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The focus on health and wellbeing in this issue of Bali Advertiser got me thinking. Our homes are a reflection of everything going on in our lives. We take care of the practicalities (place to sleep, tick; space to wash, yes), as well as the aesthetics (cool colour scheme, fab furniture). But what about environmental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing? Our home environment plays a huge role in influencing the way we feel. So this At Home in Bali column spotlights a few simple ways to create a healthy, harmonious home that promotes positive vibes and a sense of peace and harmony. Want a wellness makeover? Read on!



“Clutter is the biggest offender of blocked energy”, claims a 2011 article in the Bali Advertiser. Research shows that the more “stuff” we have, the more our brains have to take in each time we come home, significantly decreasing our ability to focus. And messy environments contribute to a range of physical and mental health issues, from asthma and allergies to stress and anxiety. So if you are already suffering from ‘clutter ‘creep’ since that New Year clear-out, I suggest you clear out those congested cupboards and Marie Kondo every inch of your home. You’ll feel lighter and clearer-headed!


Let in the light

Talking of light, dark spaces are a mood dampener and can be pretty depressive. Also, neurologists, biologists and opthalmologists unite in warning about the dangers of blue light in LED screens and bulbs, which they believe are more disruptive to our health and wellbeing than halogen, incandescent and fluorescent lights. Time to embrace sunlight! Let natural light stream in wherever possible …and watch your mood lift in an instant.


Sleep well

Make your bedroom an oasis of calm. Keep distractions to a minimum, choose a light colour scheme and crisp white cotton bedding. Sprinkle a few drops of Utama Spice lavender essential oil onto your pillow for a soothing night’s sleep. And remember, the bedroom is no place for a laptop or phone; set strong boundaries by switching off a few hours before bedtime.


Bring nature inside

Houseplants are known to improve your mental health and wellbeing. Some release happy chemicals, some purify the air, and some are said to decrease pain levels and reduce stress. Of course, in Bali you’re never far from a riotous profusion of plants that seem to grow before your very eyes. But still, consider bringing them indoors, plant show-off blooms of ginger and Heliconia into oversized vases, and have a few well-placed rocks close by. And at every opportunity, stride out into your tropical garden or through the rice fields to the nearest jungle; as little as 5 minutes spent in nature has been linked to reduced stress, dissipated anger and an overall improvement in positive feelings.


Clean out your cleaning products

The supermarket aisles are groaning under the weight of chemical-laden commercial household cleaning products, and washing detergent that gives freshly laundered bedding an eye-watering scent strong enough to keep sleep at bay. Dump the lot! Instead, replace with eco-friendly natural cleaning products such as those produced with (fair trade principles) by Bali Asli. Their 100% natural household cleaners and laundry detergents are made with essential oils that have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and natural cleaning properties. Scented with the likes of ylang-ylang, orange, vetiver and peppermint, they are made in concentrated form, so are economical to use as you only need to a small amount to clean your clothes   and home completely naturally. Another go-to is Wayan’s Eco-Clean, a wonderful home delivery service of vinegar, baking soda and sodium percarbonate at very reasonable prices.


Go natural with pest control

Sharing space with mosquitos seems to be inevitable here in Bali. Sadly, a lot of the commercial insect repellents are laden with chemicals, delivering an unhealthy dose of toxic fumes into your home with every spray, burning coil or plug-in zapper. Bali Asli has a range of natural insect repellents, including candles and incense. For personal use, Begone Bug by Utama Spice is a 100% natural insect repellent, available as a lotion, spray.


Scent your space

For those of us living in open-sided homes with a constant supply of natural (if often humid) fresh air, the idea of using an air-freshener may seem bonkers. But it’s a wonderful way of infusing your space with mood-enhancing fragrance. Blue Stone Botanicals have a fabulous 100% natural aromatherapy rain mist which contains essential oils from healing plants and pure rainwater collected from volcanic mountains. I also love the Toko Paras reed diffusers, and always pack the Cempaka scented one to live with, and gift, the fragrance of Bali on my travels.


Create a sacred space

Bring a sense of mindfulness, calm and order to your daily life. Find a space in your home that can be your sanctuary – an entire room or quiet corner that you can retreat to undisturbed. Create an altar space by spreading out a beautiful cloth on the floor or on a low table and then placing items there that increases your sense of spiritual connection – mine includes a Buddha, Ganesha, Quan Yin, Archangel Gabriel and Tibetan prayer flags. Lay out a yoga mat and comfortable cushion to encourage meditation – and exercise when you don’t have time for the gym or a class – and you’re all set with an intentional space for meditation, relaxation and inspiration.


Energetic cleansing

BaliPura has a lovely range of auric sprays, among them Space Clearing, which claims to create calm and peace in the home and work environment, removing denser energies in sprayed areas and allowing lighter & more vibrant ones to enter. Each auric spray is made with the finest crystal infused, hand-made and blessed by a Balinese priest under the full moon. I found these sprays at Pyramids of Chi, which also stocks Energy Protocols’ handy House Cleansing Kits – Palo Santo, frankincense, salt, Balinese incense, and a protocol designed to “help you create a vibrant, peaceful environment full of positive energy, enabling you to attract happiness, good health and abundance into your life.”


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