Rotaracts Prepare for the Future

After two years of dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, it is very easy to lose sight of the future and of hope.  Not so with the members of Rotaract Bali Ubud!.

Exactly what is a Rotaract?  Rotaract is an integral part of Rotary Club International which began as an international youth program in 1968. The name stands for “Rotary in Action.  Rotaract focuses on young people from the ages of 18, helping them to develop leadership skills to be used professionally, in their communities, and worldwide.

What do Rotaracts do?  They meet on a regular basis for service project work, social events, or professional/leadership development workshops.  Rotaract connects its member both locally and internationally.

On March 26 & 27, 2022, four of Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset’s [RCBUS] Rotaract members, I Wayan Andi[Ywan], Kadek Putri Gyani [Gyan], Kadek Ayu GaluhSumanis [Galuh] and Ni Luh Putu Nita Wahyuni [Devi] attended a training session in Surabaya which included both PETS [President Elect Training Seminar] and DTTS [[District Team Training Seminar].PETS training incorporates discussions of the newest trends and expectations of Rotary International. PETS training’s mission is to prepare young people for leadership roles in their district Rotary Clubs. DTTS training covers information on creating and implement strategic planning for clubs during to upcoming year, along with information on how to develop and implement a budget to support the strategic plans.

Rotaract Club of RCBUS has a history of well-run projects.  “English for Kids and Fun Activities” was a popular program that met every Friday in Sukawati. The children enthusiastically sang, played, and learned English together. Their knowledge of English will help them secure better jobs in the future.

The Rotaractsoffered a program, Dreams and Creativity, for the youths of Yayasan PesramanGurukula in Bangli, onJune20 &21, 2021. The program focused on the youths’ dreams and how those dreams could motivate them in the future. The emphasis was on creativitythat  can be realized in the real world.

Rotaract Bali Ubud supported some students from Gajah Mada University. The students held a health care campaign for the local children in DesaBukian,Payangan,Gianyar. They distributed toothbrushes and toothpaste to over 100 children, provided blood glucose test strips, and also provided ABATE for dengue protection.

The Rotaracts also went to Munduk to educate children about earth sciences and biology.  They also worked to encourage literacy. Many of these children live in extremely rural areas and are seldom exposed to books, reading skills, or knowledge about how to preserve nature.  The owner of Puri Lumbung Cottage, where they gathered for 3 months, agreed to provide a library for this project. The aim was to get the children to frequent the library and read books.

Andy presented the RCBUS’ Rotaracts newest project at the conference in Surabaya.  They are establishing Rumah Kasih Learning Center in Taro Village.  Their motto is One Hand to One Thousand Hands.  Local children can attend the Learning Center free of charge.  They meet in the village once a week for three months where they have the opportunity to study English, practice reading, and learn aboutappropriate social and emotional behavior and misbehavior through the use of stories and drawing. There are also extra activities where the children can learnhandicrafts such as sewing and knitting.  Children can also receive special education courses.

What are the personal benefits of being a Rotaract?  Rotaractscan:

  1. Learn how to motivate, influence, and lead other people.  In other words, Rotaract helps you find YOUR voice.
  2. Continue their education. Rotaracts have an opportunity to research projects, assess critical community needs, strategize, and develop plans, create and manage teams of people, manage resources, raise funds and celebrate their achievements.
  3. Automatically have global connections. Rotaracts can attend any Rotary meeting anywhere in the world.  Did you know that there are more Rotary Clubs worldwide than there are McDonald’s?
  4. Access professional networks. Those networks will recognize Rotaracts’ work in community service.
  5. Have the opportunity to do something meaningful for someone else and that, itself, is a rich reward.
  6. Exercise the opportunity to enjoy the spirit of giving and ethical behavior.
  7. Register and attend any Rotary or Rotaract conference worldwide.
  8. Join youth exchange programs and travel worldwide when Covid-19 restrictions are completely lifted.

Please mark 10 September 2022 on your calendars.  That’s the date of the 2nd annual RCBUS Bogies for Bali charity golf tournament held at one of the top golf courses in the world, Handara Golf & Resort Bali in Bedugul.  Proceeds from this year’s charity golf tournament will support three RCBUS program: water projects in Bali and Lombok, Sewing for Living, and the Long Sam Environmental Program.  It includes a BBQ, chipping contest, and an awards ceremony.

Members of RCBUS are friendly people of action. If you are considering joining RCBUS and would like to attend a meeting to see what we are all about, please contact Marion Hook at for more information. If you are interested in Rotaract, please include the word Rotaract in your subject line.  We meet every 2ndMonday and every last Monday of the month at Wedja Restaurant in Mas. If you would like to join this dynamic group of people from four different continents who love Bali and work to help the people who live here, information to do so can be found at