Last week a friend told me about his amazing recovery from a flu and whooping cough that he had been suffering from for seven weeks. He had tried doctors and antibiotics. All failed. Then while visiting Ubud he saw an advertisement for Violet DNA Healing and decided to give it a try. Two days later all of his symptoms were gone! He was amazed. He gave me their card and I looked into their treatment.


I know Ubud is known as a healing center of Bali and some very unusual and strange treatments can be found. The information on the card was obviously translated from Indonesian and sounded in the realms of miraculous healing.

“Such as healing serious illness or disease such as: HIV, AIDS, Cancer, infection, mental disorder like schizophrenia, psychosomatic, addiction, narcotics and drug addicts. Also for mastering the Kundalini technique applying the Third-Eye to see viruses, germs and organ of body transparently.” Aren’t we all looking for a miracle to cure our health problems?

Off to Ubud I went and found Jalan Bisma without any difficulty. As expected the front of the premises is violet coloured and easy to find. I was greeted by Lita who I had spoken with on the phone and Made, a facilitator of energy. Gratefully I was handed a bottle of energized water. On the wall behind the counter is a huge painting of the chakra system with explanations of each chakra.

Looking around as I sipped my water I saw display counters of their own brand of incense, essential oils and a small showcase of beautiful sapphire crystal jewelry, which has been initiated with high purification energy of Q-RAK for healing and protection against illness and to stay in positive energy. On the opposite wall were many testimonials from clients.

I asked Lita and Made many questions about what they did. Made had been giving healing sessions for six years and Lita for four. Lita asked if I ever had energy healing before. I told her yes many times for many years. When I asked where this technique of healing originated from, they proudly pointed to their grand master’s portrait hanging above the entrance, Rony Irianto from Jakarta.

He had started out using Reiki but then created his own technique called Q-RAK Reiki which has evolved into Q-RAK Cultivation. He’s published a book on his healing technique called The Miracle of Q-RAK Cultivation. He performs a simple activation initiation for his followers to be able to give healings.   They can even give long distance healing with groups of nine members for a powerful healing. Made informed me that the energy healing also works on animals very well.

When I asked about the DNA healing part they both insisted that yes the DNA could be changed to the violet dimension of the crown chakra. By staying in a positive frame of mind the DNA can be changed to make your body healthier and create abundance in your life.

I was ushered into the healing room at the back which was lit with a blue light. Two large mats lay on the floor covered with a batik sarong with the chakras painted on them. Two hexagon clusters of plastic bottles filled with soil, herbs and sapphire crystals sat on the side of the room to increase the energy. Soft meditation music played to relax me. Lita asked me to lie down and placed a sapphire crystal on my forehead. Made sat behind me and would be conducting the prime healing. Lita would join in by distance.

As I lay relaxing and drifting into la-la land I could feel energy gently pulse through my body. I had chosen the 60 minute lesson for maximum effect. 20 and 30 minute sessions are also available. An hour later, Lita lightly tapped my shoulder to inform me that the session was finished. Feeling completely relaxed I slowly sat up assessing how I felt. A little “spacey” but good. It took a few minutes to start thinking clearly, wondering if I felt any different. Had anything changed?

“Many people come just for relaxation and stress,” Lita explained. “If a person has a serious illness like cancer they will need more sessions.”

The following morning I woke up wondering if anything was different in my body. I felt the same. Perhaps for some people like my friend a miraculous healing can occur. For others, just a deep sense of relaxation.


Violet DNA Healing Bisma Street No. 77, Ubud Kelod.

T: Whats App: 087760154325.

H: 088219092881.


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