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There’s More to Tattooing– 18 January

Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub is hosting a talk about the art, provenance and practice of tattooing in its LOTS (Learn of Things and Sharing) series. There’s more to Tattooing than just Tattooing is a practitioner perspective by Adam McDade, a Ph.D. research student in Design at the University of Sunderland, UK.  Adam’s Ph.D. research is titled, ‘Beyond the Epidermis: A practical investigation into contemporary Western tattooing’. Adam will be talking about the multifaceted role of the contemporary Western tattooist and the implementation of processes and methods from illustration and design practice into tattooing practice to create novel outcomes

When    : Saturday 18 January from 6 PM to 9 PM

Where   : Rumah Sanur Creative Hub, Jalan Danau Poso No.51A, Sanur

Siwa Ratri & Tumpek Uduh – 23 and 25 January

There are 2 major Balinese holidays this month, Siwa Ratri on 23 January and Tumpek Uduh on the 25th.  Siwa Ratri, also known as the Night of Siwa, is a key part of Bali’s event calendar and dedicated to the god Siwa. Balinese people believe that on this day Siwa forgives the sins of people who meditate in his honour. The 3-part ritual of Siwa Ratri involves Jagra, or staying awake all night, Upawasa or the abstinence from food, and the observance of silence through the event.  This self-restriction typically lasts for 36 hours. After that people will proceed to the beach to partake in purification rituals.

Tumpek Uduh, also referred to as Tumpek Pengatag or Tumpek Wariga, is an event dedicated to Sanghyang Sangkara, the god of food on Bali Island. This event is held 25 days prior to Galungan. On this day, offerings are made to this god in order to invoke blessings on the land. These offerings constitute crops and farm products from the many plantations scattered across the island.

The locals will usually engage in this traditional festival by placing varied offerings at the base of select trees on the island. The aim of this ritual is to remind the locals of the importance of plants and natural vegetation as a source of food and asking Sanghyang Sangkaraand for guidance on the cultivation, growth, harvesting and preservation of the plants. Tumpek Uduh is the Balinese equivalent of Earth day and celebrations occur at temples all around Bali.

Introduction to Permaculture Workshop – 24-26 January

Yayasan Tri Hita Karana Bali is continuing its series on permaculture with a 3-day workshop to teach permaculture design basics, soil building, organic gardening, water management, aquaponics, agroforestry and all appropriate technology to prepare you for hands-on permaculture gardening. Fee includes lunch, drinks, snacks, course handbook and certificate of participation.

When          : Friday – Sunday 24 to 26 January from 8 AM to 5 PM

Where         : The Mansion Resort Ubud

More Info    :  email

Candra Metu – Special Appreciation Night – 25 January

Ni Ketut Arini is one of Bali’s living dance legends. For over 60 years she has graced stages all over the world with her movements, perfecting the Balinese art form and mesmerising all that witness her. Candra Metu means ‘when the moon rises’, a Balinese dance that is slowly fading away. It is Ni Ketut Arini, through the Warini Dance Foundation, that keeps the dance alive. At age 76 she continues to dance herself, but most importantly she teaches the younger generations, understanding the role of dance in Balinese culture. This event, aimed to raise awareness of Candra Metu and the preservation of important Balinese heritage, includes a photo exhibition, a seated dinner followed by a performance by Ibu Arini herself, together with I Wayan Purwanto and the newer generation of Balinese dancers and gamelan players. Proceeds from the dinner, photo exhibition and book sales will go to the Warini Dance Foundation to continue the work of preserving Balinese culture through dance and music.

When           : Saturday 25 January at 6:00 pm

Where         : The ballroom of the Maya Sanur Resort and Spa, Jl Danau Tamblingan

Tickets        : IDR 500.000 per person

More info    : or or at Maya Sanur Resort & Spa

These events are still ongoing

Paintings by Ugo Untoro until 31 January 2020 at Biasa ArtSpace in Ubud.  Ugo Untoro, an Indonesian painter, sculptor, writer and artist works in a variety of media. He is the recipient of various awards, such as the Philip Morris Award (1994); The Best Artist and Work, Quota Exhibition, National Gallery of Indonesia (2007).

Classical Music concert by JCO– 17 & 18 January

The Jakarta Concert Orchestra (JCO) will be performing a classical concert on 2 consecutive days at the Padma Resort Legian and the Padma Resort Ubud with a varied musical programme. Tickets IDR 500,000/pp. Info at  Padma Resort Legian +62-(0)812 3707 4172 or Padma Resort Ubud +62-(0)817 973 0043.

By Ines Wynn

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