Romance in The Spa

It’s that time of year again, Saint Valentine’s Day. A time for lovers to celebrate their love. When you think of this special holiday for couples in love what comes to mind is Valentine’s Day cards, red roses, a romantic dinner and chocolate, which evokes feelings of love. It actually produces endorphins which simulate feelings of love and happiness.

Spending a couple of hours in the spa with my boyfriend is my ideal way of expressing my love. I love nothing more than having spa treatments and to invite my partner to join me is the perfect way to spend this special occasion. Micha had massages in the past but never indulged in a treatment package. So for me to invite him to join me for a chocolate spa experience was a real treat. Chocolate itself speaks of love and romance. Which is why I was very happy to discover that the Body Temple Spa has a chocolate treatment for Valentine’s Day.

Micha and I went to The Body Temple Spa at Finn’s Recreation Club (formerly the Canggu Club). This spa has a very modern chic look with large pictures of beautiful women gracing the walls. We sat down and enjoyed a cool glass of hibiscus tea which was served with a cold towel to refresh ourselves.   Meanwhile we filled out the consultation form to give our preferences for the upcoming massage.

Two smiling therapists suddenly appeared to escort us to the room. The room was spacious with 2 large massage beds. I could hear powerful water filling up the giant tub. I looked into the alcove where a huge rectangular bath was surrounded by burning candles.

We were handed a large basket each and asked to undress and put on the white bathrobe. After we were both wearing bathrobes, I approached Micha and put my arms around his neck and said, “Welcome to my world.” He smiled gratefully.

We both sat in comfortable chairs in front of a footbath and dipped our feet in the warm water. Our therapists kneeled in front of us and began the foot ritual, which included a short foot massage as she cleaned my feet.

Both of us were lying face down on the massage beds as the lights were dimmed and the water was shut off. Only soft music could be heard now as the massage began. An hour of bliss prevailed as our bodies were kneaded and stroked erasing all muscular tension.

After this a warm chocolate smelling scrub was applied to the front of my body and covered with a sarong to dry a little. Micha had chosen a sandalwood scrub and mask. After this was scrubbed off she asked me to turn over and the process was repeated. Next she applied a warm creamy chocolate body mask to my body and covered me. She informed me that I would need to wait for 10 minutes for the mask to dry.

When the time was up the sarong was pulled back and we were invited to enter the bath which now was covered in red rose petals. Careful not to fall we gingerly slipped into the warm water. A couple minutes later the therapists set two cups of hot chocolate and a cookie on the edge of the tub and told us we had 20 minutes to enjoy alone time.

Sipping on the creamy hot chocolate I asked my boyfriend how he enjoyed his treatment. “It was very nice. I loved the massage. She has very strong hands. It was an excellent massage.”

“What about the scrub and mask?” I asked.

“Is the scrub the one that felt like sand being rubbed on my body?”

I nodded. “It’s to exfoliate the dead skin on your body and make it feel soft and very clean.”

“I didn’t care for that. It felt scratchy.”

“The mask is to nourish the skin. Chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants and moisturizes the skin.” I explained. “Feel how soft your skin is now.” I rubbed my hand over his forearm. “And it smells delicious.”

“Yes. It is soft.” He agreed. “But I prefer the massage with oil.”

“And this lovely bath?” I asked swirling my hand through the warm water.

“It is nice. And romantic.” He smiled at me and kissed me.

Invite your loved one to indulge in the Couple’s Chocolate Treatment for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day celebration of your love. It’s a perfect way to spend some quality time with your partner and be a little hedonistic.

The Body Temple has a Valentine’s Week promotion for February 10-17 for a Couples Chocolate Treatment. Chocolate is an antioxidant and nourishes the skin leaving it soft, smooth and glowing. It includes: 60 minute relaxing massage, 30 minute body scrub, 30 minute body wrap, flower bath and hot chocolate drink.

They also have promotion for Date Ready – Buy 2 waxing treatments and get 1 free. Another special is Me Time Massage. 2 hours of massage – 60 minutes body massage, 30 minutes foot massage, 30 minutes head massage. You’ll be so relaxed after 2 hours, you’ll feel like a wet noodle.

Other services to make you both look your best for Valentine’s Day are having a manicure and pedicure and getting your hair cut, styled or simply washed and blown dry in the hair salon by Toni & Guy Essentials Hairdressing.

The Body Temple, lower level Finn’s Recreation Club, Canggu.

T: 0361 – 4741019 / 0361 – 8483939.

Whats App 6285738843239.


FB: bodytemplebali

Reservations highly recommended.

By Shari


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