that charge commissions to local businesses. In this event, 10% of what you’ll spend is to support scholarships for local women to attend SPiCE 2020.

(Written by Danna & Sella)