Each year I seek out the best places to get a really good massage in Sanur at reasonable prices that are clean and attractive. I also look for places that I haven’t been to before and found some great choices for this year.

What to look for in a good spa:

  • Clean
  • Niceambiance
  • Friendly staff that are well groomed
  • Use good products
  • Staff are well trained
  • Treatment rooms are comfortable

Leha-Leha Spa has a lovely atmosphere with bamboo trimmings, giving it a fresh and natural look. Despite being in the early afternoon, the spa was quite busy. I received a warm friendly welcome and sat down in the charming lounge. While I was waiting sipping on some chilled lemongrass tea and refreshing myself with a cold towel I chatted with another guest who told me that her whole family often come here. That sounded promising.

Leha-Leha Spa is the concept of Ida Bagus Made Manuaba (Gusde) who worked in Dubai for a decade for Fairmont and Park Hyatt Hotels and was known for his “magic touch” in treating international guests. He personally hand-picked and trained all of the staff to ensure that all his customers are guaranteed a fabulous therapy who will leave the spa feeling relaxed, renewed and revived.

A smiling therapist approached me and asked me to accompany her to the treatment room, which was upstairs.  It was a tastefully arranged room with a shower which all treatment rooms have. She showed me a tray with a sarong and asked me to change and be seated on a stool behind a footbath bowl.  After a pleasant foot bath and mini foot massage she asked me to lie face down.  I was having the 90 minute Balinese massage.

Her strokes were firm offering deep tissue relief for tight muscles in my shoulders. Asking about her pressure which was good she carried on. She was very thorough in her strokes as she methodically worked around my body.  She politely asked if I’d like my stomach massaged. After washing her hands she gave me a soothing face and head massage for the finale. At the end of the massage I was completely relaxed.  She asked if I’d like to take a shower but I opted for keeping the oil on to nourish my skin.  After dressing and returning downstairs I had a steaming pot of ginger tea awaiting me.

Leha-Leha Spa also offers Neck, Shoulder and Back massage, Deep Relaxation Full Body, De-stress Muscle Full Body and Yogi Lomi Massage.

Jl. Sukamata No. 5, Sanur.

T: 8113995510 / 87860188420




New in Sanur is Chantara Wellness & Spa. Inspired by the Thai language “Chan” means moon and “Tara” means water in a cycle that ebbs and flows with the cycles of life. Inspired by time honoured Asian beauty and health treatment using organic and all natural botanical and aromatherapy ingrediants. With four spacious treatment rooms outfitted in wood, accented with shades of ruby and burgundy, “regal” is the word that came to mind upon entering my treatment room to experience the Deep Tissue Signature massage for 90 minutes. After donning a sarong, Ayu commenced my treatment with a footbath ritual then placed plush slippers on my feet.

Lying comfortably face down she began by pressing on the soles of my feet and then methodically worked her way up one leg. Eventually she reached my back where she spent considerable time working out the knots in the muscles of my shoulders. I was aware that the staff had been professionally trained and was expecting great things. Eventually I was so relaxed that I started to drift off to sleep, a rare event for me. When she finished with the back she used a warm towel to remove the excess oil.

While lying face up Ayu asked if I’d like my stomach massaged.  Yes please.  The massage culminated with a relaxing neck, face and head massage. She then used another warm towel to wipe the oil from my arms and legs. By this point I was in a state of bliss.


Other massages are: Chantara Essence massage, Traditional Eastern, Restorative Back and Warm Stone.

Chantara Wellness & Spa Jalan Danau Poso 104, Sanur.

T: 361-4490440/ 8113992015.




My final choice for Sanur is The Nest Beachside Spa located at the south end of Sanur. This trendy spa has become so popular that they have added on another block of rooms. It was very pleasant sitting in front of the spa gazing at the ocean with a multitude of colourful boats while I waited for my therapist. I had booked The Nest Signature Massage for 90 minutes. This is a unique combination of Thai massage and Balinese.  Entering one of the newest rooms, everything was so clean and fresh. After undressing I laid face up on the large massage bed. Dessy gently placed an eye cover over my eyes and then started with stretches on my feet and legs. Images of Thailand flashed through my mind as the familiar pressing and stretching loosened up my legs and joints. Then she began work on my arms by pressing and stretching them. With loose limbs she added oil to my skin continuing with Balinese massage with deep tissue movements.

When the front of my body was limp as a noodle she asked me turn over and repeated Thai movements on the back of my legs with “cobra” stretches and then used thumb pressure points going up and down along my spine.  After my “yoga exercise” she added oil to my skin, working deeply into the muscles in my back and shoulders. At one point she placed a few warm sand compresses along my spine as she continued working on my legs. Completely relaxed I was asked to turn over face up again. Now she worked on my neck, face and head. For the grand finale she placed a small Tibetan bowl under my rib cage and tapped it sending vibrations through my inner body to tone the organs. As she stirred the stick around the bowl the pleasant sound of the sacred bowl sent more vibrations through my body. Lovely way to finish.

Also on the menu are: Balinese Massage with Sand Compress, Deep Tissue, Serenity Candle massage, Warm Stone, Therapeutic and Lymphatic Drainage massage.


The Nest Beachfront off Jl. Duyung, Sanur.

T: 361-9381523.


W: www.


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