A Gift Of Love

It’s that time of year again; February 14, Valentine’s Day. A day for romance, a day to express your love for your partner and remember that romance isn’t dead. Last year, Amazon Studios and the New York Times came out with a TV series called Modern Love. It was refreshing to see love stories on TV rather than the usual violence, crime, drama or silly comedies. Love is still alive.

I’m a romantic at heart; I love happy endings. After years of searching for my ideal partner, I’m happy to be able to celebrate this special day and express my love for him by indulging in one of my favourite pleasures of spending time in a beautiful spa. My gift to my lover.



Because he is relatively new to Bali, I wanted him to experience royal Indonesian pampering – the “Mandi Lulur”. This signature treatment involves a Balinese full body massage, an exfoliating body scrub, followed by a yogurt cleanse and finally, a warm flower bath. There’s no better place to enjoy this than at Bali’s first day spa, Bodyworks. A pioneer in 1994, Bodyworks was the first place to get massages and traditional body treatments. Since then, it has expanded and remains a place of beauty, serenity, and high quality treatments.

Entering Bodyworks with my partner, he was impressed with how beautiful it was. The spa boasts 18 spacious treatment rooms decorated in sparkling colours of turquoise and greens dotted around a lush open courtyard. It was also amazing to see how busy it was during our time there. After a short wait, we were escorted to the green room, which is by far the most beautiful couple’s room, featuring a two-meter long bathtub. Our lovely therapists instructed us to undress and lie face down on the beds which are placed on elevated platforms.

The massages were performed with careful expertise, allowing me to relax and surrender to my therapist’s caring touch, melting all tension away from my muscles. I especially enjoyed the lulur body scrub, a Javanese granular paste made of turmeric, sandalwood, cinnamon, ground nuts and rice that left my skin feeling silky smooth. The cool yogurt following this was chilly but refreshing. As I slid into the fragrant warm bath with floating rose petals, I watched my partner’s massage come to an end. As he entered the bath his face was radiant and relaxed.

“That was the best massage I’ve ever had,” he said with a smile. “She massaged every muscle in my body with such love and nurturing energy. It was very profound. Do you understand what I mean?” he asked earnestly. “I was able to surrender my body and be completely relaxed. She massaged my face, head and my ears!”

“Yes. When two bodies are in close contact, their energies mix. It’s give and take,” I explained. “This is why I love massage so much and I’m happy that you understand why it’s so important for our health and wellbeing. This is my gift to you.”

Bodyworks remains an icon in the Bali spa industry offering a variety of massages, hair treatments, nail care, facials and waxing. They use products of quality with staff wearing traditional sarongs and kebayas, who are superb in their gracious service to their guests. This is a spa to return to many times.

Bodyworks, Jl. Kayu Jati No 2, Petitenget.

Telp : 361-733317 / 361-735058.

Whatsapp : 62-81917078965.

Website : www.bodyworksbali.com



For a modern twist on romance at the spa we went to Acqua Perla Spa located in Double-Six Luxury Hotel – Seminyak. This chic and spacious two-story spa offers the Detox and Soul Body Balance, 150 minutes for couples. Taking the elevator to the second floor from the lobby’s ground floor, we entered the beautiful spa and were offered a cold welcome ginger and cinnamon tea as the receptionist gave an introduction about the treatment that we would be having and let us choose our preferred massage oils. We were then escorted to the locker rooms to change into swimwear for the first part of the treatment; the Sensorial Hydro Trail.

My partner started first while I waited in the steam room. The trail consists of making your way through a tunnel starting by sitting in a chair with water jets to massage your lower back and the sides of the thighs and calves. After four minutes, move to the ice fountain and grab a handful of shaved ice and rub over your body. Next is the powerful neck and shoulder water massage. This gets the knots out. Then wade through the tunnel of multiple water jets of mostly hot and some cold for four minutes, massaging your sides and back. The trail finished with a gentle rain shower. After this, a therapist is waiting to take you to the steam room and apply a body scrub which you can shower off yourself.

After changing out of swimwear and donning a robe, its rest time with some slices of watermelon and cucumber water. Afterwards we were escorted to the upper level for a Balinese massage. In a spacious couple’s room that was chicly furnished, we were guided to sit in front of the foot washing station for a short foot massage.

My partner and I then laid on oval shaped massage beds and were covered with turquoise sheets. The therapists had been previously informed on the areas of our bodies that needed attention. The massages started with some palm pressure over the legs and back. Then the sheets slid down, exposing our backs for a thorough back massage.

After the massage, my partner had chosen to have his chakras balanced with stones and I was taken to the recovery room and shown the large cocoon-shaped resonance chamber to balance my chakras. I was to lie down, put on head phones and watch the screen by my feet with black and white images of a couple floating. Above me were 7 coloured lights which came on in a sequence to balance the chakras. Meanwhile oxygen mist filled the chamber. 17 minutes of pure relaxation.

Climbing out of the chamber I found a plate of hot ginger tea and cookies waiting for me to enjoy overlooking the ocean. Soon my partner joined me to discuss how much we enjoyed the treatment. We felt refreshed and relaxed.

You can choose traditional treatments or modern to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one. Both spas are perfect places to spend time with your beloved.


Acqua Perla Spa

Double Six Hotel, No.66, Double Six Beach, Seminyak.

Telp : 0361-8499189.

E-mail : reservation@acquaperlaspa.com

Website : www.acquaperlaspa.com.


By Shari

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