Rediscovering Our Authenticity


Most of us are seeking to be fulfilled in our lives. Being a child of the 60’s, life was very different growing up in the USA. I remember the simple pleasures of riding my friend’s horse or ice skating on our pond in winter. In the Spring, the daisies bloomed creating a beautiful golden lawn that I begged my father not to cut with the lawn mower. I would spend hours picking them to make myself a crown or a lovely necklace for my dolls and my mom. Life was simple but good. There were no video games or even computers then. We had a black and white TV for many years before we were able to afford a fancy color TV.

When I look back at my childhood it feels like a dream — something that is so far away that the experiences I had were almost unreal. But there is a richnessthere which gave me a strong foundation for who I’ve become today. I learned how to be satisfied with the simple pleasures of life; how to self soothe and not depend on technology or others to entertain me. I had a direct relationship with the natural world which continually replenished and nurtured my soul. My deep connection to my environment gave me joy, ease and glory, because I didn’t require anything else. I just enjoyed being.

Fast forward to 2017, 45 years later. The world is a completely different place with a massive population explosion and incredible technology that gives people access to anyone or anything in the world. Gone are the days of researching the news on microfiche strips or in card catalogues. The art of letter writing is almost obsolete as it has been replaced with the convenience of what’s app, messenger or snap chat. Messages are short snippets and seldom contain real depth. Our world has become focused on immediate accessibility and gratification. Children seldom go outside to play with each other, because mobile phone games and PS4’s are vastly more interesting than people. Consequently, more children than ever before in history have ADHD and other behavioral issues.

I don’t often reminisce about the good old days, but as I witness these dramatic changes in the world I wonder if this is really progress? Global warming is rapidly taking hold, our food is being poisoned by greedy corporations like Monsanto and most people in the western world are more dissatisfied, overworked, stressed and anxious. Almost every day I see clients who are feeling these emotions; they have lost their way and don’t know how to get back to their authentic selves. Ultimately this is what we all desire on a deeper level. We all deserve to have fulfilling lives that give us the capacity and space so we can connect with ourselves and others in deep and meaningful ways.

How have we gotten so far away from living soulful lives? There’s an interesting phenomena occurring worldwide in which many people who have grown weary of the rat race are choosing to leave their normal lives behind and live in conscious communities that are scattered throughout the world. These communities are built on principles that are not new to us — they have just been forgotten or pushed aside in favor of the new world order.

Michele is a hypnotherapist, energy worker, Consciousness Facilitator, spiritual teacher & retreat leader in the international arena. Her highly empathic nature & inherent gifts as a healer, together with her extensive training in a wide variety of healing methods enables her to assist people with numerous issues spanning from anxiety, low self esteem, emotional traumas & much more. She offers private sessions, workshops & retreats on and off Bali. Michele loves facilitating a different possibility for everyone she encounters.

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