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Isn’t imagination an extraordinary thing? Combined with passion, almost anything is possible. Take for instance, the extraordinary lengths to which Ubud’s amazing Locavore restaurant team will go, to bring delicious new flavours to Ubud palates, and share their best with the world.

Next month, Locavore’s chef Eelke and his team will travel to Europe to take over an equally revered, avant-garde restaurant, Rijks Amsterdam, using their own culinary styles and signature dishes to transform Holland’s freshest spring ingredients into something unique.

At the same time, Rijks’ Chef Joris and his team will fly from Amsterdam to Indonesia, transporting their venue and menu to Ubud. Here, a browse through Bali’s organic gardens and markets will inspire them to create something completely new for you and me. Four lunches, four dinners; May 23 – 26, 2019. Book yesterday!!! www.tradingspaces.nl.



School camps to educate student leaders, earthquake drills and a carefully-documented evacuation plan are all elements of an initiative by SDN 1 in Peguyangan, Denpasar, to ready all its members for any future disaster.

Advisers from Ubud-based IDEP Foundation, the internationally respected disaster-prevention organisation, have been crucial to the success of the project so far, organising the camp and working closely with student leaders and school officials.

The program included a realistic disaster simulation in which all students from SDN1 Peguyangan, around 300 students from Grades 1-6 (7-11 y.o.) and their teachers participated

The IDEP Foundation hopes to run similar activities in 22 Bali schools, all of which have already taken part in other IDEP community preparedness programs. www.idepfoundation.org.



This month sees the tenth year of “Indo-Fest Adelaide”, a sharing of Indonesian culture and cuisine in Adelaide, Australia, by the Indonesia Australia Association of South Australia.

This year, two fabulous prizes by very generous Ubud expats may steal the show, via the festival’s annual raffle, which raises funds for various Indonesian yayasans supported by the Adelaide group.

Casa Luna Group’s Janet DeNeefe, and Indigenous Film Festival founder, David Metcalf, have each donated prizes valued at more than $3,000, as the top two raffle prizes this year. From Janet and the Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, a UWRF package for two, containing full festival passes, Honeymoon Cottages, dinners, and even cooking classes! David Metcalf Photography, whose cultural photography tours seek out indigenous communities in spectacular settings across the archipelago and in many other countries, has donated a choice of five and seven-day photo-tours somewhere in Indonesia this year, plus several large photo-portraits as minor prizes.

Adelaide-raised expat Jen Richardson, coordinating the 100 volunteers for Indofest, says the AIASA committee was surprised and delighted to receive such open-hearted support. W: indofest.com.au.



Whether you just want to give archery a try or intend to become a seasoned competitor, the new archery classes at Bali Life Studios in Petulu village offer shooting techniques, target practice and a chance to play competitive games with an experienced teacher.

Ubud-based author Julie Sylvester says she hasn’t shot a bow in years and is delighted to have the opportunity to get back into practice.

It’s the kind of sport that can be taken up by anyone, no matter age, gender or ability. No experience is required and all equipment provided.

Join for a single class or get discounts and a club t-shirt with a 5 or 10 class membership. Saturdays, 10am-noon. Information: Pak Tebo, M: 0857 3914 2069, or Ubud Archery Club on Facebook.



For anyone who is near retirement and has a body that lately requires encouragement to remember flexibility in the morning, I recommend the “Ageing with Inner Light workshop” with respected Yoga guru Linda Madani, at the end of May.

Linda says people are often afraid to accept that they are growing older.

“In Hindu philosophy ‘vanaprastha’, the stage after career and family obligations, is a precious time to find peace and contentment. However it can’t be achieved if we keep competing with younger people,” she says.

The retreat offers tools to enjoy and understand the meaning of this crucial stage in our life as it prepares us for the next one, which she says it should be the most enjoyable time in our life.

Various practical classes and discussions, an Indian music concert, a Vedic Puja Fire purification ritual and a Balinese Hindu ritual for uniting feminine and masculine energies are contained in the one week program at Linda’s new studios in Penestanan Kaja, Ubud.

When: May 26 – June 1. Info: www.intuitiveflow.com. M: +62-361-977-824.



To my chagrin, I heard the other day that in April, Master cheese maker, farmer and educator, David Asher, ran an absolutely fascinating five-day workshop in the uncommon art of natural cheese making. Yes, here in Ubud – or just a little to the south, to be pedantic – at Kul-Kul Farm next to Green School in Abiansemal.

I was forced to listen to my friend’s delighted account of learning to make many cheeses, including crème fraiche, chevre, crottin, mozzarella and cheddar.


I’m not sure how I missed them, but I’ve vowed to ask Kul-Kul and David Asher to repeat the classes. Let me know (see contact email below) if you’d be interested.



On May 7, celebrated storyteller, author and anthropologist, Lawrence Blair, will spin us some ‘tall tales but true’ about his explorations of the wild regions of Indonesia at an exclusive fund-raising dinner at Bali’s legendary Hotel Tugu, in Canggu.

Ten tables only, hosted by ten notable filmmakers. They have flown in from around the world to attend the second Bali International Indigenous Film Festival in Ubud from May 10–12. All proceeds from the dinner will support Indonesia indigenous filmmakers via www.ranuwelum.org’s filmmaking fund. Bookings: +62-0361 4731701. Email: bali@tuguhotels.com.