Odette is a surprise!

A clean modern stylish fit out that you would more expect to find in Seminyak rather than in the up-country wood carving village of Mas. Not only that, there is also a relaxing garden courtyard down below where you can also dine.

Whilst Odette is a popular place to visit just for a coffee and cake or pastry from their in-house bakery it is also offers many snacks and full meals for anytime dining.

For snacking there is their Quick Bites menu headed by very tasty Mini Burgers, chicken and cheese in brioche buns [one is never enough].. Chicken Fingers with basil sauce are another option as are the more common onion rings or Vietnamese spring rolls.

Breakfast/Brunch is a popular time here with many egg dishes, some standard, some less common. I like the Middle Eastern Shakshuka; eggs poached in a hearty tomato ragout with either your choice of beans [pictured] or minced beef, which comes with two large slabs of toast, very good for dunking. Their Eggs Benedict are poached eggs with mushroom and water spinach, add bacon or smoked salmonThe English is very complete; eggs, bacon, sausage, baked beans, smoked tomato, grilled pumpkin and toast. There is a Breakfast Bruschetta; scrambled egg whites and bacon with a basil, parsley and cashew sauce. The New York style Reformer consists of scrambled egg whites, feta, red spinach, walnuts, tomato and mashed avocado with sourdough toast.

An alternate Benedict is with blue cheese and mushrooms. The super healthy option is their Pink Dragon Smoothie, red dragon fruit, grapes, strawberries, banana and granola with coconut flakes and dried fruits;

Lunch begins at 11.30 and includes soups, Pumpkin or Chicken & Mushroom and a variety of salads; Chicken Caesar, Grilled Pumpkin, or a Feta and Watermelon. Their ‘Thai’ Beef Salad is with rice noodles.

Sandwiches range from a Vietnamese style Banh Mi with sweet chicken to the usual Club. Also a Tuna Melt, Smoked Salmon [cream cheese, onions and chives], Chicken [mozzarella and pesto] and BBQ Pork Rib [oven baked with coleslaw and BBQ sauce]

Mains can be international or local. There is Jerusalem style Polenta. It is very creamy with asparagus and button mushrooms added, topped with truffle oil and parmesan. An unusual dish is their Duck and Waffle, a Belgian waffle topped with duck that has been cooked in an orange reduction. Chicken Parmigiana is pan fried breaded breast with a tangy tomato salsa or Chicken can be grilled in citrus and served with couscous and vegetables.

The steak is 150 gm Sirloin [from OZ] with either Salad & Chips or Mash & Veg. The Pasta is Spaghetti, A standard Bolognese or with Chicken and Mushrooms. A touch of Mex, are their Tacos, chicken, shredded duck or prawn.

Where would any 2018 menu be without some Burgers. Not to disappoint there is the normal beef version with caramelized onions and cheese, a less than normal chicken and raisin coleslaw and a very unusual Prawn and grilled Pineapple.

On the local menu is the ODETTE Nasi Campur, rice and a selection of small chicken and vegetarian dishes. The Nasi Goreng adds chicken to the fried rice as well as a fried egg on top.

Overall this restaurant is a very pleasant surprise, particularly in such an area of very local warungs all just serving crispy duck. Quiet, stylish and very professional and more amazingly all at almost warung prices….well done!



Restaurant                 : Odette.

Address                      : Jln. Raya Mas, Mas, Ubud.

Telephone                  : 972.161.

Open                           : 09.00 08.00pm. daily.

Non-smoking Area : Inside in air-con.

Smoking Area           : Garden area.

Parking                      : Off road, at front.

Price                           : Rp. 250,000 for two [+ drinks].

Credit Cards              : Visa, Mastercard, AMEX.

Food                           : International, local.

Wine                           : Local [by bottle only].

Service                        : Ubud friendly.

Atmosphere               : Relaxing.

Overall                        :   Good food, great value!


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