Soft, Fragrant Curries!

Curry in Bali offers many wonderful dishes from India’s southern coastal city of Kerala, on the Malabar coast, they are so different to the curries from other regions in India. They use a whole different range of spices, the result is almost delicate.

A great example of Kerala cuisine is to drop in to Curry in Bali for breakfast [or just a snack] and order their Kerala special, Poori, a very light wholewheat unleavened flat puffy bread which is served with a delicate potato curry which you spoon into it, fold and eat, sublime! I overheard an Indian guest nearby who was also enjoying the same dish say…just like my mother makes…could not be any more traditional than that!

Kerala is known for it’s spices and that is reflected in its curries which are quite unique. The main ones that are used are cinnamon, nutmeg skin, star anise, cloves, cardamom, and black pepper.

Also available for breakfast is a Masala Omelette, with tomato, onion and green chillies, now that is different!

CIB also offers Soups [chicken and a creamy seafood of prawn and fish] and Salads [Chicken Tikka and Tandoori Prawn]. One of the best examples of Kerala cuisine is their Kerala Beef Fry. It is rare to see beef on an Indian menu but then everything about Kerala is different to the rest of India. There is also a Fish Fry.

However, Curry in Bali also offers dishes from elsewhere in India, not just from the south, in fact all of the classics are here.

Entrees or just snack time is Somosa or Pakora time, or even a Dosa or two. Worldwide, wherever I am, my all time favourite anytime snack is a Vegetarian Samosa, stuffed with potatoes and peas inside that special crumbly pastry. The Samosas here can be vegetarian, chicken or mutton [all mutton dishes at CIB are in fact local goat meat, which they explain on their menu].

Other options here include Vegetable Rolls, a very soft naan rolled around raw slices of onion and capsicum, served with mint chutney. There is also a Chicken Roll. Uttapam is a southern version of the Dosa, but it is a thick pancake unlike the thin crisp crepe-like dosa. Something very different for Bali, though I never understand why, is Chicken Livers, once more a southern special, marinated in spices before being pan fried with onions and tomatoes. The Tandoori Chicken Tikka is definitely borrowed from northern neighbours as are the other Tandoori offerings [prawns, fish] . The Roast Duck is cooked on the bone, Asian style, as it supposedly increases the flavour.

Mains are of the north and south. Heading the list are all time favourites Butter Chicken [in a buttered tomato and cashew nut curry], Chicken Tikka Masala [tandoori chicken sautéed with onions, tomato and cashews], and from the south; a Chicken Breast in Malabar spices. The Rogan Josh also uses goat meat for flavour. The Mutton [goat] Kheema Mutter combines minced meat with green peas, green chillies and a range of spices.

There are a wide selecton of other prawn, fish, and chicken curries. Top of the range are two very thick intense flavoursome curries for both the Lobster and Crab dishes [pictured]. A selection of rice dishes [Jeera, with cumin, Palao, with peas and vegetables, and the special Kerala version] and Biriyanis [egg, vegetable, chicken, mutton, fish, beef, prawns], all served in a sealed pot with pickles.

Curry in Bali is a very welcome addition to the Bali dining scene, once again introducing more new and different taste sensations in a very well managed operation.



Restaurant                     : Curry in Bali.

Address                          : Jln. The Bypass Ngurah Rai 95, Sanur.

Telephone                     : 938.1253

Open                               : 08.00 a.m. to 10.30 p.m. daily.

Non-smoking Area      : Yes

Smoking Area                : Yes

Parking                           : Off-road, at front.

Price                                : Rp. 400,000 for two [+ drinks]

Credit Cards                  : All major cards.

Food                                : Indian [specialising in southern dishes].

Wine                                : Limited.

Service                             : Excellent.

Atmosphere                    : Bright and breezy.

Overall                             : Wonderful tastes!


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