Have you had a bad hair day lately? Or is your crowning glory looking less like a crown these days? Time for some hair care.

I went to Blow Bar Bali, a new concept in an up-market cocktail bar set amidst a salon. Enjoy a cocktail whilst having your hair done. Very cool! They have a well-stocked bar, including champagne, wine and beer with well-trained bartenders mixing the latest cocktails. This sits centre stage of the room surrounded by hair stations, pedicure lounge and hair washing station.

What started as a cocktail bar with hair blow drying has now transpired into including full services of hair-cuts, colour, hair extensions, hair spa, manicure/ pedicure, eyelash extensions and waxing. Open from 10 am to 10 pm in the middle of “Eat Street” foot traffic can drop in for a cocktail and get more beautiful while they’re there. Men often frequent the place also.

Entering Blow Bar I was immediately impressed. A long chic oval cocktail bar occupies most of the room. After checking in with reception I was told that my hairdresser Angela was on the way. The receptionist instructed me to go sit at the bar and order a cocktail. Taking a seat on a tall stool I gazed over the assortment of bottles, noticing the bottles of champagne on the top shelf. The bartender was mixing a cocktail for the man seating near me. I watched fascinated, at his mixing skills. Looking over the menu it was difficult to choose. Then the bartender came and smiled at me and asked what I’d like.

“I’m not sure.”

He asked. “Do you like coffee?” the cocktail he had just finished had coffee in it.

“No, I don’t like coffee.” I replied.

He nodded. “Do you like something sweet or sour?”

“Not too sweet.” I replied.

“How about a Pink Bikini?” he suggested.

“What’s in it?” I asked curious.

“Vodka. Raspberry and a sour whipped cream.”

I shrugged my shoulders unsure.

He then took a silver whipped cream dispenser and pushed out a small spoon of white foam and handed it to me.

I was expecting whipped cream but this wasn’t so sweet. Raising my eyebrows in question.

“It’s made with cheese and whipped cream. A little sour.”

“No. I don’t think so.” I perused the menu. “A cosmopolitan.” One of my favourite cocktails.

He smiled and proceeded to mix my drink then poured it into a tall elegant glass and set it before me with a smile.

Taking a sip, it was delicious. “Perfect.” I complimented him.

A few minutes later one of the staff came to me and asked me to come to have my hair washed. Entering the shampoo cave which had three white sculptured shampoo chairs, she gestured towards the one on the left. Settling back into the chair she proceeded to shampoo my hair, massaging my scalp, which felt so good. After rinsing my hair she repeated the shampoo then followed it with conditioner.

“What kind of shampoo products do you use?” I asked curious.

“Davines from Italy.” She replied.

With a towel wrapped around my head I was escorted to a hair station and immediately introduced to Angela, my hairdresser.”

She unwrapped the towel and combed through my hair.

“Beautiful colour. I like the blue highlights.” She commented, “Do you have any idea of what style you’d like?”

“I’m not sure.”

“I suggest giving your hair a little more definition and shape.” She suggested. “Hold on, I’ll get a photo.” She left me to sip on my cocktail for a few minutes.

She returned a few minutes later with an iPhone with photos of hairstyles. She pointed to one, which I really liked. She quickly scrolled through the other photos then returned to the first one.

“I think this one will suit you, cutting at an angle and a little shorter at the back. I’ll thin out the top to give you more volume.” She explained pointing to the haircut.

I nodded in agreement and gave my permission to proceed.

She ran her fingers through my hair and started snipping.

“Do you offer colour here?” I asked as she worked.

“Oh, yes. We have full services now. Hair spa, hair extensions, highlights, Keratin treatment, manicure and pedicure. Eye lash extensions and waxing.”

When she finished she asked if I’d like her to blow dry my hair.

“Would you like it straight or something curly to give you an idea of how it will look after you go home?” she asked.

“I thought only straight hair blow dry is done here”.

I commented looking at the other clients.

“Oh no, we have different options for blow dry.” She laughed. “But many ladies like to have straight shiny hair after being on the beach which looks dry. It gives them a nice look for an evening out for dinner.”

She applied a little moisturizer to my hair before starting the hair dryer.

When she finished she removed the smock over my body and stood back smiling. “What do you think?” My hair looked like it had sparks of blue amidst the light curls.

“I love it.”

Angela grabbed a round mirror to show me the back and sides of my hair.

“It looks great!” I smiled at her. “Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome.” She smiled. “It was nice meeting you.”

I left feeling gorgeous.


Blow Bar Bali

  1. LumutJl. Kayu Aya (Oberoi) Seminyak.

T: 62-361-3350600



F: blowbarbali


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