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Our regular readers will know of the various Rotary clubs in Bali, and of the work we do in the community. But to refresh and inform new readers Rotary is a World Wide Organisation involved in many projects aimed at helping communities in their area/country. Projects include overcoming diseases e.g. Polio; lack of fresh water supplies, sanitation, increasing education not just for children but also for adults, general health care, eye care, pre and post maternity care.

Rotary can start in schools with Interacts – 13-18 years of age, from there we move onto Roteracts – 18-30, and then 30+ full Rotarians. Interacts and Roteracts are affiliated to a Rotary club in their area, who approve and provide the finances required for their projects. They mainly work with children, reading, and art, outdoor activities, setting up libraries in schools, teaching English to school children in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset is a small but very active and friendly club, with members from Indonesia, Australia, and America. BUT WE NEED MORE MEMBERS!! WE NEED YOU!! To be part of a club with friendship, fun, opportunity to serve and give back to the community we live in. the more hands we have the more we can do!

Membership is open to males/females, from any part of the globe; our meetings are in English, very relaxed, not full of protocol, membership fees can be tailored to meet your needs e.g. monthly , 3 monthly, 6 monthly  or yearly, and we meet just twice a month from 5.30-7pm in 2 different venues in Ubud. PLUS you become a member of a world-wide community of Rotarians! Anywhere you travel in the world you will find a Rotary club, who will welcome you with open arms!

We connect with various NGOs in our area and beyond, providing sponsorship – John Fawcett Foundation, who provide free eye care to the people of Bali especially in remote poor communities. Our sponsorship allows the trained team to visit these villages and provide the care needed in the form of glasses, eye drops, and even on the spot cataract surgery.

Bali Children’s Project- who help with sponsorship of children enabling them to attend school, and provide uniforms and all equipment they require. Our sponsorship helps in their work.

Bali Sehat – provides free health care to the remote villages in Karangasem regency, where the people have no access to medical  care and no money to pay for it. All areas of health care, from general, specialists, e.g. Ear nose and throat, dental care, female health care, maternal etc. Again our sponsorship, allows Bali Sehat to organise “Healthy Days” in the villages and provide the doctors, medicines, transport, food required for the day.

Rumah Kampos Taro – a recycling project set up by a member of the community who saw the need to educate children into the collection and recycling of plastics. Initiatives to encourage the children in this scheme have proved valuable. Sponsorship has enabled the purchasing of the coloured bags to place plastics, recycling in, storage to keep the items and then to be recycled. A “Go Fund Me” account is currently also raising funds for more equipment.

Many visitors to Bali are Rotarians, and through our web site they contact us and attend a meeting. Our guests come from all parts of the world, and in some cases we become “sister clubs”, and can share the costs of projects.

Funds are always required, without them we can do very little; fund raising comes from our yearly member subscriptions, donations and fund raising. However as there are many organisations all after the elusive $ or IDR, it is not an easy task! Events take much organising, with the venue, raffle prizes to source, businesses to contribute, and then hoping people will attend. Traditionally, Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset, has hosted a fund raiser at Christmas, but as so many organisations also choose this time, we have decided to forgo this year. 

So this is where again I stress WE NEED YOU!! Community spirited people wishing to join us, take part in projects,  suggest ideas for further projects, add to our numbers, helping to provide the extra funds to see smiling happy faces of so many people, with so little yet so appreciative,  of what we can do for them. It’s what makes us dedicated – giving back to a people, country that open their arms to us, embrace us in love and friendship!

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Written by Renee Heaton, member Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset.

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