The Healers

We all are victims of injuries from time to time – surfing, motorbike accidents or falls. Or we simply develop an unknown ailment. Sometimes a visit to the hospital or doctor isn’t the answer. Many people prefer to look for alternative methods of healing. We are lucky to have an abundance of traditional healers on the “Island of the gods.” Recommendations to find these people is usually by word of mouth.

I’m a great believer of natural medicine. But waking up each morning with tingling and numbness in my lower legs and feet I began my search for a healer. I had no idea what was wrong with me.


The Pain Reliever

A friend recommended a small healing center in Legion called Mossane Healing Corner. It’s a small place with signs in front advertising healing pain problems. Entering I immediately spotted three staff and two Australian women seeking treatment for lower back pain. After a short discussion with Yuli Winarni, the boss, the woman decided to give it try. She was designated to Budi who was lingering in the background. He ushered her behind the curtains to the massage beds. Her friend was recommended to enjoy a reflexology treatment while her friend was being treated. An hour later she said she felt much better.

After this, Yuli focused her attention on me. Listening carefully to my description of my ailments, she suggested she give me a reflexology treatment. As she worked on my feet and legs I noticed the wall behind the desk covered in certificates with Yuli’s picture and name on them. I then grilled her on her training, which it was apparent was significant. She also speaks perfect English. During our chat she told me that she’s an assessor for the government program to evaluate spa therapists and certify them. She is part of the team of therapists sending out the 500 people on Go-Jek for massage. The more she spoke the more impressed I became with her knowledge and skills.

When she worked on my heels it was excruciating pain. “This is plantar fasciitis.” She informed me. “Many people have this problem. It’s worse when you wake up.”

“What can I do?” I asked suppressing a groan of pain.

“Put ice on it. Stretch the back of the ankles and rotate them often.”

Yuli told me that many people come seeking relief from:

  • lower back pain
  • sciatica
  • headache
  • migraine
  • frozen shoulder
  • knee and ankle
  • shoulder and arms
  • tension and circulation
  • neck pain

Apparently she has a good track record of alleviating symptoms.

Later that evening I googled plantar fasciitis and realized that Yuli had diagnosed me correctly.

Mossane Healing Corner. JL Werkudara No. 777, Legian.

T: 361-756660 / 082146593889

FB mossane.indo


The Laughing healer

Joko is a renowned holistic healer with 25 years of experience, hailing from Solo but has been living in Bali for many years. He has worked abroad and set up the holistic healing at some large spas, where he still has staff that he trained working there. These days Joko goes out to your home to offer his magic touch as a “hobby” he laughs.

Not only is Joko an amazing healer, he has 45 apprentices who he personally trains to heal people. He also flies to Solo every week for a couple of days to do social work of providing clean water to villages. His goal is to make the planet a better place to live. He is the gift this world needs to make it a better place.

I called Joko and he agreed to come to my house that afternoon. After setting up my portable massage bed and explaining my ailment I lay face up as Joko applied his strong hands to my legs.

“I’ll make you perfect again.” He laughed pressing his fingers into my thigh.

His treatment was very strong and painful for me but he did get the energy moving telling me that my circulation wasn’t running at full power. This was causing the pain in my legs.

The whole treatment was intense but he removed many blocks saying I would need another treatment in a few days.

My neighbor was next on the massage bed with an emotional based problem effecting her abdomen. Joko was able to get many releases but she would need another treatment to eliminate more.

Joko is able to not only work on physical ailments but also emotional, which often manifests in the body. He looks to find the root cause of the problem and heal this.

  • Muscular
  • Tendons
  • Joints
  • Pinched nerve
  • Spinal
  • Sciatica
  • Frozen joints
  • Rheumatic
  • Diabetes
  • Arthritis
  • Sport injury
  • Inner organs – heart, liver, kidneys, lungs
  • Degenerative problems
  • Emotional – mental and spiritual

By my second appointment with Joko the pain in my legs was virtually gone. By the third treatment I was feeling pretty perfect again. For an appointment with Pak Joko call whats app 62817352264.


The Assessor

Pak Heru specializes in a Shaolin energy healing technique passed down through generations. He takes a different approach to healing by starting the 30 minute treatment with an assessment by reading your aura and using pressure points along the feet, legs, arms and back, sometimes asking a question. All of this is quite painless. Near the end of the session Pak Heru will apply the Shaolin technique called ‘totok’ to your neck. With this he channels his energy (Chi) into your body and can also manipulate your blood flow. This treatment has been practiced by the Shaolin monks for hundreds of years and there are only a few remaining practitioners left in the world. At the end he tells you what he finds is a problem and gives dietary advice as well.

Pak Heru is a very humble and honest man so will say ‘yes’ if he can help and ‘no’ if he cannot. If he says he can be of help, he suggests asking him how many times he thinks you should come back for treatments.

I met a French mother and son in the reception who have been seeing Heru every week for the past two years for a “check-up” to maintain their good health.

Pak Heru is able to treat:

  • spinal cord injury
  • stroke
  • heart problems
  • emotional imbalances
  • healing after chemotherapy
  • attention deficient disorder
  • autism
  • diabetes
  • Parkinson’s
  • sports injury
  • high blood pressure


Contact T: 6287880746794

Jl. Tegal Cupek no. 22, near Bali Buda.

He’s in Bali Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


By Shari

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