The Ubud Food Court

Food courts originated in Asia. They were a natural transition from the open areas of street food [such as the wonderful car park on Orchard Rd in Singapore, circa 70’s] when those open spaces became multi story shopping complexes. Only Thailand has retained pure street food in preference to food courts.

They are usually sited in busy office areas where a quick and good meal is necessary for lunch or after work. A few attempts to open them in Bali have not always been successful, the one at Denpasar’s Tiara Dewata a rare exception. The Ubud Food Court is a quality conversion of a large warehouse, the very high ceiling creating a relatively cool atmosphere. At the entrance is a large pleasant open terrace area which has already proved to be a popular eating spot.

Upon entering, on the right, is an air-con outlet from Mason Gourmet Foods [part of [the re-branded Bali Adventure Tour Group, now Mason Adventures]. It offers product from their Kedewatan bakery. An extensive range of breads [Corn, Dark Rye, etc.] and even some Gluten Free breads [Pumpkin with dried fruits, Rosemary & Olive Oil], pastries and cakes. Aussie Meat Pies and Sausage Rolls. You can build your own sandwich or panini, and finish with fruity gelato [pictured].

Next door is an outlet from the Golden Monkey Express. Many dim sum including Har Gow [whole prawn dumpling], Fenkow Vegetarian dumplings and my favourite the Crystal dumplings, prawn and chive in a translucent casing. The steamed buns can be BBQ Pork or Shanghai’s Xiao Long Boa [steamed in a pork broth]. Of the fried variety the Duck Spring Rolls are sensational. Roasted Cantonese meats are also available, chicken, duck and pork. To finish a steam bun, egg custard or pandan.

Warung Bangkok is a surprise! Mendez, the goat man from the hill cooking Thai. His warung is famous for the Javanese marinated roast goat that he serves but his many Thailand visits [even to the Blue Elephant Cooking School] have paid off, he does Thai just as well. Simple bar snacks such as Fish Cakes and the tasty Garee Pups [puff pastry triangles wrapped around minced chicken, potato, cilantro and onion].

Thai Chicken Basil [Kra Pao], minced chicken, basil and chilli, fried egg on top. Red Curries can be Prawn and pineapple, Beef and potato or Duck and lychee. Also green curries and dry stir fries. Not all of the goats were left on the hill there is also a Kha Soi from Isaan, a noodle soup with goat meat.

Bali Laughing Buddha also offers a couple of great bar snacks; Samosas [vegetarian curry with mint and tamarind] or Spicy Chicken Wings, chilli and coriander. Their menu is a journey around Asia. India [curried chicken with yellow rice], Vietnam [soups, pork noodle or fish and dill], Malaysia [Mee Mamak, spicy tofu and vegetable noodles], Japan [vegetarian Ramen], Singapore [Laksa], Bali [Babi Kecap] and Java [Ketupat Sayur, chicken and chicken curry with rice cake, tofu and egg].

The Bakmie returns. Originally on this site, and always busy, they now have a stand inside. Their homemade chicken noodles are famous in Ubud. They can be served with many different accompaniments; chicken, bakso, fried dumplings and crispy crackers, or all together if you wish! They also offer a Nasi Goreng tossed in the wok with pieces of lamb, shrimp or beef rendang.

The local cuisines are not forgotten, all at Rp.50,000 or considerably less; Sate Ayam, Soto Ayam, Rendang Sapi, Ayam Goreng and an excellent Ayam Rica-Rica from Manado, slightly,spicy. The food court is open for breakfast too, even an Eggs Benedict. Salads, Pasta, Burgers. Hot Dogs and Ribs, are all available. Some people just come for the day, endlessly snacking!

What is food without a drink, a big range of juices, cocktails, spirits and wine can be ordered at the bar, at the front left. A brilliant concept, to bring together a range of good quality Asian and European cuisines at affordable prices in a pleasant relaxed setting, One of the rare eateries in Ubud with adequate parking in front, except for those big cremation days.



Restaurant                        : Ubud Food Court

Address                              : Jl. Sukma1, Tebesaya, Ubud.

Telephone                          : 908.0827

Open                                   : 09.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. daily.

Non-smoking Area          : Yes.

Smoking Area                   : Yes [terrace].

Parking                               : Opposite food court, beside Sens Hotel.

Price                                    : Rp. 150,000 for two [+ drinks]

Credit Cards                      : Visa, Mastercard.

Food                                    : Asian.

Wine                                   : Fully licensed.

Service                                : Order at individual stands.

Atmosphere                      : Relaxed eating & drinking.

Overall                                : Big variety, great value.


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