Tis The Season to be Gorgeous

Tis The Season to be Gorgeous

Just in time for the holidays to look your best with radiant skin and slip into that slinky little black dress for New Year’s Eve. The season of indulgence is upon us with parties and meeting friends and family for drinks and meals. Following all the cocktails and large meals it’s a perfect time to detox.

What is the difference between a wrap and a mask? An image of a mummy may come to mind. A body mask is a paste which is applied all over your body to serve two purposes: they nourish your skin like a facial mask and or they also detoxify the body. After the product is applied, a sarong, plastic sheet or perhaps banana leaves are wrapped around the body to nourish the skin. Masks such as seaweed or papaya are often used for softening and nourishing the skin.

Cucumber masks are used for sunburn. A wrap is also used for detoxification or slimming. Boreh (traditional Balinese paste created by rice farmers to soothe aching muscles or cold), seaweed, volcanic mud and Dead Sea mud are traditional wraps used with a layer of plastic and a blanket to heat up the body for detoxification when you’d like to sweat out the toxins.

In slimming salons body wraps are very popular. A paste or lotion is applied all over the body, then tightly wrapped in cotton strips or bandages to squeeze the muscles, leaving your body tighter and smaller. A traditional Indonesian method still used by women after giving birth called Selendang, applies herbs and tightly wraps the new mother’s abdomen and hips for 6 weeks to restore her shape quickly.

The ultimate treatment for slimming, tightening the body and detoxification is Universal Contour Wrap at Glo Day Spa. This wrap guarantees a loss of at least 6 inches after the first treatment with results lasting 30 days. I was surprised to hear that the slimming effect lasts for a month but was game to give it go. 32 large bandages were soaked in a warm clay solution prior to the wrap. First I was measured from neck to ankles in 18 places. Then the process began with two ladies smearing me in clay paste then wrapping large bandages around my ankles and continuing up to my neck. Unable to move very much I was helped into a silver plastic suit to heat up the clay.

Lying down I was able to read a book as I relaxed for an hour. An hour later the girls unwrapped me and wiped the excess clay from my skin. The measurement procedure was repeated and she calculated my loss. Wow! 12 inches in total from my body, (this is all of the measurements totalled and added up). Because the detoxification would continue for up to four days I was given instructions to drink plenty of water, take tepid showers without soap to keep the clay in my skin and avoid using creams or body lotions. After dressing my clothes felt looser and I felt lighter.

This amazing treatment actually works and is perfect to prepare for a special occasion like New Year’s Eve or to detox following your holiday indulgences. What better place to do it than at chic Glo Day Spas, where all the staff are highly trained. Glo Day Spa Kunti Plaza, Jl. Kunti, Seminyak T: 0361-738689 E: reservationseminyak@glospabali.com and Gopa Town Center, Jl. Danau Poso 57, Sanur.
T: 0361-282837. E: reservationsanur@glospabali.com.
W: www.glospabali.com.

Bali’s first spa, Jamu Traditional Spa is unsurpassed for their authentic recipes and treatments. I spent two hours of magnificent pampering with the Fresh Fruit Body Wrap to hydrate and nourish my skin. The treatment began with a relaxing massage using a creamy kemini (candlenut) paste. This waxy ‘nut’ acts as an exfoliant and deep cleansing while softening and hydrating the skin. Sitting up after the massage, the therapist smeared fresh pureed papaya on my back and stuck a large banana leaf on my back instructing me to lie down.

Systematically she applied more papaya and leaves until my entire body was a tropical mummy. Then she covered me with a large sarong and encased me in a cozy cocoon. I lay in a meditative state while she prepared the flower bath.

Later after she removed my casings I had a brief shower before climbing into the enormous bath with flowers floating on the surface. I’d forgotten how good it feels to submerse in warm water to simply relax and enjoy while nibbling fresh fruit. My skin was radiant, soft and hydrated. This divine treatment is available at Jamu Traditional Spa with 2 locations, although they will move into new premises Jan 1 at Jl. Danau Tamblingan 140, Gang Taman Sari, Sanur.
T: 7865138. Til Dec. 31, 361-286595. Alam Kul Kul Hotel,
Jl. Pantai, Kuta. T: 361-772955.
W: www.jamutraditionalspa.com.
E: info@jamutraditionalspa.com.

With more residents moving to Canggu area, there’s a great little spa called Your Time which offers a lovely body wrap using a seaweed paste to nourish, soften and moisturise the skin. This quaint little spa only has two treatment rooms and has wonderful massages from Australian trained therapists, then follow it with a wrap. After the paste was applied I was wrapped in banana leaves and given a relaxing head and face massage. My skin was soft and glowing following my shower. Your Time will open a second location soon with more rooms. Jl. Raya Batu Bolong Nol. 6B, Canggu. T: 087861366032 / 081999576016.

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