Sound Healing In The Pyramids Of Chi

Since the dawn of history, hundreds of pyramids have been discovered on every continent of the world on land and even under the sea. No one knows exactly how many. They come in many sizes and of a great variety of ages. Now Bali is home to two located in Ubud. These two are relatively new, only open for less than two years.

In 2013 Peter McIntosh had a vision during a mediation to create two pyramids in Ubud. After four years of many challenges and testing of faith and patience the project was complete and put into full operation in March 2017. The pyramids were built as a state of the art sound healing and relaxation experience. The pyramids were created through the combination of ancient sounds, Sacred Geometry design, polar positioning, pyramid power and the ever-present energy of Bali.

In the first 2 years of opening over 35,000 visitors will have come to the pyramids for sound healing. The reaction from the public has been amazing and the ripple effect of visitors going off to tell others has had a staggering impact on the growth of visitor numbers and continues to do so.

Peter & his wife Lynn are both trained Gong Masters and have a wealth of experience helping people achieve the ultimate in sound healing and relaxation through sound therapy.

Pyramids were originally believed to be designed as tombs as in Egypt, however, recent research suggest that the structures have another purpose. The many theories have yet to be proven but what is known is the amazing mathematical precision and the Northern Polar alignment with which all the pyramids were built.

All the Ancient Pyramids around the world are built according to the Golden Ratio or something called “Sacred Geometry”. The Golden Ratio otherwise known as Phi is present in all of nature, the universe and in the human body down to our DNA. It is also present in the harmonic structure of sound. This offers a possible explanation as to why sound and Pyramids are so effective in harmonizing and balancing our being because they mirror the harmonic structure of the universe themselves and resonate that into our being when we are exposed to it.

Pyramid Power is well accepted today and the Russian government even built a set of pyramids outside of Moscow to research this phenomenon. They discovered that simply placing a pyramid structure over an oil well could purify the oil by up to 30% or enable radioactive materials to become clean much faster, and especially plants to grow faster. They are the first nation to apply commercial use of the Pyramidal structure to great effect.

After hearing about the pyramids in Ubud I felt drawn to go check them out. I took my friend along who lives in Ubud, who had heard good things about them. The two pyramids sit majestically surrounded by a moat of water and beautiful gardens stretching out in the distance.

The larger Pyramid of Sun is a stunning 14 meter gold painted Pyramid built to 1/16th scale to the Great Pyramid of Giza. At 11am and 3 pm every day one of their famous Ancient Sound Healing sessions take place with a large number of visitors from around the world.

At 3pm a group of about forty people were ushered into a room and seated. Kevin, one of the facilitators greeted the international group and explained the concept of the sound healing that we were about to experience. A large gong sat in the corner as an example of one of the many instruments that would be used during the session. He advised us to simply relax and set an intention for ourselves with an open mind.

Then everyone moved to the golden pyramid and were invited in. There were a large number of mattresses arranged around the square room which was dimly lit and infused with incense. Each mattress had a head pillow and bolster to place under the knees while lying on it. We had also been gifted an interesting Eye Pillow filled with Obsidian Lava Sand from the sacred Mt Batur to place over our eyes if we preferred complete darkness. On entering the Pyramid we did as Kevin had suggested and proceeded to mattresses we felt drawn to.

After everyone was lying down with our eyes covered, Kevin led us in some deep breathing to promote relaxation. Then the magic began – gongs, drums, didgeridoos, tinkling chimes, Tibetan bowls and an assortment of other instruments were heard around the room. My scattered thoughts calmed as I sank deeper into a relaxed state. I was in a state of timelessness and eventually drifted off to slumber land. In the stillness of the room people around me began to stir. At the end of the session I lazily sat up and looked at my friend beside me who had a dreamy expression on her face. We smiled at one another and slowly rose to our feet.

“I fell asleep.” She said quietly.

“So did I.”

After coming into the café, which has delicious food and desserts I discovered who Peter was and approached him. He’s very friendly and enthusiastic about people’s responses after being in the pyramid. He explained that hundreds of people have had profound experiences, many emerging in tears and emotional breakthroughs.

I returned again a month later with my boyfriend who was very skeptical but agreed to come for the experience. When we emerged a little over an hour later, he exclaimed “That was the deepest and most phenomenal experience I’ve ever had. I really flew out into outer space. It was like a cleansing of the soul.”

Within hours I realized that the experience had really opened his mind to new possibilities. He now wants to bring his sons to the pyramids when they come to visit him in Bali.

Besides the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon is devoted to more intimate sound healing experiences, meditation, breath and movement with sound, Cacao ceremonies, as well as a new and futuristic form of Sound Healing – Acoustic Bio resonance.

The claims by many about pyramids are as diverse as healing the body of disease, increased energy, improved memory and eyesight, quieting the mind, and enabling a deep state of relaxation. Peter & Lynn have also heard many other claims from guests who have experienced the power inside the Pyramids of Chi and go on to spread this word about such a unique experience.

It is well worth the visit to the Pyramids of Chi.

Address: Jl. Kelebang Moding No. 22, Banjar Bentuyung Ubud Tegallalang, Tegallalang, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571.

Phone: (0361) 9000717



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