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Regular readers to “Rotary News” column will know that all clubs ,world-wide, focus on three main issues – HEALTH, EDUCATION AND WATER SUPPLIES. There are so many “arms” to each, that projects are wide and diverse! We are all constantly looking and thinking of what we can do next. Of course as I have said in the past, projects come at a cost and hence we all pay yearly fees plus fund raise. Donations from commercial or private sources are extremely welcome! District and Global Grants help clubs to fund their projects. Also clubs may join together to share the funding of projects.

However, we are always looking to recruit new members as the title says “Rotary Needs You”!! People join while still in the workforce, often moving from area to area where jobs take them and once a member they transfer to clubs in their new area. Many retired people join, as they too move, and look to something new!

So Rotary starts with the young – going to schools and talking to the 12-18 year olds, explaining and encouraging them to become “Interacts”, encouraging them to ask questions,   in some ways like scouting. From there we hope they progress to “Roteracts” 18-30, Roteracts are usually affiliated to a Rotary club in the area as they do not have funds of their own. Many of their projects/activities centre around children and education. One example, helping to set up a library in remote areas where the schools cannot afford to do this. Then hopefully they move on to become a full Rotarian!

Secondly, clubs organise events to promote “Rotary” with lots of information, photos, literature etc. However this can be a difficult exercise as people lead such busy lives and weekends usually centres around children, families and relaxation.

Thirdly, word of mouth, Members chatting to friends, telling them of their experiences as a Rotarian – meeting people from all over the world, the opportunity when travelling to visit other clubs , again meeting new people. Personally I have met Rotarians from USA, India, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, UK, Canada, and Australia to name a few! Some may ask how projects get started, a member has an idea, and they research it, write a project plan and present it to the members for approval! Thanks is not our aim,more so, just to see happy smiling faces, less hardship and better conditions, is all the thanks you need.

So I decided to ask some prospective members a few questions, if they did not mind?


  1. What brought you to Rotary?

A – After retiring to Bali from overseas and settling into our new home we decided that we wanted to give something back to this beautiful island and its people who are giving us so much. We also wanted to find a group of international people who focussed on helping people.

B – Chatting to friends who were already Rotarians, got me thinking that possibly I had something to offer with a background in health care.


2- How did you find out about the clubs?

A – We searched the internet for groups in our area that met our criteria- service, and an international membership.

B – Some of the friends we have were already Rotarians.


3 – What projects do you think you would like to get involved in?

A – We are very concerned about the water pollution, lack of water and the effects it can have on communities. Coming from an area where steel mills were active, and once closed leaving polluted water that caused many health issues, we have seen first-hand the results of polluted water. In another area where we lived, due to the lakes crossing two nations, polluted water and water rights became an international issue. So water projects would definitely interest us and hopefully we can become involved in them. Education is another area that interests us, having IT and accounting backgrounds we are willing to share in any way!

B – I have a background in health care, from children through to the elderly, so hopefully there may be some new or ongoing projects I can contribute to.

So, just a few ways people have discovered Rotary and their reasons to becoming members.

Rotary is NOT just about fund raising; and working on projects, there is also a very strong social side. The friends you make, the bonds you form and if you are living alone it could be the social interaction you need plus being involved in interesting and sometimes exciting events! Visiting remote areas, meeting wonderful local people, a far cry from “city life”!!

Hopefully I have removed some of the negative ideas some people have about Rotary? Come along, to a meeting, see for yourself, there are many clubs in Bali, just check out the Internet!! ROTARY NEEDS YOU!!!

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Written by Renee Heaton, member Rotary Club Bali Ubud Sunset.

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