The Cuisine of Texas!

The Melting Pot has for many years been one of the largest and most complete sports bars in Bali. What many do not realize is that it also serves some of the best Tex-Mex cuisine in Bali.

The place was always big [an ex supermarket] but now the badminton courts behind have been taken over and a mezzanine level to Melting Pot added. The two bars [20 bar stools + 15] must just about be the longest in BaIi, The place now also includes dedicated eating areas, booths and tables. Or you can dine the American way and eat at the bar.

In fact The Melting Pot serves all the most popular Texan dishes, not just Tex-Mex. Top of the list is their famous Texan Chilli Con Carne, a thick well-spiced luscious stew of beef and beans. Every September The Melting Pot holds a Chilli Cookoff, Texas Chili Cookoffs are a tradition in Texas and at The Melting Pot, with chefs competing to make the best traditional chili (CASI), freestyle chili, and vegetarian chili. It’s an all day event with live music and a chance to taste all the chili on offer and vote for your favorite. Proceeds benefit charity.

The Texan Chilli served at The Melting Pot [pictured], every day, is the way it should be according to their Texan owner Greg Berlin. Another Texan special is a dish from Louisiana, Gumbo. This is a spicy stew of chicken chunks and slices of pork sausage combined with okra [from where it gets it name from the Bantu language], celery and scallions. It is served in a bowl with slices of garlic bread. It leaves a warming taste that stays with you for hours, I love it!.

Quesadillas are found on many menus in Bali as are the Indian Samosa, Thai Tom Yum Goong and Yum Neau [beef salad]. All have one thing in common; they taste nothing like the original. The Quesadillas at The Melting Pot are true to the original traditional Mexican Quesadilla. They are two warmed tortillas with a variety of different fillings in between, cut into sections not unlike a pizza. I always have the chicken quesadilla, the white meat is combined with a creamy green chilli sauce. There is an even hotter sauce served on the side, perfect!

Other Quesadillas can be a spicy beef, a vegetarian one with beans or a gourmet chorizo [with refried beans and a drizzle of that gumbo sauce]. All of the quesadillas have cheddar cheese blended into the mix. The Beef Enchillada Platter is very popular, ground beef wrapped in a corn tortilla, topped with a chilli sauce, cheddar cheese and finely chopped onions. It is served with Spanish rice and refried beans.

Hot Dogs are as American as apple pie! At the Melting Pot a jumbo-sized pork sausage is encased in a toasted bun. If you prefer the European version then there is a German Bratwurst, also on a toasted bun and you can order sauerkraut and/or Dijon mustard as accompaniments to the Bratwurst.

The whole world loves a burger, and this one is a whopper! Called The Ultimate Cheeseburger it consists of a 200gm patty [beef & pork] topped with melted cheddar in a toasted sesame seed bun with onion, tomato and lettuce. No Texan restaurant could survive without offering plates of quality Ribs, these are baby backs with an authentic BBQ sauce; tangy and mildly spicy. The sauce is so good I could eat it on toast instead of marmalade.

Being a bar there are also many great bar snacks, which can also be enjoyed as entrees with a meal. Chicken Strips, a bowl of 4, breaded fingers, with your choice of BBQ or a Thai sweet chilli sauce. Popcorn, Onion Rings and Cheese & Crackers are all quite standard. Then there are Wedges and many different servings of Fries [plain, curly, cheesy or chilli cheese]. Or you can order a bowl of that Texas Chilli with a large portion of tortilla chips. Eat it via the dipping of the chips instead of a spoon, great bar fodder! Back to Tex-Mex, traditional Nachos, crisp tortilla chips, chilli beef and cheddar cheese.

For the vegetarians there are Bean Quesadillas, Mac & Cheese and a vegetarian version of the famous Texas Chilli.

No, this is not fine dining, rather hearty meals that ooze with taste. Amazing quality and not what you normally find in sports bar, this is one of the best!



Restaurant                     :  The Melting Pot.

Address                          :  Jl. Raya Pengosekan 22X,Pengosekan, Ubud.

Telephone                      :  858.5748 0230.

Open                               :  11.00 a.m. till late  [the last sporting event].

Non-smoking Area       :  No.

Smoking Area                :  Yes.

Parking                           :  Large secure area at front.

Price                                :  Rp. 200.000 for two [+ drinks].

Credit Cards                   :  No.

Food                                :  Texan.

Wine                               :  Limited.

Service                            :  Functional.

Atmosphere                   :  Sporting beer house.

Overall                            : Some of the best Tex-Mex in Bali.


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