Two Styles in One!

Mason on Jl. Batu Bolong, Canggu is two restaurants in one. Firstly and foremost it is a place for typical lunches and dinners, and yet it also is appealing for other purposes, that of a relaxing couple of hours spent sipping and snacking.

Mason is another Australian venture In Bali’s ever-growing list of restaurant options. In fact it is this group’s 2nd operation in the area, Fishbone being their 1st. What is offered is Sydney cuisine, or Mod Oz as it is called there, under the guise of chef Nathan Sasi. This includes many excellent wood-fired and slow cooked dishes, with the end result being that you want to return.

However, as I love snacking on a variety of different taste experiences we will start there. The options may be just a few small entrees before your main meal or a continuing list of cold and hot dishes.

Start with a few selections from the Pickles, Cheese and House-cured Meats; Wagyu Beef Pastrami, Mortadella, Fennel and Chilli Salami, Smoked Salmon, ‘Spanish style’ Salami or Chorizo, Halloumi cheese  and Goat’s Curd. All tastes that go extremely well with a bottle of nice dry white wine, or even champers if you are celebrating something special, or just being alive in paradise.

to spice up the experience. The excellent still warm wood-fired flat bread can be accompanied by a range of Middle Eastern dips [baba ganoush, hommus or smoked tuna in olive oil and lemon]The excellent still warm wood-fired flat bread can be accompanied by a range of Middle Eastern dips

Small plates of cold or hot food can follow. The Spiced Cauliflower is surprisingly good as is the Crisp fried Eggplant, or BBQ Zucchini with pine nuts and mint.  The Tuna Ceviche has a nice tang to it fro the chilli, but it is the Salmon Croquettes that are at the top of the list, very tasty. Something different, then try the Southern Fried Quail with pickled palm hearts and lime mayonnaise. The Rueben Toastie [pastrami and sauerkraut] is more of a meal than a snack.

All the mains are wood-fired, as has become the almost norm in many of the trendy restaurants of Sydney where this team comes from. It is the slow-cooked Lamb Shoulder that stands out, and gets the standing ovation, and you can order a half portion if you wish. The perfect accompaniment is the side dish of Broccoli & Almond Salad with perhaps the wood-fired carrots and creamed corn.

Also high on the list of stand-outs is the Grilled Chicken with its perfect almost ‘Asian style’ combination of crisp skin and soft flesh. There is no better way to cook fresh fish than over flames and the filet of Barramundi retains that smoky taste. For steak lovers there is Wagyu Ribeye served in the European tradition with Café de Paris butter. Vegetarians are offered many options from the small plates and salads plus a main of Filo stuffed with spinach and ricotta.

Yes, there is a burger on the menu, but slightly different as it is filled with shredded beef, pickles and shaved cabbage.Desserts are simple but tasty. Passionfruit Tart topped with fresh cream, Mandarin & Coconut Gelato or a Dulce de Leche ice cream with salted butterscotch.

Simple food, using high quality fresh ingredients, expertly prepared in the kitchen. The perfect combinations, no wonder the place is always busy.

Mason is a standout on the ever growing Canggu restaurant list.


Restaurant            :  Mason.

Address      :  Jl. Batu Bolong 83, Canggu.

Telephone              :  0857 9250 5028.      

Open              :  Lunch from 12.00, dinner from 5.00.

Non-soking Area :   Inside.

Smoking Area     :  Yes.

Parking        :  Outside patio area.               

Price               :  Rp. 600,000 for two [+ drinks]

Credit Cards        :  All major cards.

Food              :  Mod OZ.            

Wine              :  Good list, many by the glass.

Service         :  Busy.  

Atmosphere        :  An eating house.

Overall                  :  High quality, good value.

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