“I’m really stressed out!” “I’ve been under a lot of stress, lately.”

How many times have you either said this or heard someone say it in the past week?

Is it our lifestyles that causes stress? Too much work to do? The kids driving you nuts? Lack of money? Your partner being annoying? The dogs keep barking? All of these things and more can cause stress. Too much stress over an extended period of time can cause illness. High blood pressure, heart attack and Cancer is a big one. We all know stress is bad for us.

What do you do to reduce or better yet eliminate your stress?
Some people find meditation relaxing.
For some a walk or a run on the beach.
Go to the gym for a good work out.
Dance it out.
Have a massage.
For me, I find having my Bars run regularly reduces and eliminates stress. For me this is the number one stress buster. It works every time and for practically everyone. It makes you feel happy.

What are The Bars?
I’m not talking about going drinking or heading out to Sky Garden or Finns’ Beach Club to have some beers. While this may help temporarily, you’ll probably end up with a hangover in the morning.

The Bars is a treatment on your head. Not a massage. There are 32 points on your head relating to various beliefs that you’re holding on to like: money, health, sadness, joy, communication and creativity just to name a few. A practitioner gently touches these points and maintains contact for several minutes and asks the “energy to run through them”.

These are the beliefs that are no longer valid in your life, going back thousands of years to previous lifetimes. These are called Implants which are beliefs that you’re holding on to. For example: those horrible pictures on cigarette packages of cancer to make you believe that if you smoke these cigarettes you’ll get cancer. That doesn’t make it true. It’s just a belief that’s been implanted in your brain. Know that one time won’t clear out everything.

Let’s say for example that you once lived in a place where tigers were a danger to your existence. But you no longer live in a place that holds this danger, which makes it invalid now. So this belief can be deleted from your brain. It’s easiest to compare it to defragging your brain like your computer. In 60 to 90 minutes a multitude of beliefs can be eliminated from your brain. Things you may not even remember. Within a minute or two you begin to relax. You can talk with the practitioner if you like or simply be quiet or even fall asleep. It works no matter what!

A skillful practitioner can help you to change things in your life by asking questions and using clearing statements. Just like hitting the delete button on your computer. You can never predict what will change, but the worst: you’ll feel like you’ve had a great massage. You’re so relaxed at the end of the treatment. The best: your life starts to change for the better!

I’ve seen amazing transformations with people. One woman who couldn’t get to sleep without medication for years; that night she slept like a baby and continued to go to sleep every night without a pill and sleep soundly. She was so happy. Many people find they have a deep peaceful sleep after having the Bars.

Some people are able to face their fears and overcome something that they’ve been avoiding for perhaps years. Some people are able to stop always thinking about an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

It’s amazing what people want to change in their life: eating healthy, getting a better job, having more money, resolving issues with friends or family, finding their soul-mate or simply choosing to be happy.

The Bars was discovered by Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness over 25 years ago. The reason they’re called the Bars is because the 32 points run parallel through the energy bands on the head. Each point has a partner on the opposite side of the head. It can even be performed while watching a movie to bring up “points of view” to eliminate from your brain. However, music will disrupt the flow of energy. Consequently, no musicals. Occasionally a group of Bars practitioners will get together for a movie night and run one another’s Bars. Once a group of us wore 3-D glasses while watching Avatar. That was a fun night!

Having your Bars run will make you feel peaceful and happy. It can bring more awareness to view the world in a different way. It’s been effective in treating children with learning disabilities. It’s perfect if you’re feeling a bit frazzled and had a bad day and clears out negative thoughts.

Working with the Bars also entails asking questions of the universe to change the things that aren’t working in your life. Don’t look for the answer, that’s up to the universe. Asking questions like:

• “How does it get any better than this?”
(Used when something very bad or good has happened)
• “What else is possible?” (when looking for other possibilities)
• “What will it take to create more money?” (for example)
• “Interesting point of view, I have this point of view.”
(when faced with judgment or experiencing pain)
• “What can I do or be different today to create more happiness in my life?”

By getting your Bars run regularly and keep asking questions you can create real change in your life and be the person you were meant to be to make this world a better place. You can receive a Bars session from one of the practitioners in Bali or learn in a day.
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