Will Bali’s Young Generation Abandon Island Agriculture?

Beneath the surface of Bali as a Paradise destination for those who are fulfilling the bucket list of their lives, lies a deeply rooted problem that needs addressing. Local farmers who should have benefited from the tourism sectors are living on the brink of poverty. With the charm of tourism, the young people in rural Bali pursue the dream of better (and more aspiring) work in the cities, leaving the remaining agricultural areas to the older population.

Not only are young people reluctant to continue ploughing the fields passed down to them from generations before them, their parents do not even recommend it as it is considered a less prestigious and prosperous job. Does that mean the fields will soon be abandoned? Facing the fact that Bali’s younger generation have developed a certain lacklustre view of the island’s agricultural sector, Parama Anak Bangsa Foundation (STUCO) has initiated the Future Farmers Initiative (FFI) program that aims to create young change makers who are able to catalyse change for rural agriculture.

The numbers of farmers in Bali decreases by up to 8,500 people every year! Most farmers on the island have the luxury of more than 1,000 sqm of land but their monthly income is only USD 140/ IDR 2 million. 70% of Indonesian farmers are aged over 45 years and the labor in agricultural sector continues to decline each year but Bali’s population is definitely not shrinking!

The Future Farmers Initiative’s (FFI) initial focus is on SMKN 1 Petang, as the only agricultural vocational school in Bali. Most of the students come from farming families and the school itself is in a prime agricultural area. With this project, FFI hope to encourage a new generation of Balinese farmers who posses a vital understanding of business, market demand, environment and time saving technology.

FFI seeks to connect research university, Bogor   Agricultural   University – IPB, Udayana University, the island’s F&B industry (hotels, restaurants, cafes) and the farming community in an effort to create the most suitable produce for the market and quality non-GMO harvest. In addition to vegetables and fruits, they are also cultivating flowers that are needed for religious and wedding ceremonies.

With further research and insight into market demands and kitchen management, FFI can help the industry to reduce food cost without compromising quality. Not only focusing on nutrition, flavour and freshness, the locally grown food that they aim to supply to neighbouring businesses also creates a stronger local impact on the welfare of the surrounding area, helping local economies to thrive.

The Future Farmers Initiative also aims to reduce carbon footprints by cutting distribution lines and food wastage. This young generation of farmers will have a better understanding of business, not only possessing knowledge of how to plant, but how to sell and what to grow based on market demands and trends.

No farmers=No food=No future – an occupation that has been handed over from generation to generation will not be extinct, it will simply take a new shape and become the agent of change to the future of food production in Bali. The Future Farmers Initiative program is supported by BNI Berbagi, and together they invite you to join this forward thinking program by visiting the Plaga Village in Petang. There are numerous agricultural activities to explore including local wine tasting and lemon harvesting!

Be a part of the move to help foster future agriculture in Bali by donating to:


Baby You Can Drive My Car….

With somewhat narrow roads and gangs, gridlocked traffic and hordes of buzzing motorbikes, Bali isn’t necessarily your ideal location in which to indulge a love for luxury cars. Despite an upwardly mobile middle class resulting in more and more vehicles taking to the island’s tarred arterials, the trend continues toward mobile people movers like Avanzas and APV’s along with a smattering of road hogging recreational vehicles. Smart move when you consider the relentless traffic and requirement to get as many peeps as possible from A to B!

Despite these practicalities, fancy wheels will nonetheless, always be appealing and Finns VIP is offering everyone an opportunity to get up close and personal with a few of Indonesia’s elite mobiles at their Luxury Car Show from Friday, September 21st through to Sunday, September 23rd. The show is open to the public from 9am each day and it’s free entry for everyone!

Anyone who is a fan of Top Gear will be familiar with one of the world’s most sleek and sporty rides; the Bugatti Veyron. Remember when Jeremy Clarkson road tested this beast? Oh to have taken his place in the driver’s seat! Regarded as a ‘supercar of superlative quality’ the Veyron has all of the hallmarks of a supercar: over 1,000 horsepower, top speed of over 400km/h and an acceleration of zero to one hundred in under 3 seconds as well as the features of a luxury road vehicle suitable for everyday use. (OK, maybe not on these roads!) But it definitely does not come at an everyday price and is one vehicle likely to be out of reach for most of us, coming in at a starting price of around $1.8 million for a base model and that’s not including the freight for a service and those tyres!!! Believe it or not, there is a Bugatti Veyron in Indonesia and you can see this sweet ride for yourself at Finns Luxury Car Show!

Not a fan of the Bugatti? (though I can’t possibly comprehend how…) Finns will be featuring several other sleek sets of stylish wheels at their Luxury Car Show in September. Having spied more than one of these bright coloured beasts during my time on the island, it’s no surprise that a Lamborghini or three might also make an appearance. Check out the Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster, Lamborghini Huracan and Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera! So much torque and in such speed stifling Bali traffic seems like a bit of a travesty yes? Throw in a Ferrari Portofino, the odd Maserati or two, classic Cadillac, Range Rover and stylish, safety conscious, eco friendly car of the future, a Tesla Model X and you’ve got enough to get any Gear head excited!

Luxury cars demand a luxury venue and Finns VIP fits the bill perfectly! Come September 21st, slip down to their beach club in Berawa on your sturdy two wheeled steed and live a little vicariously in the fast lane for a while. You might not be able to take these babies for a spin but you can certainly see them up close and be guaranteed a few awesome insta shots for your social media feed. Nobody has to know it isn’t yours!


Easy Like Sunday Mornings

If your household is anything like mine, Sundays are synonymous with sleep-ins: languorous, lazy mornings when it’s perfectly acceptable to be in your PJs beyond midday, your only goals being a Netflix binge and burgers by GoFood……. Well it’s time to wake up and smell the salt air!

With Finns Ocean Front Yoga making a welcome return to Berawa’s weekend line up, what better way is there to awaken your mind, body and soul than with the sounds of surf and an azure ocean canvas before you.

Ocean Front Yoga is on every Sunday morning from 8am at Finns Beach Club and all ages, abilities and agilities are welcome. Don’t despair if you’re not an experienced yogi, you appear to lack the slightest modicum of flexibility, or even get the giggles trying to hold a pose…. (ahem, guilty!)Sunday morning yoga sessions at Finns are designed to be non threatening and fun! And what a way to kickstart the morning and blow off any ‘cobwebs’ from the night that was. (Ocean air does wonders for a hangover so I’m told….)

These hour long sessions are only Rp100K and as an extra incentive for Finns Bali members, they’re entitled to 50% off! Finns do have a limited supply of yoga mats on hand but it is advisable to bring your own mat as it’s first there, first served. A complimentary towel will be provided on request and better still, Ocean Front Yoga participants are welcome to stay on and enjoy Finns fabulous beach front views from the comfort of a free day bed at Finns Beach Club until 11am (when a minimum spend will apply). Chances are, by this time you’ll be wide awake, feeling fab and ready to make the most of your Sunday by the beach or the pool with a cocktail or few! This has got to be one of the best value yoga classes on the island AND with a five star view to boot!

Booking is a cinch too. Just hop online at and secure your spot surf side for Sunday Yoga or simply set your alarm to arrive a little earlier on the day and register for the class with the crew from Finns Beach Club reception.

Make the most of your weekends, (or at least half of it anyway) get up early and outside to experience the best part of the day. Whether you drop in for an occasional class or make this your Sunday morning mantra, there’s no denying Ocean Front Yoga at Finns Beach Club is far more appealing than four walls and Facebook! Time to adios the remote control and give me the great outdoors any day……. Netflix will just have to wait.

Finns Ocean Front Yoga is on @ Finns Beach Club every Sunday from 8am – 9am. Book Now at