Yoga Facelift

Yoga Facelift

Bali is abundant with yoga centers and yoga retreats. We know that this ancient form of exercise is good for our body and health. But did you know by exercising your face muscles it will rejuvenate the skin like a face lift?

Based on Chinese acupuncture points, there are 57 muscles in the face and neck, which are toned and lifted using special exercises for these areas. Working on these points also balances the most important glands in your body: hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal gland, thyroid and thymus. It nurtures all five major internal organs that can be seen on the face (liver, heart, lungs, spleen, kidneys) it also has positive effects on the nervous system. The best time to do these exercises is in the morning to boost your energy, wake you up and cleans your mind. These simple exercises can be done at home, preferably every day like yoga.

To my knowledge, Goldust Beauty Lounge in Canggu is the first spa to offer a Yoga Lifting Facial – by Glowinface, which includes a full facial with cleansing and a mask. The staff had recently been trained in the special exercises used in the ninety minute treatment by Glowinface. Karin Velikonja is the creator of Glowinface, who came to do the training for them.

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After a grueling and hot hour spent weaving my way through perhaps Bali’s worst traffic congestion on the Echo Beach “short cut” I was desperate for a relaxing treatment by the time I arrived at Goldust. After a quick check-in at reception and filling out the profile sheet I was escorted upstairs by my therapist and taken to a quiet softly lit room. The spa looked amazingly beautiful and elegant. The therapist handed me a gold satin smock to change into. Turning off my phone and setting aside my clothing I gratefully lay on the massage table. I was so ready to be pampered. However, she suggested taking a photo first to compare with afterwards.

After cleansing and scrubbing the face she turned on the steamer to open the pores. Next came a divine face, neck and head massage. Exactly what I needed to eliminate the tense muscles from my journey. Now we were ready for the yoga exercises. She started by pressing on my upper chest and asking me to take a deep breath three times. Expertly pressing her fingers into the muscles next to the corners of my mouth she asked me to curl my lips inward as she stretched the muscles outward. She held this position for 30 seconds and released. This was repeated twice more. Next she asked me to open my mouth in a large O, again curling the lips inside. The exercises continued, sometimes quite strongly but not painful. She asked me to squint my eyes tightly while looking up without wrinkling my forehead. The yoga lasted for probably half an hour, sometimes plucking the skin along the jawline or tapping her fingers over my face. I felt like I had done a good exercise session.

Next was the luxurious part of the treatment, a hyaluronic collagen mask was applied to my face and neck. During the half hour wait, she wrapped a hot towel around each foot and applied acupressure massage to them. Then she gently massaged my scalp, which felt wonderfully titillating. After the mask was removed with a warm towel and a moisturizer was applied to my skin, I sat up and we took an after photo. Yes, there was a difference in my skin. It looked smoother and more radiant. She gave me a card with exercise instructions that I could do at home with photos and demonstrated the exercises for me so I was clear. It was an amazing facial experience.

Goldust recommends having six to eight yoga facials to get the maximum results to look like you’ve had a facelift. As seen in the photos all of these women did daily facial yoga at home and the results were after several months with treatments in the spa once a week. However, for a special occasion instant results from the facial treatment are visible. When I got home I googled facial yoga and found a few videos on you tube and watched three of them. Mostly they showed the exercises that were used during my facial, which are easy to follow. So I’m doing my facial exercises every day now.

For a follow-up to my facial I had a relaxing warm oil conditioning hair candle treatment. A jasmine aromatherapy candle melts into a warm blend of argon, jojoba and coconut oils to strengthen the hair cuticle and deeply nourish the scalp. After my hair was washed the warm oil was massaged onto my scalp and hair. Then my head was wrapped in a hot towel and hot basalt stones were used to massage my neck and shoulders, which was blissful. Following this she wrapped hot towels around my hands and massaged my arms and then my hands. Then back to the hair wash station. To finish, she lightly blew my hair dry which was shiny and soft. This indulgent hair treatment was extremely relaxing, which was much more decadent than an ordinary cream bath.

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