September 27, 2017

Artisans of Bali (30 September and October)

This is a month long exhibition which you can visit at any time.  The event is in collaboration with Seminyak Village and IBUKU, Threads of Life, Make a Scene Bali and Elami and Co.  Products that are made in Indonesia using the best materials nature has to offer and handmade by local craftsmen can be seen and bought.  Do come along and meet some of the finest craftsmen Bali has to offer. The workshops are led by experts and are available for the whole family to enjoy. The natural dye and Arashi workshop by Threads of Life will be held on 30 September and the architectural bamboo model making by IBUKU will be held on 7 October. These workshops may be of interest for teachers or families wanting to find out more about these types of crafts.  Do come along and meet the craftsmen.

Where     :  Seminyak Village, Jl Kayu Jati No 8, Seminyak

When       :  11 am – 1 pm

Cost         :  free

Contact   :  738097


Bali Vegan Festival (6 – 8 October)

Vegan and plant based diets are becoming increasingly popular across the globe.  With documentaries such as ‘What the Health’ available for viewing on Netflix it comes as no surprise that people are leaving meat behind for a more natural diet.  Whilst the health benefits of being vegan are widely recognised the ethical side of animal cruelty is also a major consideration.  The Bali Vegan Festival seeks to unite the community in its message of kindness, compassion and love for animals and the earth. This is the third festival and a celebration of animals, the environment and the earth and is open to vegans and those who are curious.  The festival aims to inspire, educate and enlighten about an alternative way of living.  The main venue is Paradiso which is adjacent to the Earth Cafe and Market. There are too many sessions to mention but to give you an idea there are talks about a vegan diet for cancer prevention, food and emotions, raw foods.  The festival also includes cooking classes, screenings, Reiki and Ayurveda.  The website is comprehensive and has details of all the sessions. It is definitely a festival worth attending and there are talks and events that I am sure appeal to all readers.

Where     :  Paradiso, Jl Gautama Seletan, Ubud

Contact   :  0857 37614050


Breast Cancer Awareness Weekend (7 and 8 October)

I am sure that we all know someone that has been touched by breast cancer and the pain and heartache of this simply dreadful illness.  The first day is a ‘Survivors’ gathering’ which will cover several topics.  The first session ‘self healing’ is led by Dr. Tjokorda Gde Dharmyudha followed by a makeup class and how to look your best when undergoing cancer treatment.  How to wear traditional clothes to enhance your appearance follows with a talk on breast cancer with Dr Jacobus Octovianus and Dr Dwirani and finally line dancing sessions.  The day concludes with a ‘Thousand Voices of Survivors Dinner’.  The following morning are the runs including a 5 km, 10 km and 21 km.  The fun walk is free of charge.  Ultrasound breast examinations attended by radiology experts will be available throughout the race.  The website is comprehensive and if you can’t make the run you can donate at the website below.  The proceeds will go to the foundation whose aim is to raise awareness about breast cancer in local communities and education women and ensure early detection of breast cancer.  This will be a fun event and always unites the community so do register as soon as possible to assist the organizers and ensure you get to run.  We wish the organizers the best of luck!

When       :  9 am – 11.30 am (talks)  6 pm (dinner)   5.30 am (fun run)

Cost        :  IDR 400,000 (21 km run)  IDR 300,000 (10 km run)  IDR  250,000 (5 km run)

Contact   :  081 233 782334 (Survivors Gathering)  085 100 352299 (pink walk)


Filastine & Nova (30 September)

A very special event is going to take place at the Noodle, Sate Bar and Music Lounge that is Betelnut in the heart of Ubud.   Grey Filastine from Barcelona and Nova from Malang next door in Java have teamed up to become a multimedia duo working to undermine borders.  Based in Barcelona and often touring the world, the duo are currently on a Sea Pacific Tour which heads to Bali and then Australia.  Their music mixes electronic beat production with layers of voice, concrete sounds, analogues and string.  The evening will take you to another world using sound, video, design and dance. Filastine has an interesting resume, a former taxi driver from the USA who studied percussion in Brazil and the mystical brotherhoods in Morocco.  From there his music career journeyed beyond the stars and just goes to show that anything is possible.  One of Filastine’s tours brought him to Jakarta where he met vocalist Nova Ruth performing in Indonesia’s seminal rap group.  Nova was raised singing Pentecostal spirituals and playing Javenese gamelan percussion.  The two combined create sounds like no other and their show is where sound, image and ideas are embodied and well worth experiencing.  The website below will have information about prices and times.

Where     :  Betelnut, Main Street, Ubud

Contact   :  971426


Holiday Camp (9 – 13 October)

Another holiday!  It doesn’t seem long since the public holidays not to mention the summer holidays!  I know that teachers are looking forward to a much needed break and the children always need a study break.  Whether your children are on the school break or on holiday there are plenty of choices down at Finns Recreation Club to keep the kids busy.  The camp has organized a fun fill week of non-stop activities for kids aged six years and above. The Gu Crew’s activities include the Bounce Trampoline Centre, Strike Bowling and Splash Water Park!  Lunch and snack are included.  If you pay for the five day camp you will get one day free.  The programme is tailored to meet the needs  of different age groups.  It is a great opportunity for children to make new friends with similar interests.  All you need to do is ensure swimmers; sunscreen and a change of clothes are packed and drop your child off.  Full details of camp schedules and fees are available on the website below.

When       :  9.30 am – 2 pm

Cost         :  from IDR 350,000 per child

Where     :  Finns Recreation Club, Jl Pantail Berawa, Canggu

Contact   :  848 3939            


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