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Driving along Sunset Road I spotted this big sign probably like a million times advertising The Best Day Spa in Bali. I then Googled best spas in Bali and found a few lists, which included Taman Air Spa in the top ten. Curiosity finally drove me to check out this spa. I should never judge a book by its cover and assumed that this spa located on a busy road was small. It has a large frontage with a car park and lots of greenery.

Entering I was pleasantly surprised at how spacious it is inside. It has a large reception and I noticed the small café at the front had numerous suitcases awaiting departure to the airport after their owner’s spa treatment. Walking around behind the reception there’s Bamboo Café with a few tables and chairs for guests to enjoy lunch. This place was busy. Then I noticed the spa’s ‘piece di resistance’ – the huge water garden. Absolutely stunning. Now I saw where the spa got its name.

After I met with the manager Ayu, she gave me a tour of the spa. There’s 16 villa couple rooms surrounding the water garden. Having a look at a couple of the rooms, they are spacious and comfortably furnished. Wood and bamboo are used in the décor giving the rooms a natural and stylish look. All of the rooms have a garden with a large Jacuzzi bath. Upstairs are many more massage rooms, all with two beds.

I asked Ayu why Taman Air Spa is the best day spa in Bali.

“It was voted the best stand-alone spa award by the Indonesian Tourism Department. In 2017 Taman Air received a certification of competence that placed us as the only day spa in Bali that offers high quality treatments, products, facilities as well as skillful therapists, equal to those         provided by the 5 star hotels. Come have a look at our facilities and have a treatment.” She invited me, “And then you’ll understand.”

The following day I returned to have their signature Balinese massage, hibiscus body scrub and milk bath. I was escorted to a spacious suite at the end of the water garden, with grey walls and turquoise accent cushions and covers on the massage beds. My therapist showed me the locker and asked that I remove all my jewelry and put in an envelope to keep in the locker. There was a batik kimono neatly folded awaiting my arms to slide into it. After I changed I sat in the chair in front of the large footbath bowl that was set up for me. She showed me the clock to prove that she was starting at 3pm, and the little schedule that the lemongrass footbath would take 5 minutes, the massage 60 minutes, body scrub 40 minutes and milk bath 15 minutes. The whole treatment was scheduled for 120 minutes.

She added lemongrass essential oil to the footbath and commenced with the foot ritual, which included a sea salt scrub. Next was the massage. The massage beds are quite large and very comfortable. After lying face down a chime rang to announce the start of the massage. She placed small cushions under my knees which enhanced my comfort and then started with pressure points over my back and legs and then applied lavender oil in an olive oil base and went to work on the muscles. My body immediately responded with “Ah, this feels good. I really need this.”

The goal of the massage is relaxation rather than therapeutic. The soft hypnotic music in the background almost lulled me to sleep as my body was seduced into a state of relaxation. It seemed that an hour had gone by too quickly when she whispered that the body scrub would begin. Leg by leg, arm by arm and my stomach was uncovered to have a smooth paste applied and then covered again. I knew that she disappeared into the garden bathroom while the paste dried because I could hear the water running to fill the bath. After she scrubbed off the paste she wiped the skin clean with a warm moist towel and covered my skin again. Next I flipped over and had the whole procedure on the back of my body. Afterwards I sleepily sat up as she helped me slide my arms into the kimono and handed me the tie belt and slipped on the sandals.

Walking into the spacious garden bathroom I was pleasantly surprised to see a mountain of white suds forming peaks over the square bathtub that was big enough for four people. She helped me to carefully slide into the warm water and tossed in a bowl of milk powder.

“You have fifteen minutes in the bath. I’ll be back with some ginger tea.” She informed me as she pressed the button to turn on the water jets. Like a child I played with the foamy suds as I mixed in the milk powder. A few minutes later she returned with a warm glass of water, a small pot of ginger tea and a plate of fresh fruit. Setting the tray on the ledge she smiled and left me to enjoy my bath. Reveling in the water jets I wished my husband was with me to share the bath and have someone to talk to.

After I showered I felt so fresh and clean with a smile on my face when I emerged from my little haven. My therapist was waiting for me to accompany me back to the reception. I now understand why Taman Air Spa was nominated as the best day spa in Bali. They offer a large variety of treatments using all natural products which include moringa, water lily and red wine. The service was superb and the atmosphere is stylish and relaxing. This is a wonderful spa to indulge your pleasure. Celebrate your birthday here and receive 20% discount.

Taman Air Spa Jl. Sunset Road No. 88 by Iman Bonjol.

T: 0361-8947300 / 8947302 / 8947304.

W: www.tamanairspa.com.

FB: tamanairspa Instagram: tamanairspa


By Shari

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