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Basic Book Binding Workshop – 20 July

If you ever wanted to learn more about Japanese book binding techniques and how to create your own handmade sketch book, you might want to check out this workshop offered by the CushCush Gallery in partnership with Kedaur. Kedaur is a creative collaboration between architect-trained Andri & product designer Manisa Tami whose focus is on environmental issues. In this workshop you will explore Japanese book binding technique in a fun and engaging way, using recycled items and learning how to create your own style based on this technique.

When           : Saturday 20 July from 2 to 4 pm

Where          : CushCush Gallery, Jl. Teuku Umar, Gg Rajawali no.1A Denpasar

Cost            : IDR 150.000

Language   : Indonesian and English

Contact      : rsvp Nike +62 896-6477-2657 (WhatsApp Only)


Bali International Choir Festival – 23 to 27 July

The Bali International Choir Festival is a yearly event that showcases the best of choir performances in concerts and organises workshops, practice sessions, clinics and competitions for choral enthusiasts. The aim of the festival is to allow singers and conductors to gain experience, to build their skills and knowledge in workshops, formal rehearsal spaces and concert settings. It draws various choirs from all over the world, music experts, lecturers, conductors, composers and vocal coaches. Choral performances at the festival include categories for children, youth, senior, male, female & mixed, with various styles such as Scenic Folk & Folklore, Pop & Jazz, Acappella, Gospel, Spiritual & Musica Sacra. Visitors are welcome to come and watch some of the concerts which will be held during the festival.

When               : Tuesday – Saturday 23 to 27 July from 8:30am – 7:45pm

Where     : Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel, Jl. Kartika, Kuta,

More Info : +62 361 222 387.


Galungan Festival – 23 to 25 July

Galungan, one of the most important Balinese festivals, is the culmination of celebrations held in honour of the creator of the universe Ida Sang Hyang Widi and ancestral spirits. During this 3-day celebration, it is believed that spirits of the ancestors return to the earth, thus marking the start of a number of Balinese festivals. It will be a very busy period for the Balinese as they make sumptuous preparations to welcome their ancestral visitors.


Space Exploration: Making Colorful Shadow Puppets – 27 July

Children will enjoy this workshop where they can let their imaginations run wild as they speculate on what could be lurking in outer space, whether it be scary aliens or colourful planets. Kacak Kicak leads the way to help them make their own space expedition come to life through shadow puppets, using cardboard and coloured sheets, a fun and simple way to create art and expand the imagination.

When         : Saturday 27 July from 2 to 4 pm

Where            : CushCush Gallery, Jl. Teuku Umar, Gang Rajawali no. 1A Denpasar

Cost            : IDR 150.000 (includes material, snack & drink)

Language : Indonesian and English

Contact    : rsvp Nike +62 896-6477-2657 (WhatsApp Only)


Classic Films about Bali at Betelnut– 30 and 31 July

The Miracle of Bali is a 1969 documentary narrated by David Attenborough about the culture of Bali. The first part is a general introduction to Bali, its people and their varied arts, with the main focus on Peliatan village, its orchestra and dancers. The second part explains the Balinese tradition of ‘sanghyang’, a sacred Balinese dance where the performer’s body is believed to be inhabited by a spiritual entity, rendering the performer into a trance. The final part is a treat for fans of traditional Balinese music and dancing as it consists of performances filmed in Peliatan.

Legong: Dance of the Virgins is a 1935 feature film by young film maker Henri de la Falaise and stars all local Balinese talent: Poetoe Aloes Goesti, Bagus Mara Goesti, Saplak Njoman. This movie was filmed entirely in Bali in 1933. The story follows a temple dancer who chooses her future husband only to have him fall for her sister, bringing heartbreak and disgrace. Local Balinese dancing and rituals are featured. As much a travelogue as a love story, this movie is memorable in that it was filmed in Bali with authentic native people in all the major roles and shows native dancing, customs and folk life, made even more vivid by being filmed in two-strip Technicolor. It is also said to be one of the last official “silent” films.

When      : The Miracle of Bali: Tuesday 30 July at 7:30 pm

Legong: Dance of the Virgins: Wednesday 31 July at 7:30 pm

Where     : Betelnut, on main street Jl Raya Ubud

Cost         : min. 2 x Rp30k vouchers for your F&B consumption


These events are still ongoing

Hands-On! Charcoal for Children 2019 Exhibition– Now to 31 July. A fun and ‘Hands-On!’ exhibition to celebrate children’s creativity while promoting an environmentally conscious lifestyle. At CushCush Gallery, Jl. Teuku Umar, Gang Rajawali no. 1A Denpasar. From 9am to 5pm.

Makepung Bull Races –every 2nd Sunday in Negara

The Great 50 Show – Now to 25 August. The Oriental Circus of Indonesia presents 2 daily shows at 4:00 pm and 7:00 pm at No 1 Sunset Road, across from the Golden Tulip Jineng Hotel. Info at


By Ines Wynn

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