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Hello and welcome from the Rotary Club Bali Canggu.

Canggu Rotarians have been busy since we last wrote in Bali Advertiser.

We are a small yet active group of like-minded people who offer service to local projects. We are vibrant and passionate about serving the local Canggu community and beyond.

Since our last article we have been busy fundraising for Lombok to collect money to build temporary housing to provide shelter to victims of the quake in outlying areas before the rainy season arrives.

During the month of August 2018 Lombok island in Indonesia was hit be a series of devastating earthquakes that killed around 500 people and left another 250,000 people homeless in the north-east part of the island. In the worst hit areas about 95% of houses have been raised to the ground and the population left to sleep in the open rice fields or gardens. Some in fear of more earthquakes, and many because their houses are gone.

The following describes how a 95 million IDR donation raised at Nihi-Sumba resort and funding from other rotary clubs and private donations has allowed our small club, composed of just 10 people to help a local community in great need by re-establishing the basic shelters needed before the rainy season arrives in November.


The Fundraising Effort

A total of 95 Million IDR was raised at an event at the Nihi-Sumba resort for the sole aim of assisting the people suffering the consequences of the earthquakes in Lombok in August 2018. Funds were raised from both hotel guests, hotel staff and the Nihi hotel. A truly amazing effort for such a small and distant resort.

Our generous member have also contributed to the housing project, Rotarian Daphne Zepos has contributed twice, the first amount was raised from a charity dinner at her son’s Hotel Boho at Bingin. And the second was a private donation from the Boho Bingin Beach hotel owners.

Past President Patricia Jameison donated IDR 1 mill to the District RDR Appeal, the same from Daphne and also from RCBC itself.

Rotary Club of Misbourne Matins donated IDR 6 million to Rotary Disaster Relief Fund for wooden houses. All the donations listed above were funnelled via Rotary Canggu.

Our sister club, The Rotary Club of Zagreb-Maksimir in Croatia also donated USD $600 to build one house.


Rotary Project Implementation

The funds were transferred to Rotary Club of Bali Canggu’s account and it has been our clubs responsibility to ensure that the funds have been spent as planned and accounted for. A team effort enlisting the help of club president Mark Savage and Rotary Members: Lucienne Anhar of Tugu Hotels, Patrica Jamieson and Dr. Claus Bogh.


Selected Project Area:

The selected project area is an area called East Sire in North West Lombok. The area was severely damaged by the earth quakes. 90% of the houses were destroyed and the villagers are for most part were sleeping under the open skies in fear of more quakes and because so few houses were left standing.

The villagers had many urgent needs of which: basic shelter against sun, wind and rain plus sanitation and access to clean water being the most urgent core needs.

See satellite image of village.


Population Size:

Dusun Sire Timur has a total population of 279 people covering 120 families. There is a need for around 120 family size shelters. The budget provided for the first 25 small and 10 large shelters for the village.


Project Aim

Since the donated funds were limited we here proposed to provide basic single family bamboo/tarpaulin shelters to around 35 families in East Sire. Twenty five families will get a small size (3m x 4m) shelter and 10 families will receive a medium (4m x 6m) shelter made of bamboo, triplex, tarpaulin and bedek walls (woven bamboo mats for walls) or in some instances kalsiboard walls. The shelters are flexible so very earthquake resistant and will pose minimal risk of injury in case of collapse because of their minimal weight. Additionally the shelters are elevated above the ground to reduce the risk of flooding when the rainy season arrives.


See picture of 4m x 6m meter shelter.

The first houses have been constructed and families already under shelter. It has been so heart-warming to see what a small group of people dedicated to helping local communities can achieve in such a short space of time. Hats off to Rotarian Lucienne and her team on Lombok who have been spearheading the sourcing and construction process.

On the larger scale there are many organisations working in Lombok, and recently Sumatera. Rotary Indonesia has its own dedicated Rotary Disaster Relief Team who have been working tirelessly to help those affected by natural disasters throughout Indonesia.

If you are considering how you can get involved we would love to welcome you to one of our meetings, which are held on the first and third Thursdays of each month at the Tugu Hotel at the end of Jalan Batu Bolong. We gather at 6pm for a social gathering followed by a meeting that typically runs from 6:30pm to 7:30pm.

As well as meeting like-minded people, learning about club projects, listening to guest speakers present on interesting topics, you are welcome to join the evening chatting to members, visiting Rotarians and guests after the meeting finishes.

Alternatively join us for a fundraising event for Melbourne Cup day on 6th November, to be held at the Capt. Cook Sports Bar in Banjar Semer. There are a ton of raffle prizes that have been kindly donated by local businesses and some great auction prizes. For information or tickets for the event please email Donna Greene at

Details of the fundraiser are also on our Facebook page at:


We hope to see you soon.

Mark Savage


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