Uff19’S ‘Spice Up The World’ Theme: A Feast of Ideas to Make Indonesian Food Go Global


From 26–28 April, 2019, Indonesia’s most outstanding chefs, producers, restaurateurs, entrepreneurs, food photographers, storytellers, scientists and activists will converge in Bali for the Ubud Food Festival Presented by ABC (UFF). In its fifth year, Indonesia’s leading culinary event will celebrate the nation’s diverse cuisines and exciting gastronomic scene with food lovers from near and far through the theme ‘Spice Up the World’.

While other Southeast Asian food cultures such as Vietnamese and Thai are adored internationally, Indonesian cuisine is far behind. But this is changing. Indonesian restaurants are opening their doors on foreign soil more rapidly than ever before. Hungry for new flavors, the culinarily curious are seeking out Indonesian food’s intriguing complexity. Food trucks specializing in Indonesian street eats are delighting foodies from Melbourne to Manhattan. In Jakarta and Bali, local establishments are lifting regional dishes to world class standards.

The playful and invigorating theme will explore the most effective ways to make the food of Southeast Asia’s most populous nation ‘go global’. From spotlighting international best practice and individual success stories, to championing local heroes elevating Indonesian food to new heights, to breaking down boundaries to foreign exposure, UFF19 will serve up a feast of ideas to spice up the world with Indonesian food.

“Since our inaugural year, sharing Indonesia’s extraordinary cuisines and fascinating culinary cultures has been at the heart of the Ubud Food Festival,” commented UFF Founder & Director Janet DeNeefe. “We know Indonesian food isn’t as well-known overseas as the cuisines of its Southeast Asian cousins, but this won’t be for long! The ‘epicurious’ with adventurous palates are starting to be enticed by the strong aromas, captivating cross-cultural histories, and fiery flavors.

“This is why, for our fifth year, we chose the theme Spice Up the World – to show food lovers across the globe that it’s time they added some Indonesian dishes to their list of favorites, and through this, learn something about Indonesia. Food is, after all, the easiest way to access a culture,” DeNeefe continued.

Sharing the Festival’s passion for celebrating Indonesian food at home and with the world, the UFF is proud to announce that ABC, one of Indonesia’s leading food brands, will be its Presenting Partner for a second year. Dhiren Amin, Head of Marketing, Southeast Asia at Kraft Heinz ABC, commented, “We are thrilled to be the UFF’s Presenting Partner for 2019. As a home-grown Indonesian food brand, ABC is committed to supporting Indonesia’s culinary scene.

“Our continued partnership with the UFF is testament to our passion for popularizing Indonesian cooking, and the many dishes that deserve to be known and loved internationally. In addition to our shared vision, the Festival’s theme ‘Spice Up the World’ is a natural extension of ABC’s dedication to Indonesian sambal. If there is one thing that unites Indonesia’s diverse cuisines, it is sambal,” Amin concluded.

“We are extremely excited to have ABC back with us for a second year,” commented DeNeefe. “Our shared vision and passion makes our partnership enduring, and we extend our sincere thanks to everyone at ABC for their continued support, which will help us deliver our best and spiciest Festival yet.

“We are once again looking forward to welcoming food lovers from across the archipelago and beyond for our fifth year, and we hope you’re ready to help us spice up the world with Indonesian food!” DeNeefe concluded.

UFF19 runs from 26-28 April, 2019. First program announcement will be made in mid-February, with the full program live and tickets on sale in late February. Ubudfoodfestival | @ubudfoodfestival| #UFF19 #ABCUFF19