The False Light Matrix

When did it all begin? How have so many people gotten tricked by the false light matrix and ultimately fallen down the rabbit hole? In the 1970’s the ‘New Age’ movement began in Western nations and rapidly spread throughout the world as the masses were seeking an alternative to the dogmatic religions that have traditionally been and continue to be representative of mainstream spirituality.

“Despite its highly eclectic nature, a number of beliefs commonly found within the New Age have been identified as follows: Theologically, the New Age typically adopts a belief in a holistic form of divinity which imbues all of the universe, including human beings themselves. There is thus a strong emphasis on the spiritual authority of the self. This is accompanied by a common belief in a wide variety of semi-divine non-human entities, such as angels and masters, with whom humans can communicate, particularly through the form of channeling. Typically viewing human history as being divided into a series of distinct ages, a common New Age belief is that whereas once humanity lived in an age of great technological advancement and spiritual wisdom, it has entered a period of spiritual degeneracy, which will be remedied through the establishment of a coming Age of Aquarius, from which the milieu gets its name. There is also a strong focus on healing, particularly using forms of alternative medicine, and an emphasis on a “New Age science” which seeks to unite science and spirituality.” (

There is a direct link between New Age spirituality and the ‘False light’. The idea of ‘False light’ came up several years ago in conversation with a friend. She said, “I don’t believe in working with Spirit guides because I don’t know what their agenda is. I prefer to work with and trust my higher Self which is the truest and most reliable source for me.”

At that time I didn’t totally understand where she was coming from, because I had been working with my own guides for years and felt that they had my best interests at heart. There was no reason for me to question their intentions. My friend explained further about the good light and bad light, good dark and bad dark. As is the norm in my life, when a new concept is introduced that I don’t totally get, the Universe usually provides me with a direct experience so that I can really understand not from my intellect, but with my whole being. Thus, shortly afterward our conversation, I joined a training that all my friends were raving about. It was based on doing seven ceremonies which would activate our 13th strand of DNA that was lying dormant within us. Supposedly once this occurred we would move into an expanded consciousness and activate any latent potentialities within us, such as our psychic and healing abilities and much more. Of course I was excited about these extraordinary possibilities and signed up right away.

During the five days of activations I felt confusion and a growing restlessness within me. The facilitators were continuously talking about the False Matrix and how they knew that everything we had been told was lies. One of the facilitators was always angry but in the next breath, shared that she had been channeling high vibrational information from her alien guides who were totally conscious and knew the TRUTH which would set us all free. I had this strange gut feeling – my higher Self was telling me that something was off with this whole scenario. Here she was saying that she knew the truth and had spent many years getting out of the False Matrix, but my higher Self kept saying there was a lie in all this. I was totally confused. Who should I listen to? This woman who claimed to be free of the Matrix or my higher Self?

After our last ceremony many people were crying and thanking the facilitator for these powerful life changing initiations. Most of the people seemed certain that these initiations would open them up to much more abundance and peace in their lives.  These were some of the things that the facilitators said we would experience as a result of activating our 13th strand of DNA.

Weeks later I still didn’t feel the positive results that the facilitators talked about. Instead something else occurred – I began seeing the face of the woman facilitator appear in my consciousness at random times during the day. I felt wobbly after these episodes and asked my friend what was going on. She told me that I was being psychically attacked by this woman. I was shocked. Why would she be doing this? I thought she was a ‘light worker’? My lesson had begun.

The following week I ran into this woman three times at different locations nearby my home. It couldn’t just be a coincidence. In one encounter I was sitting with a good friend who is quite psychic when the woman walked out of the café we were at. “Oh no it’s her again,” I said to my friend. “Don’t worry I’ve got your back,” she said as she turned her back towards the woman to cover me. “She’s shooting energy arrows at you but they are just falling off me.” I was bewildered and disturbed that this woman who proclaimed to be working with the light was attacking me for no reason. I wondered if she was doing this because I wasn’t a total believer in her work?

I’m thankful now for that lesson from the Universe because I finally got the meaning of ‘False Light workers’ and ‘False light’.  No explanation could match my direct experience. I also learned that we must be vigilant with ourselves and question the Spirit guides we choose to work with as some of them can originate from the ‘False Light’.

How do we identify ‘False Light’ Spirit Helpers?

Any guide that is still operating from polarity consciousness which is dealing with opposites such as good and bad, right and wrong, dark and light will ultimately have his/her own agenda. How do we know when a guide is real or false? We just ask. Take a moment to drop into your heart space which is how we can access our higher Self. Once we have done this, we then ask the Spirit: “Are you a divine being without any agenda who has my total best interest at heart? Are you free from the false matrix of polarity consciousness? Do you fully embody Oneness consciousness?”

You are not seeking an answer of words, but instead, a soul communication with this Spirit. After each question pause and allow yourself to totally perceive the energetic answer that you are receiving. If all the answers you receive feel light, then this Spirit is likely a Divine Being from the true light. However, if any of these answers feel heavy, then ask the Spirit to leave now and never return. Ultimately, as we continue our Spiritual journey and personal evolution we will choose to trust in our higher Self more than any Spirit guide or teacher. This is why I love Shamanism so much because it isn’t based on following a guru; it is grounded in ancient traditions that empower us to trust our own wisdom. Through Shamanism we can discover how to easily tune into the wisdom of the earth and the Universe in a variety of ways, such as going on journeys to the transcendent realms, drumming, dancing and Soul song. We find our answers from within and that is where the truth resides.


Michele is a Shaman, hypnotherapist, Consciousness Facilitator, and retreat leader in the international arena. Her highly empathic nature and inherent gifts as a healer, together with her extensive training in a wide variety of healing methods enables her to assist people with numerous issues spanning from anxiety, low self esteem, emotional traumas and much more. She offers private sessions, workshops & retreats on and off Bali. Michele loves facilitating a different possibility for everyone she encounters.


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